Is Medifast good for people with diabetes?

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My husband's labwork last week showed an a1c of 7.0 and fasting blood sugar of 125. The doctor we saw (not his pcp) said that this severity of diabetes is beyond being controlled with diet and excercise and that he needed to start meds right away.

He started Medifast 2 days before getting his results and his blood sugar was 99 after two Medifast meals that day. He's been on Medifast for 4 days now and excercising at least a hour a day. We have a follow-up appointment with his regular doctor today and I just want to understand his condition better from a MFers position (the doctor he saw said Medifast was "really high in sugar" and not a good idea )..

I realize his labs were not normal, but what exactly do his a1c and FBS indicate? Is it really bad? Is this something that can go away with Medifast or is the doctor right about him needing meds right now? What should I be asking the doctor as far as follow-up tests and management of his diabetes?.

The other concern (that brought us into the doctor in the first place) was that my OB said I'm not getting pregnant because of white blood cells in his semen. Infection has been ruled out, so could this be caused by diabetes to anyone's knowledge? I can't find anything reliable online..

Thanks so much for any help!..

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I started Medifast because I am a Type 2 diabetic. My a1c has been running 6.33 and my morning blood sugars were anywhere from 150's to 170's for the 3 months prior to going on MF. After 2 weeks my blood sugars have dropped to 130's. I have lost 24 pounds in 2.5 weeks. It is help me alot. I do take medicine (tablets) and hope to eventually stop them..

Everything I have read about Medifast says it is good for diabetics...

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Post your question on the "Registered Dietitians Support" section. I am sure she can tell you everything you need to know...

Comment #2 for your husband's hgb a1c 7.0 and less is the goal for diabetics. Hgb a1c is an "average" of blood sugar over a 3 month time frame. I am wondering if there might be other lab work that is missing? Often a chemistry panel, urine exam, cholesterol and blood work that gives info on kidney function is also done. perhaps the concern is your husband's kidney function?.

As for wbc in the ejaculate...could indicate past infection or inflammation. I suspect cultures have been done. I doubt it is purely the result of diabetes could be that the diabetes does have an affect....plainly speaking...diabetics are at increased risk for infection (among other things).

Anyhow, let us know how things are going?..

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His fasting blood sugar is not all that bad. He wants it between 100 and 120. If his sugar is affected by starches consider cutting them out. Starches make my hubby sweat like a bad dog and very sleepy. If you want some good medical advice send me a private message and I will give you my husbands email addy. He is truely an RN in his masters program for nurse practitioner...

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Thank you for the responses I guess it's been about 6 weeks DH has been on Medifast and he's lost 30 lbs so far on a 4 and 2. His fasting blood sugar has been in the 80s, except for two days (98 and 100), and his blood sugar after eating has been under 100 also. I've had him check it at various times, from 45 minutes to 3 1/2 hours, just to make sure he wasn't missing any spikes.

I spoke to the medical group diabetes person, who said DH must be using the meter wrong because 80s readings are not what he should be getting with an a1c of 7. I don't see how it could be wrong, because I've used it (not having diabetes, myself) and gotten normal readings for me.

Also, I know Medifast has had a big impact on his health because his blood pressure has already dropped from 165/98 to around 125/76! Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that it has had a silimar effect on the rest of his health..

As for the white blood cell issue, turns out that was nothing. Somebody must have misread the lab results because when I finally got ahold of them and talked to my doctor, there were no abnormalities..

He still has 50 more pounds to lose, but I'm feeling good about him being on the right track!..

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Sorry I saw this late, but that doctor gave you a bit of misinformation. Hemoglobin A1C for an average person should be between 4ish-7, but above 6 is generally considered pre-diabetic. As for not being able to control that with diet and exercise alone, how can he explain that to me where I have gone from an A1C of 12.2 down to my last one taken last month with zero meds for over 5 months of 5.8? My PCP has said that usually A1C over 10 indicates that your pancreas has all but shut down, and meds will generally be needed, but that is an A1C of 10+.

That said, I can't stress enough how much I wish I had changed my life before I became Type II. I wish I had gone to the doctor when I was in the pre-diabetic phase, because ignoring the signs and getting to the point where my insulin production basically shut down does mean that later in my life I will probably have to re-visit insulin.

I wish I could find the picture of the graph of what your body's insulin production looks like over time to show what happens from the transition from pre-diabetic to full on Type II. Basically my doctor dumbed it down to me by saying just like your heart has only so many beats in it, your body can only produce so much insulin. In the pre-diabetic phase, your body's ability to absorb blood sugar diminishes and your pancreas starts producing more and more insulin. Eventually it gets burnt out and your insulin production crashes (that is why an A1C of 10+ generally indicates you will not be able to control your blood sugar with diet and exercise alone)..

As for the white blood cells, I not sure on that one. Diabetes is hard on the kidneys, and when I get my quarterly blood work done, they always check for red blood cells in my urine (which in men should not happen if you are healthy). White blood cells I have no information on..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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