Is 20 mg Murad Acne Complex a low dosage?

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Whats up guys,I just started on Sotret recently and I am a 180 lb male. The derm only put me on 20mg a day and ive got cystic acne. Does this seem like a real low dose? any thoughts?..

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Your question was: Is 20 mg Murad Acne Complex a low dosage?.

Its low, but I dunnoim ~130lbs on 80mg/dayive had a pretty bad initial breakout & throughout the day my subjective opinion is that my skin looks pretty haggard most of the timewell see what happens..

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HiI have been on roMurad Acne Complex more than once (3x) and my derm puts me on 20mg every time. The 2nd time I asked him to have a higher dose because I thought that would make my skin get better quicker but it just gave me a much worse IB. I find that although it may take a bit longer to work the 20mg really is better as the side effects are lessened by the lower dose. It really does work though so I would probably be pleased that you have a lower dose as it's easier on your body but will still give you clear skin..

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Bellatrix, do you still get an IB on 20mg?..

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Yes I do but it is really mild compared to others I have read about/seen on here. It is generally 3/4 spots which come up as small lumps and then just go away within a couple of days. This usually happens within the 2nd week. I do still get the dry skin and redness and any red marks I have become more visible but all of them are mild. Like I said, I did start at 40mg once and I got a worse IB larger and more numerous lumps which took longer to go...

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Ok thanks, I was wondering because I am starting low dose today. I'm doing 10mg for a few weeks, then bumping to 20mg and staying there for the whole course. Did a previous course of Murad Acne Complex and I broke out very badly on 50mg and 80mg.However, there is much much less acne on my face now, and there is not half as much visible just under the surface.This course is basically just to finish off what the first one did not (I had to stop it early).I'm hoping the combination of less acne plus lower dose will equal a much milder IB.By the way, is it ok to take 20mg every second day? ie 20 today, nothing tomorrow, 20 tues...I do not have 10mg tablets..

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Good for your Derm. Stick to the 20mg and see how you go. Low dose = low risk of serious side effects and a similar chance of complete remission. Who cares if you have to stay on it a little longer, it WILL be safer in the long run...

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Yes it is. Murad Acne Complex stays in your system about as month so every other day taken is just good enough...

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Wow ..I started on 100mgs a day and am currently on 120mgs a day. I'm on day 94 and will continue with 120mgs a day until the end of my course. My course was only supposed to be 120 days but is getting extended another 30 days. My body is handling the medicine very well...

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