Is expensive, department store skin care better than cheaper, Vitamin Shoppe brands?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Is expensive, department store skin care better than cheaper, Vitamin Shoppe brands?.

My next question is: Hi, I just ordered my food I haven't recieved it yet. I have been reading some of the threads about the quality of the food and the taste. There is a lot of negative comments and I am wondering if I did the right thing starting the program. It is a lot of money to spend for a program that has awful food and that I wont be able to stick to. Would someone please give me some positive feedback about the program...

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Your question was: Is expensive, department store skin care better than cheaper, Vitamin Shoppe brands?.


I just started the program last Saturday.

I have found the food to be pretty tasty. Especially the dinners..

Everyone has different tastes though. If you read through the 'foods I won't order again' thread, you will find that foods that some people hate are the ones that other people love..

So far I haven't tried anything that I had to throw out because it was inediable. I have found a few things that I didn't care for as much, so I modified my order for the next time. I took those foods off and added different ones to try..

I hope this helps. I lost 5 lbs the first week. ) Its a good start!.

Good Luck!.


Comment #1

Hi dixiepig,.

I ordered my food on the 4th and received it on the 10th. I actually started my program yesterday and so far, I have totally loved the food. You will find the ones you hate and the ones you love. I took a tip from a senior member, and I printed out a list of all the foods on the Ala cart menu and as I try each one, I am rating it as to whether it was yummy or "NEVER" again. lol.

U Can Do It!! Sheila..

Comment #2

Hi there. I love the food. I think it's pretty good. Of course I have my favorites. Don't be discouraged - try it all and find what you like best. Good luck!..

Comment #3

Think of it this way. For every complaint posted, there is probably 100 unposted positive thoughts. Take the complaints with a grain of salt (no pun intended). Some people come to NS expecting Mom's homecooking and are disappointed when they find less than that. Some people are very picky eaters and wouldn't like filet mignon. Some people just want something to post so they post negative.

When someone complains about the taste, look at the number of posts they have. While a low/high number of posts is no guarantee, it can provide a clue as to what experience they have with the food..

Give the food a try for yourself. Try everything. More than once if possible. Something you don't like the first time you might love the second time. Try doctoring some foods with hot sauce, vegetables, etc. Keep reading these boards.


Comment #4


I just started the program last Saturday.

I have found the food to be pretty tasty. Especially the dinners..

Everyone has different tastes though. If you read through the 'foods I won't order again' thread, you will find that foods that some people hate are the ones that other people love..

So far I haven't tried anything that I had to throw out because it was inediable. I have found a few things that I didn't care for as much, so I modified my order for the next time. I took those foods off and added different ones to try..

I hope this helps. I lost 5 lbs the first week. ) Its a good start!.

Good Luck!.


Comment #5

On my first order, I ordered a wide variety of items. As I tried things, I adjusted my next order. There are things I would eat even if I wasn't doing NS, and there are things I could barely get down. There are websites that tell you how to fix the different meals up so that they tast a lot better and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese added to many of the meals makes a world of difference...

Comment #6

Hi Dixipig!.

Don't worry about the food, it is fine!! I have liked everything so far. Once you see the program, you will realize that there is so much room for customizing your meals to your liking. Each meal has protein or dairy, salad vegies, etc that you can add in. You can use those to dress up the meals and make them more filling. I use garlic powder and all different kinds of Mrs. Dash seasonings. Today is my 7th day on the program and I have my first weigh-in tomorrow, but regardless of what the scale shows, I know that this program works because I can feel it!!.

Congratulations on your decision to make 2008 a healthier year - you can do it - we all can!..

Comment #7

OK. I am just starting the program and am in no means an expert on anything - but I do have to chime in on taste. THAT I do know! (Wink!) This food is edible at worst and downright good for most.

I must also add in that by doing the program (I am on the MENS) as it is given to me and adding ALL the food item I am SUPPOSED to eat, it has been very satisfying. I am amazed at how good I feel on program.

Your mileage WILL vary...take what I say with a grain of salt...but I really believe the program is worth every penny spent. My health is worth a million times what I pay!.

Here is to your every success!..

Comment #8

I agree...there are lots of things that are very good and I am sure that I will adjust my next order to my favorites.

Meg in Georgia...can you tell me how you tit the ticker tapes of your weight loss? They are soooo cute...

Comment #9

You need to try each thing and decide for yourself if you like it or not. The purpose of these threads is to take something you don't like and make it not only tolerable but delicious..

I'm in the middle of my second week and so far haven't found anything I don't like. However, I have found by reading these threads I can take something that was so-so and make it great by adding the little free food tweaks recommended here..

I can also see that these threads can keep you from getting bored with the plan if you have a very long way to go...

Comment #10

Don't pay attention to the negative people. You find them on every board.

Some people just can't stick with it and want to blame someone or something..

If the food was that bad none of us would have stuck with it. Because lets face it, we all were overweight because we liked to eat..

I reached my goal and you will too.

Good luck!..

