Is it possible to gain weight during Nutrisystem?

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I have stuck to the rules to the letter. I haven't cheated once. I initially lost 3 lbs, but it was 3 lbs that had just come on in the past week. Probably just water. I've been 142 lbs for about a year. My weight throughout most of my adult life has been 128 - 138.

I'm single and hate to cook so this is a good plan for me. I'm only 5' tall. It takes very few calories to fuel my body and the rest is stored. I've become quite efficient at storing fat. I've taught my body to get by on very few calories.

I'm usually a one meal a day kind of person and still manage to gain weight. Do they have a plan anywhere for short people? I'm hoping to lose 30 lbs but I can't seem to lose even one! I spent good money on The Food Lovers plan a couple of months ago, stayed on it over a month and never lost anything. Nutrasytem is like falling off a log for me. I don't have to cook a meal for anyone and it's easy for me cause I don't have to plan ahead much. It's just not working so far...

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Your question was: Is it possible to gain weight during Nutrisystem?.

Rhonda, have you read PamSB's My Page yet? There is lots of great information for newcomers and she tells about her journey to an over 100 pound loss. She had no loss for the first 2 weeks.

Everyone looses differently and it's based on so many other things. That you have a history of dieting will affect your rate. Especially if you did a lot of low calorie diets. Other things also influence what you see on the scale. Really read the article above that Pam posted and re-read each time you get ready to weigh yourself. The scale does not always give you accurate information.

(See my post above for other markers of progress).

Look at your food journal... are you following the plan at 100%. If you are, the scale is going to respond but not necessarily on a daily or even weekly basis. When you check your journal be sure you are eating everything you are supposed to eat. The items listed there are not optional but required. Remember that salty choices my make your body to retain water.

Hot dogs too.

Are you drinking all your water? Your body needs it. And it will retain water if it isn't gettting enough water on a regular basis.

In response to your question about when you will see the scale go down, I don't know. You will start loosing on the scale when your metabolism is restarted and believes that you are going to continue to feed your body on a regular basis with the nutrients it needs. (See the article Pam gave a link to.).

Here is a link to Pam's page and her story.

You can do this. Nutrisystem does work, but you need to work the program and give it the time it takes to repair you metabolism. This a journey and it will take time to reach your goals. It takes time to establish the habits that will allow you to sustain your weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

One thing to remember is that for this program to really work, you need to see this a a lifestyle change, not a diet. A diet implies that it is for a limited time and that once reaching your goals you will be able to go back to your previous eating patterns. To sustain your weight loss you can't ever go back to what you were doing. The new way of eating that Nutrisystem teaches needs to become your new habit that you take with you into the rest of your life.

I wish you much success with your journey. Stay strong and you will meet your goals...

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For me, the plan works. It doesn't work the same for me as it does for others. Some folks lost 10+ pounds, I was 100% on the plan and lost 1 pound; no pounds or 1.5 pounds. But, I did lose inches. I can now fit into pants that I have not been able to wear in three years.

I believe I can eat this way for life with an occasional deviation. I can see myself at 150 pounds again and I've not been there for more than ten years. When I started, I doubted the plan and myself. Now, I don't doubt either..

I do believe if you work the plan you will see results. Good Luck!..

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Way to Sha Ronni. Sounds like you are getting some good results, even if the scale is moving slower than you would like. But I truly think the most important thing to be loosing is the inches. A pound with of muscle takes up a lot less space than a pound of fat does. So good work! Keep it up! You are well on your way to reaching your goals...

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Thank you all so much for the very informed and interesting encouragement and advice! I'm so glad I posted this thread now! I've gotten a lot of helpful information here..

PamSB, Thank you so much for posting that article! That is me to a T, only not as extreme. I'm about 30lbs overweight and maintain my weight or gain at an average of 1200 - 1500 day. That article scared the daylights out of me! That's exactly what I'm doing to my body!.

I hope I can make the behaviorial changes. I don't know.... It's too much to put here so I will put it in my blog but I'm pretty stuck in my ways,.

You gals that have lost a lot of weight are a HUGE inspiration! I congratulate you and Thank You for sticking around and helping us newbies out.

CyberSally, You look awesome!!!! It was nice to see a shorty succeed at this. It gives me hope. I was amazed at your "before" pictures! You go girl!..

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