Is it safe to do the Medifast Diet while breastfeeding?

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First of all Is it safe to do the Medifast Diet while breastfeeding? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... I don't have PB2 here yet and I am craving something candy like big time. Can I use a teaspoon/tablespoon of real peanut butter (I think I have Target brand), or will that hurt my day?..

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Sure does sound delish..but no way I can eat PB.....TRIGGER written all over it!..

Comment #2

I'm glad someone else asked this! I know sooner or later I will be craving some form of Reese's action but I don't want to spend money on more peanut butter when I already have some. THANK YOU!..

Comment #3

I really need it today. I've avoid even licking my fingers with red velvet ice cream on them the past few days (the kids always want some dessert after dinner) and today...well, if I don't have something semi sweet, I'll lose it!..

Comment #4

Haha what I do sometimes is mix about a tsp to a tsbp (somewhere in between) with the brownie mix and heat it up as per brownie instructions. adds some PB yummyness to the brownie..

Comment #5

Don't use Target or Walmart brand or most of the national brands... #2 ingredient? SUGAR!!!..

Comment #6

#2 ingredient in PB2 is also sugar.

Hard to find anything without it unless you buy freshly made peanut butter, but then I would want way more than 1 tbsp of that!..

Comment #7

That is just one of the many reasons I stay away from all of the above while I'm on 5&1. I'd rather quiet my inner craving bratty brat than give in to her. PB (the real stuff that is 100% organic peanuts only) MAY be introduced in maintenance. Not even sure about that...

Comment #8

Meh. The fresh ground stuff tastes terrible to me. All the guidelines say I can have peanut butter... I'll assume it is ok...

Comment #9

Meh. You want to trigger a craving for sweets by ingesting a brand that is more sugar than peanuts? Go for it. Not my problem...

Comment #10

Goober - My thoughts on this is that if you are craving candy, doesn't it make more sense to stay away from anything that resembles candy? Why try to recreate something to feed a craving? There are plenty of sweet options on MF..

Just my opinion, but I wouldn't touch the brand name pnut butters with a 10 foot pole. Full of sugars, salt and preservatives. If you must have PB, at least go with something organic or natural, that isn't full of unnecessary ingredients...

Comment #11

If the fresh ground stuff tastes horrible to you then what you're wanting is the sugar, not the peanut butter. Sugar on this diet is a recipe for disaster...

Comment #12

Earlier in my Medifast journey I would buy pb as a snack and was shocked that a brand I bought at Whole Foods was as sugary as Peter Pan or Jif. You gotta read labels even at health food stores!.

I stay away from pb nowadays because it's a trigger food for me. I love the stuff but losing weight is a higher priority for me than eating a much loved food...

Comment #13

I totally understand. I think that somewhere in the back of my mind it's peanuts in general that I'm craving. I keep searching for a good peanut sauce for my lettuce wraps. Weird craving, I know. I ordered some PB2 last night..

Comment #14

Again - Be very careful. If you're craving it, you might not be able to stop with just 1 TBSP. Same with PB2..

Comment #15

It's interesting, but even before MF, I realized that when I purchase something like Adams PB that is 100% peanuts and nothing else, it's not nearly as much of a craving trigger (maybe not at all) than when I taste sticky sweet Skippy or Jiff. I think I will continue to stay away from PB2 because of the addition of sugar...

Comment #16

I find that when I give in to cravings, they grow and multiply and have kids and grandkids all in the space of about a minute. Be CAREFUL trying to appease your cravings. It will undermine your plan and your resolve...

Comment #17

Agree with this! Giving into my cravings is what got me fat in the first place. It's a good idea to address why you have the craving rather than give in...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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