Comment #11

Here's all I gotta say. I started Oct.10th 07. As of today I lost 39lbs. Easiest, best diet I was ever on and at 55 I've been on them all!! Of course you aren't going to like all the foods, but there are lots that you will like, that I am sure. Believe me I wouldn't have lasted this long unless things were good. And also because of a disability, I can't exercise very much at all and I still lost all that weight...

Comment #12

Don't worry, Dix. I, too, was concerned about the taste of the food, but am finding it very, VERY tasty. The only thing I don't care for are the bars. It's more a matter of the sugar alcohols in them than the taste. The peanut butter cookies are sooooo tasty <drool> and I have yet to eat one of their pasta meals that I didn't like. I know the cost of food may seem expensive, but when you break it all down, it comes out to about $10 - $12 a day.

If you ordered 3 chicken soups, you try one, absolutely hate it, then you can send it back and NS will replace it with another lunch of your choice. Plus, there are ways of added a little spice to some of the foods. If you think something a certain food needs a little tweeking, just post the question on the board and people will let you know what they do to spice up a meal...

Comment #13

WOW!!! 3 months and 39 lbs. That is inspirational! Great Job!..

Comment #14

Hi Dixiepig,.

I just started last Tues 1-8, I'm not sorry I started it. I lost 3 lbs in 5 days & so far I love the food.

I've been reading the boards too & following the "seasoned" NS users recipes, tips & ideas. I read so many bad things about the chocolate cake. I made my 1st one last nite & it was delicious! I followed a tip I read by spraying the cup with Pam, and I put my tsp of peanut butter in the middle and topped it with a small dollop of FF Cool Whip and it was the "WHIP"....yum..

Good luck !..

Comment #15

Don't listen to any negative responses because everyone's taste is different. I have been on NS since March and yes there are somethings I don't like but I just don't order them. I am very happy with the food and the results are great good luck on your journey!!!!..

Comment #16

Hi -.

Don't let negative comments deter you. Judge the taste for yourself..

I have not eaten any meal I felt tasted badly. I do have preferences. I love the variety of meals.

I lost 6lbs. my first week!.

Best of luck!..

Comment #17

When I first started I ordered a big variety. Then I came to the boards and it seemed like every meal I ordered was getting bashed. I couldn't help but wonder what I was getting myself into. I decided I would try each meal with an open mind.

Guess what? I liked it. In fact I liked most of it. Funny thing, some of the meals getting bashed I loved and some that got great reviews I didn't like as much..

Sure there were a few meals I knew I would never order again. Two meals I actually couldn't even finish but the others I was fine with..

For the second month I changed my autodelivery to the foods I liked the most. Been happy with it ever since...

Comment #18

I like to keep an open mind when it comes to trying new things. I wait until I try it and if I don't like it them I ask for different recipes to use with it. Some people I think would prefer gourmet foodafter all this is a diet...

Comment #19

I'll tell you what...I would have eaten the cardboard boxes the food came in (with the proper seasonings, of course) to get these results...what say you?..

Comment #20

I've been on the program since Jan 5th, and there isn't anything that I had to toss yet..

You have to use some common sense. If you don't like Split Pea Soup normally, don't order it here. If you don't like chili, don't order it here..

I ordered things that I normally eat, pizza, rotini, chicken pasta parm, etc..

There are plenty of pages of info here on how to improve the foods that you do have. Right now, I'm making an Apple Crisp with my NS granola cereal..

Sure, you're not going to like everything, but the same thing happens in the real world in a restaurant..

If you do get substitutions for what you ordered, you can call NS and they will send you out what you originally ordered and you get to keep the subs..

With the FREE FOOD week, they get to choose what you get, but you can always trade that here..

Please don't start off on a negative footing. At least try to be open-minded, you just might be pleasantly surprised..


Comment #21

Everyone has their own likes & dislikes. I personally like NS food. I have noticed that my favorites have changed from when I first started in August 2007, but I still like all of the food. As time has progressed and reading the posts, I have become my creative with my meals by adding flavors, etc. This program really works. The best to you...

Comment #22

I don't read the posts about "foods I would never order again". I found the graphic descriptions of why the foods are not liked would make me nauseated, and I truly like most of the food. If you eat in a restaurant there are foods you would not order, same with NS. Customer service is very accomodating. You will definitely learn what you like and don't care for. On the boards someone recommended to add a smidgen of Splenda and garlic seasoning to all the foods with red sauce, and, for me, that is majic. You will be so very happy if you at least give the foods one month! Good luck to you and welcome to NS!!..

Comment #23

Hi, I have been on the system for about a week some of the food is pretty good the breakfast scrambled eggs are bad. But I feel ill after I eat sometimes and my migraine headaches are worse since there is so much sodium in every product. I will not be doing the program after the supply is gone...

Comment #24

Yeah there were some pretty juvenile descriptions out there for awhile. It seriously made me look twice at some of the posters. It was almost like they were trying intentionally to out do each other in their graphic descriptions.

I learned not to even bother reading many of those posts. Sure enough, they got bored and stopped...

