Is Lean Cuisine similar to Medifast?

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First question I have is Is Lean Cuisine similar to Medifast? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Hi everyone,.

Has anyone switched to medifast after completeing the HCG diet? I did the 23 day cycle of HCG and lost about 30lbs (immediatley after having a baby so true weight loss was probably around 15lbs), now I am 2 weeks into the matinence phase and of course not loseing anymore just maintaing about 2lbs over my last injection weight...I want to lose another 15lbs or so but really really DO NOT want to do another cycle of HCG...I am wondering if anyone has had success with medifast after completeing the HCG diet? I would be starting medifast after my 3rd week of matinence..

Thank you!..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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Medifast is recommended for anyone with 15 or more pounds to lose, so it may work well or it may work slowly for you. You could always order the 2-week trial pack and see!..

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You are right I am already a healthy BMI and if I were to reach my goal it would put me in the low end of my BMI but it would put me back to my pre-baby weight which is where I am trying to be...I am having surgery at the end of the month so my main goal is to maintain and slowly lose a little weight during the time period I cant exercise, I am a personal trainer and workout 2 hours a day so during the weeks following my surgery I do not want to gain a bunch of weight due to lack of exercise, medifast seemed like a healthy way for me to maintain/lose weight during those weeks and I figure it is a much better option that starving myself to try and stay at a healthy weight..

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Hmm. Medifast might work for you during your downtime when you can't exercise, but I think you'd be miserable trying to do Medifast and exercise two hours a day (which I think you already know)..

A lot of people have said don't do Medifast after surgery (based on what doctors say) as the focus should be on healing your body (and rightly so). I had a hysterectomy in October, and during that first week of recovery, nothing sounded good to eat *except* the Medifast foodsmainly because the food is bland and boring..

Also, preparing the food packets was so much easier than making other foods, so I just did that and I recovered just fine..

So after you clarified, and with the caveat that it's really more important that your body heals itself after surgery, Medifast might be a good short-term solution for you since it is low calorie, low carb, high protein, and will be really easy to do if you don't tweak the foods, which will make your recovery that much better when you don't have to think much beyond open package, add water, shake/microwave/stir. You'll be eating every 2-3 hours so your body shouldn't feel deprived..

I have read feedback from others who start Medifast pretty close to goal and they feel the deprivation isn't worth it. However, you are a personal trainer so you know what hard work and dedication is all about, and might find it easier to submit to 5&1 (or 4&2 if you plan to continue exercising more than 45 minutes a day)..


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Thanks so much for your positive response! That was another HUGE draw for me is the very minimal cooking..with a 2 year old and a newborn and a hubby who is continueing with the no carb/no starch phase of hcg I am already cooking so many seperate meals for people it is hard for me to try to prepare something seperate for myself...after the hcg diet I think I will LOVE medifast food no matter how bland at least it is FOOD and CARBS lol..

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Forgot to add I will not be allowed any exercise for at least a month following my surgery so I just want to make sure my diet is on track during that time and this seemed like an easy way to make sure I am eating the right foods but not overdoing it, I do very well with exact rules on diets...if the food plan is left up to me I find it very hard to worry about tracking carbs/cals/fat ect..I would rather just be told exactly what to do and do it!..

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You didn't say but Medifast has a different plan for nursing mothers...

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Just so you know, not everyone thinks the food is bland. I'm quite happy with most of it and it satisfies my craving for chocolate...

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Thanks..I was unable to nurse and unfortunetly it resulted in a baby who is very collicy due to formula.

That is why I was able to start HCG so soon after my baby was born otherwise I would have never been able to do that diet!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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