Indian Saag Curry Chicken Recipe for Medifast

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I first created this recipe and while it was very good, I wanted to change the cheese to Laughing Cow Lite so it is even creamier because you can use 2 wedges as a Healthy Fat. I also brought the condiments be within plan. I really didn't miss the extra spices.

I will be making this version from now on: Indian Saag Curry Chicken *Revisited*.

Original Recipe.

Also, my husband got me a DSLR camera, so my pictures should be better now. He is the best hubby ever!..

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I love that you post pics with your recipes! I am going to try this tomorrow; got some spinach I need to use up!..

Comment #1

That sounds very yummy! I love saag and curry, so I'm definitely trying this one...

Comment #2

Now that tempts me to try Laughing Cow cheese. LOL!! Although I don't know if I could put down that quantity of spinach all at once. What would be a good substitution for part of the spinach?..

Comment #3

The first time I made this I did 2 servings of spinach and 1 serving of mushrooms and it was very good. Green Beans would probably be good too..

Also, if you use the Laughing Cow Light cheese you get 2 wedges. If you use normal Laughing Cow, you get 1 wedge...

Comment #4

You read my mind! I made your original recipe and, although very good, the cream cheese really didn't add the creaminess I was hoping for. This should do it!.


Comment #5

Thanks for the recipe. I was wondering what to make myself today because mixing up my L&G seems to be a life savor for me. I have all of these ingrediants stock and ready to go. Thanks again ...

Comment #6

If you want to change up the veg, I vote for cauliflower, because I love cauliflower in Indian food normally. Gobi Aloo (I think that's what it's called) is one of my faves...

Comment #7

I made this again for dinner and found an even batter way to do it! Add 1/4 cup of chicken broth and saute spinach and mushrooms, then if all the liquid cooks out add another 1/4 cup of broth and add the laughing cow cheese. It worked out so well and so tasty! This is my favorite meal I think!..

Comment #8

CodyJo, I make this with a slight revision. I add 1 serving of chopped tomatoes right at the end and only have 2 servings of spinach. I like the fresh mouth feel/brightness of the fresh tomato to counter the bitterness of the spinach..

I really LOVE this, and so far have made it on nights when my husband is planning to have something else for dinner. Last time I made it though (with the tomatoes), he tried some... and from now on I'll have to make 2 portions!.

My only problem is that I have to weigh out the spinach after cooking, and then usually cook more. It takes a LOT of fresh spinach to make 2 servings of cooked spinach. It will probably take more than even the Costco container. (I suppose I could just use the frozen spinach I have...).

So I cook the chicken and weigh it, then put it to the side. Cook the spinach (in broth) and weigh it, and put it to the side. Pour some broth into the pan and melt the LC cheese into it. Add the curry powder. When it's all mixed into the sauce, I add the chicken, spinach, and chopped tomatoes. Stir until it's all combined and covered in sauce.

All together it still takes less than 10 minutes to make..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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