Comment #25

Don't worry - I got my food last week and have been trying them out one by one. I have come across some that I absolutely hate and would never order again (i.e. chicken breast patty, stroganoff noodles with beef so far).

Otherwise, I have been pleasantly surprised at how tasty/bearable the foods are. I will share my favorites by meal category and you can compare if you'd like. I will definitely order a la carte and choose all my favs in my next order.

So far, for breakfast, I love the blueberry muffins, orange and cranberry pastry and apple scone (can you tell I am a bread person??) :-/ For lunches, the chicken noodle soup is awesome and I love the peanut butter chocolate bar for on the go. My favorite dinner so far is the thin crust pizza with cheese. It's very small, but fulfilling the pizza urge helped immensely..

I wish you luck and many pounds of success. Keep your chin up - that first week is a tough transition, but I am already finding that when I eat foods that taste good and add in recommended fruits/veggies/dairy grocery foods, I am NEVER hungry and it seems like I eat all the time. I am very picky about taste, so if I can do this I know you can too..

Hope this helps and again, best wishes!.


Comment #26

How much sodium do you think is in the food?..

Comment #27

I love NS foods, but I am used to eating my own cooking.

I started about two weeks ago and I haven't found anything to be inedible.

I like most of the things,actually all. I haven't had anything yet that I did not like. Well, I didn't like the split pea soup, but I hate peas and I didn't order it. That came with my free week. I will say that I am full most of the time and can't seem to get it all in me some days.

Everybody's taste are so different that you won't know until you try it for yourself...

Comment #28

Thank you so much for all your replys I feel so much better. I hope I will be able to help someone as much as all of you have helped me. It was awful to be discouraged befor I even started. Thank You Thank You Thank You..

Comment #29

WOW WOW WOW You are beautiful Thank You for the encouragement..

Comment #30

I guess you never eat fast food, eat in restaurants, eat canned vegetables, or eat packaged foods? Talk about sodium..


Comment #31

I agree with all the advise give on this thread. I had to wait awhile for my first shipment but, it was well worth it. The whole Nutrisystem is great! You will be surprise at after the first 2 weeks you will actually feel fuller when eating out! With Nutrisystem you learn to stop, and want to. As far a foods I don't care for, I eat them first to get them out of the way and then enjoy the rest at the end of the month. I have a saying, " I didn't get overweight by being picky". My favorite site is the tips, everyone is so inventive and I've listened and used a lot of the ideas.

Good luch on the journey..

Comment #32

Hi Dixiepig: Everything people have said is true. The program works. You'll finds some things you don't like, but I'll bet you'll find alot that you do like. After you've had a chance to try different things, you'll be able to easily customize your order. Don't go by what others say about foods. We're all different.

Just follow the plan and you'll be successful..

The other things you need to try not to stress out too much about is the lack of communication from NS. Their implementation is always horrible. Hopefully the substitutions have stopped. But try to focus on your goal and what you want to achieve. It will work..

Good luck!..

Comment #33

Everyone has there own taste. You can't be swayed by that. I have narrowed it down to the foods I like after the first shipment and that is all I order. The first shipment is a learning curve. I personally love the Hamburger Pattie, Pizza, lasagna, and rotini with meatballs. I stick to these and occasssionally use fish or chicken of my own for a change.

Then I allow myself one all wheat dinner roll with butter on the side. It feels like you cheating but it is not. I use the butter as my fat and the roll is allow with the hamburger meal. Make your own judgements but search the boards for great tips on how to switch things up. Good Luck!..

Comment #34

Hi Jamie -.

Click on the Community link at the top of the NS home page. On the left side of the page down towards the bottom, there is a link for Weight Loss Ticker. Follow the link and the directions to create your ticker. Then you just copy the code, go to Quick Links - Edit Signature - and then paste the code into your signature box. You can preview your signature and add whatever other information about your self you want and then save it!.

I added 2 tickers, one for my ultimate goal and one for my short-term Valentine's Day goal..

Good luck!!..

Comment #35

I agree with the others. The food is good. I do have my favorites and I am on my second order. Feeling thinner is much better than any food out there! Good luck!..

Comment #36

The first week can be a little rough with the smaller portions, new tastes and textures. I spent a lot of time on the discussion boards getting tips and ideas which really helped. Now I have found some things I really love - like the apple scones/granola/pancakes for breakfast; bean/ham soup w/ hot dogs and fudge graham bars for lunch; meatloaf/pizza/lasagna for dinner and the nutrichocolates and BBQ soy chips for dessert. There are additional new foods being introduced this year as well. Good luck with your weight loss journey. !..

Comment #37

You probably won't be back to see this, but your headaches in the past week probably had nothing to do with sodium in the NS foods (it is NOT excessive). It more likely had to do with carb withdrawal - or caffeine withdrawal if you stopped drinking coffee. Headaches are common in the beginning with some people, but they go away. The dietitian would tell you that NS (regular program) is intended to be a daily diet that includes 1800 mg of sodium/day, including your add-ins. That's 600 below the recommended amount of 2400.

I have had migraines most of my life and haven't had a single one since I started NS in October...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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