Is Medifast Diet the best diet ever?

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Question I have... Is Medifast Diet the best diet ever? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. What do you do when the cravings hit?.

Today I took a hot bath and listened to Air Supply...

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You betcha! however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

I'm 41, and I love putting on the "oldies" that my Mom used to listen to when I was a wee one. These include but are not limited to ABBA, The Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, and of course Air Supply. Runs my hubby right out of the house, but that's a good thing he needed to do some yard work anyway! =)..

Comment #2

Work in silver in my little workshop, read, interact with my two sweet dachshunds, take a walk, enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, find a good movie...

Comment #3

If they come at night after I have eaten all my food for the day, I go to bed!!..

Comment #4

Sometimes sleep is the best option! Otherwise I like to take a walk or exercise (double benefits there!) or read a book or a bubble bath (or both! I have a lot of books with mildly water stained corners.... LOL)..

Comment #5

I, too, have been going to bed early since recommitting. Not just to get away from those pesky, and probably fake, hunger pangs but because I am really tired, I guess as my body readjusts itself...

Comment #6

I feel you 100% I love Neil Diamond or ABBA turned up loud while I'm cleaning / dancing! I'd add Toto to the list husband's least favorite of all..

Comment #7

Sometimes I polish my the time they're dry, usually the "hunger pangs" have peaked and passed (because it wasn't true hunger). I also have "cheesy" music that I only tend to listen to for exercising or for chores. Or I play with my cats and then give THEM some treats, which are pretty unappealing to people noses..

Ella, I read in the bath, too..I have an embarrassing number of books that are a little damp on the corners. When I'm particularly stressed or rattled I even still read some of childhood favorites during bath time...

Comment #8

I clean. My 3 year old was really stressing me out this evening. Needless to say that my entire bottom floor is spotless...

Comment #9

I also love a nice warm bath with a yummy book. Or, I sign onto POGO and play a free game. I wish I cleaned in response to stress. LOL!..

Comment #10

I play a video game where I get to take out my aggressions on enemies..

I listen to Psuedo Echo's version of "Funky Town.".

I listen to any song off of the The Cars "The Cars" or "Candy-O"..

The above version of "Funky Town" and "Let's Go" ALWAYS makes me do the silly dance and sing really loud. It freaks my cats out..

I like the Lipps Inc version of "Funky Town" too but the PE version is the one that makes me super happy..

Rick James's "Super Freak" and "Give It To Me" lift my mood too. Haha! Air Supply's "All Out of Love" is one I love to sing really loud, and I love the Bee Gees "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Tragedy"..

I'm old...

Comment #11

FUNKYTOWN! My 6 year old son LOVES the LIPPS version, I am going to purchase the Psuedo Echo version tout-suite!!!..

Comment #12

I like the harder stuff. These are my favorite stress songs:.

- bleed it out.

- anything by static x.

- "undead" by hollywood undead.

- alienate me.

- bodies.

- killing the fly.

- psychosocial.

- sound of madness.

- space lord.

- the hand that feeds.

When I'm feeling mellow the soundtrack changes dramatically. (Yes, I'm a closet ABBA lover and I like BonJovi!)..

Comment #13

A way to destress and relax for me is to put on something on netflix and either cross stitch or knit, whichever I'm more in the mood to do. Sometimes I'll put on music, but I like having a movie or show in the background better...

Comment #14

Bubble baths or cleaning.... brushing my teeth and drinking an insane amt of water helps too...

Comment #15

I go for a walk or make a cup of coffee...and sometimes I do both...

Comment #16

I love the nail polish idea - I don't actually wear nail polish but I could do clear coat.....

For me - straight to bed if it's late and I read, I also get on the boards here and read read read, I also got these relaxation applications on my phone and i'll listen to those. 15 mins and you feel mellllllow...

Comment #17

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