Is Medifast food tasteless?

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Well, I knew that packaged food wouldn't be like home cooked meals, but I am disappointed. I received my 1 month variety package yesterday afternoon. Tried the cream of chicken soup which was pretty tasteless. This morning I had the oatmeal which was, I believe, supposed to be brown sugar flavored, however, it was just a gummy substance which only looked like the color of oatmeal. I just had the chili for lunch which had an odd taste - didn't taste like chili. The package indicated that chili spice can be added to additional spiciness, but I didn't have any..

Am I the only one disappointed in the food? It the rest of it is this tasteless, it is going to be a long month!!..

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Your question was: Is Medifast food tasteless?.

Pat.....believe it or will come to like the food.......I found it easiest to start out with flavors I new I would like......the choc shakes and puddings as well as vanilla were safe bets for me until my taste adjusted a bit. The biggest help to me was reding how others have adjusted the food more to their liking.......go that section on the board and will get great suggestions there..

I does get better...Welcome!..

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Thank you both for the reassurance about the food ! Unfortunately, for me, I do love the taste of food ! There are few things that I don't like so I will just have to hang in til my taste buds adjust...

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Hi Pat..

The oatmeal shouldn't be maybe try a little more water. I add a few things to mine (like some of the flavor drops which you might not have bought yet, and some sugar free syrup). I agree with you on the creamed soup, so I make bread out of it..

It's not gourmet, by far...but you'll find it edible after a while. You might like the chicken noodle and chicken with rice soups, they taste pretty much like usual..

Read over the Mmmm...Recipe forum; I bet you'll find some ideas to make the foods taste better..

Good luck!.


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Hang in there Pat.....if we didn't like the taste of food, we wouldn't all be here!!! You'll find lots of ways to enhance the flavors of most of the foods. And what some people hate you'll find others that love it or find ways to make it taste better. Check out the recipe board and you'll find lots of great advice to doctor up your supplements.

I also was disappointed in the oatmeal at first - but I started adding just a little bit of skim milk over the top since I don't use it in coffee and we are allowed some. I add a packet of splenda first, then top with skim milk - it makes all the difference in the world for me! The blueberry is my favorite and I have it almost every morning for breakfast. My husband is always jealous because he says it smells so good!! I also make lots of the muffins with the different flavors of oatmeal and they are great for having portable options when you are on the go.

I found the soups were better made other ways than the directions say to make them. I stir in boiling water and a small amount of bouillon crystals to enhance the flavor - let them sit a while in the frig and reheat when ready to eat. Much better!! There are some great cracker and bread recipes for the soups also - and these are great for having portable meals too. You can do lots with them!.

I don't even look at the mixing directions on any of the foods now, because I have set ways to make them the way that taste best to me. You'll find what works....don't be disappointed. Just get creative!..

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You're getting some great advice here! This is a wonderfully supportive board where you will get all kinds of opinions..

I personally wouldn't suggest changing the food around (recipes and such) too much in the beginning. Medifast works as it is! I think it is GREAT therapy to just pretend it's medicine!.

One of the reasons we all became overweight is because we overate and ate for the wrong reasons (like because it tasted good). Give it a month and think positively!.


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You can always just replace the things you don't like with the things you do. I can't stand the soups, so I replaced it with another shake. And, it is definitely true that your taste buds adjust to it. I am, if not the pickiest eater alive, in the top 2... so, I promise it will get easier...

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Ya know ladies...guess that's why I am or was a foodoholic. I like all of our Medifast food! They work for me, easy, and portable...

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