Medifast recipe for Instant Gourmet!?

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I bought this seasoning called Instant Gourmet - Butter Blast. It is a garlic and butter blend, 4 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbs per serving. I bought it to use with mashed cauliflower, but I was making the chicken wild rice soup this afternoon and added some. It was so good, the butter flavor made it taste real creamy and the garlic added great flavor!.

Just wanted to share my great find!.

I found it at Super Target with the other spices...

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Hi and thanks for the great tip..

I went to the website to order the Instant Gourmet, because they are not available in California retail stores. The web site wasn't working great so I called and got the owner, Phil La Marche what a character and nice guy. I ordered all five of the flavors the original, steak awake, butter blast, rustico italian and carribbean jerk. Yummie. Anyone interested should call the number below and ask for Phil. He has been making these spices for 43 years.

(800) 395-7795 PIN 02 | |..

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Oh My Gawd...I got this stuff yesterday and it's the best. The butter blast and rustic italian flavors are to die for. Last night I made pork tenderloin with the carribbean seasoning and it was fabulolus..

But the best news is that I made the Medifast minestrone this morning and added 1 tsp. of the italian and 1 tsp. of better than buillon beef flavor and I swear this is like my italian grandmother made. The Instant Gourmet italian seasoning has 1 gr. of carbs per tsp. because there are HUNKS of sundried tomatoes.

Of carb should be okay. You guys should check out the web site for Instant Gourmet. Really good stuff...

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I am bumping this up for those with Minestrone Soup woes. It's great stuff. All of it. The Butter Blast is my new favorite for mashed cauliflower...Yummmmm...

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I want some!!!! Is in the spice aisle anywhere or just certain stores? THANKS for sharing - a little spice goes a long way with the Medifast meals...

Comment #4

Macsgrandma According to the owner of the company they are in Super Target Stores. We don't have the Super Target's here in LA so I had to order online. But it was fun because the owner, Phil Lamarche, tells all his stories about making the spices and they send you recipes and all that. Enjoy...

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I've never heard of a super target! Guess ours isn't "super". I will look for this though.....

Comment #6

Bettinav -.

Found them at Super Target for $3.99 each. I was pretty excited... I am easliy amused on Medifast now..

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