Is Medifast healthy?

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I have been told by many people that this is not a healthy way of losing weight because we are not only losing fat but muscle too. I am not so sure on this but in my case I see muscle I have not seen in years, but what do you say to these people...

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I would just tell them that the program was designed by Johns Hopkins University and over 20,000 doctors have recommended it. If they persist, ask to see their medical degree...

Comment #1

They don't know anything about this diet, if they're saying that. Medifast puts us in a mild state of ketosis, which is a FAT-burning state. It's specifically designed to preserve lean muscle..

Carry on, head held high, and just ignore them as the jealous people they are!..

Comment #2

[quote=LibraryGoddess69 If they persist, ask to see their medical degree. [/QUOTE].

I love it!..

Comment #3

I just hate it how people try to burst bubbles. Almost ANY diet will result in a loss of both fat and lean body mass. LBM is everything that is not fat (blood, water, bone, hair, skin, and muscle). Unless very sophisticated measurement methods are used, it's impossible to tell exactly what part of LBM is lost (for example, we all know about the water loss in the first week, which is technically lean body mass). Here's an example, based on my body fat scale. I have lost over 28 pounds, I know that 20.13 pounds is fat, and 8.07 is lean body mass (probably most of that is water).

Let's say a woman weighs 350 pounds and is 55% fat, that means her lean mass is 157.5 pounds. If she loses to 150 pounds, and desires a body fat of 25%, her lean will become 112.5 pounds, so a loss of lean body mass is absolutely necessary!.

Now...that is not to say that people should not be exercising to preserve as much muscle mass as necessaryit's what keeps our metabolisms humming..


(a former body builder who really "gets" lean body mass calculations!)..

Comment #4

And....personally, my knees, feet, and back don't give a S*** what is being lost. They are darn happy to have the weight off of them!..

Comment #5

[quote=Freya11 It's specifically designed to preserve lean muscle.[/QUOTE].

This is correct. It is a muscle sparing program with adequate (not high) protein. They are wrong. People who diet without adequate protein will lose muscle. The term "high protein" is also considered not healthy because it is not healthy for the kidneys and bones. This is not "high" protein is adequate protein...

Comment #6

I wold not waste any time talking to them about it at all. I would drop the subject about me and my diet as fast as an off plan hot potatoe because they obviously don't know what they're talking about. If they actually started to badger me about my eating habits I would take this as rudeness and respond accordingly by saying nice talking to you bye...

Comment #7

Ya my boss offers his support by chastising me while he's loading his mouth with Krispy Kremes. Nearly every day, He asks me if I am still starving myself. I finally asked him "Why are you asking me that? Do you want lessons?" grrr.

I got tired of explaining and trying to educate a brick wall.

If he truly wanted to know about Medifast, he wouldn't mock me like he has the past 6 months.

Oh well. The results don't lie. He may eventually decide he wants to get rid of all that medication and the C-Pap machine. And when he's ready, I will help him if he needs me. It's just the badgering at this time that gets kinda makes me tired.....

Comment #8

You could say:.

"Oh, Thank you for your concern,.

My Doctor says it's Healthy, Safe and Effective..

It's scientifically proven to help me retain my muscle mass and is so much healthier than carrying around extra pounds..

YOU should try it.".

Or, if they aren't worth your time, just do as suggested and walk away.

Hang in there,.

You could also ask a QUESTION instead of answering one, like:.

"Hmmm, Why weren't you concerned about my Health when I was (your highest weight) pounds? You didn't seem to care about my health then, what changed?".

That usually gets them to walk away...

Comment #9

I would tell them that my doctor recommended it and I really need to take his advice over theirs..

If they want to point out that on this plan people might lose muscle, you might mention that on this plan people actually lose:.

Insulin dependency.

High blood-pressure meds.





Sleep apnea.

Back pain.

Tight-fitting clothes.



Etc, etc, etc.

You might also warn them that on this plan people tend to lose judging friends too LOL..


Comment #10

Going4Goal, when I was active in AA, there would be always be some people insisting that if you worked the program "right," you wouldn't need therapy or medication. Never mind clinical depression or bipolar disorder. Just work the 12 Steps right, yes sir.

As someone who has suffered from several clinical depressions and was finally diagnosed as being bipolar II, it always upset me when people would make such assertions. My AA sponsor would say that I should tell such people to talk to me again after they graduated from medical school!.

I think the same kind of retort would work wonders here!..

Comment #11

I would tell them to attach a blood pressure machine to my arm and a glucose level machine to me and and follow me on this diet.....

But really I think I would say "ohhh the diet is bad for me???. I am so glad you are concerned with my well being. Please can you gather the medical studies that youve seen that say medifast is bad for me and can you bring them to me the next time we meet? I really want to see them. Thank you very much for your concern"...

Comment #12

Thanks Smasty160 for a very informative and helpful post!..

Comment #13

My suggestion would be to have them do a little research and inform themselves of the program before they jump to conclusions. I am of the mindset that this is MY weight loss journey, this is MY body, and I know that this is a perfectly healthy program, and many, many doctors concur. I don't owe anyone explanations of any sort...

Comment #14

I love this response! I'm in college and I get ppl tell me all this is unhealthy and I say pretty much the same thing, but yours is really clever..

Comment #15

"I don't give a rat's ***, it works.".

Eh, but I'm a crabby bunny..

Crabbily yours,.

8-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #16

I ignore the "dream crushers" about MF. If it's someone who truly doesn't understand the program, I'll explain. For those crabby, negative folks that would find fault with anything...well, I don't have time for those people, so I smile and move along...

Comment #17

You could also tell them you were deliberately trying to lose ALL your muscles so that you could shirk work. Then try to lift something small, deliberately fail, shout "Yay it's working!" and strut off proudly. This is what I would do. This might also be why no ones talks to me anymore...

Comment #18

I know, I just went back on, after regaining all plus 5 and everyone is asking me why I just don't do it "on my own". If I could do it that way, would I have ever lost it in the first place .... probably not! So I tell everyone the same thing: "this works for me and is easy for me to do". Good luck everyone...

Comment #19

Hey there.....

I always have a little bit of a different perspective on this one, when people share a concern about the Medifast diet and wonder if it is safe or healthy. It usually depends on who the person is...and if I think their concern is genuine. I often associate with the concern because before I researched about MF...I was very judgmental about the diet. I thought it was one of those fad diets that desperate people do...and you are destined to gain the weight right back. I didn't believe that a diet could be healthy and sound if you are encouraged to eat 800-1000 calories a day. It was beaten into my head that 1200 calories is the baseline...and anything below that is not a healthy plan.

So, when I first heard of MF...that is what I thought myself. I decided to do a little research...heard that it was researched by Johns Hopkins and kept reading. Read about ketosis...and kept reading. I read why ketosis works and how it changes your body from primarily burning carbs and sugar for fuel and switches to fat. Kept reading. I probably spent a week reading every single thing I could about MF...looking for the "gotcha" catch...and I never found it.

Well...we know the rest is history. However, I do think that there is a misconception about the diet out there, so if someone says something to be about it not being healthy and that people will lose muscle and not much response tends to be, "You know what, I thought that at first too...but then a read a ton about it." If the person seems at all interested...I'll keep going. If not, I thank them for their concern...and head on my way..



Comment #20

My mother tried somehthing similar with me....."Kathy you know if you loose weight fast it just comes back." My response was "mom, I've lost weight slow, fast and something inbetween I don't think the rate at which I lost it had anything to do with why it came back." She couldn't do anything other than agree. :-).

As far as this specific issue I agree with everyone else. The people saying these things don't have the knowlege to make that determination...

Comment #21

My own family physician advocates it and tells his patients to go on pooh pooh to the naysayers...

Comment #22

I hear you there! I had a friend tell me how it's all about being active. This coming from a girl that weighs no more than 100 lbs, drinks like a fish, eats cheeseburgers for lunch every day and doesn't work out or go to the gym. Do we think maybe it's not her lifestyle that's keeping her thin and instead maybe her genetics/metabolism/lucky a**? I had to hold back the impromptu lecture about how I avoid being a b%^&*...

Comment #23

Thanks for the advice everyone, I will not let these people get me down. I will go about my business and live a great healthy life...

Comment #24

I like this klmorris!!! How fast we lose it isn't why we regain it! For me, I kept losing 50 lbs. or so then gaining it slowly back. I kept using the excuse of "when I lose weight next time, it will be 5 lbs. more". Medifast has allowed me to go all the way! Lost that excuse! Now I just need to lose all the other excuses!..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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