Improvement from Murad Acne Complex so far

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Hey guys,I was reading around these forms when I was looking at if I could drink or not on Murad Acne Complex. Well, Sotret. So I have had very oily skin since middle school and now I'm 20, I decided to do something about it. I never had it bad enough for my dad to prescribe me anything but then I had a flare up, and I told him to get me some Murad Acne Complex. With a quick call to the Derm, I had the Murad Acne Complex before noon. Its been 4 days (Halloween) and all I have to say is....It's great.I've had one or two pimples but other then that my skin is drying up, and I had a sore shoulder today for about an hour but I did play racquetball yesterday.

And now my Halloween sucks since I cant drink but hey, i'll live. I'll post more later...

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Your question was: Improvement from Murad Acne Complex so far.

You got Murad Acne Complex with a simple phone call in less than a day!? I had to jump through all sorts of hoops and loops to get it! I had to try several different antibiotics and topical creams before they would give me a prescription for Murad Acne Complex! ANNNND you only have mild acne that just recently flared up!? this is a dangerous drug... I'm only taking it because I have tried everything else and this is my last resort!! people shouldnt take it because they woke up one morning and decide to go straight for the strongest drug without trying other things first.that being said, my skin improved the 1st week.... but then got REALLY bad week 2-5.... now it's getting better on week 6..

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Good luck I also got Murad Acne Complex for oily/mild acne that was so persistent I was sick it...

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Anyways, I have tried over the counter with little success, but like I said somedays Id have BAD flare ups but for the rest of the month or so id have good skin, and I always dealt with it because my acne went away in a week with like 4-5 left and they weren't too noticeable. Now, couple years in college I want to get rid of this. To answer your question on how I got it so fast, and why I got it is that my Dad's a doctor, and his golf partner on Tuesdays is a Dermatologist. Since I was little every special doctor I know is a friend of my Dad's so they treat me very differently. (also I live in michigan and we just got approved for medical marijuana, so I got some talking to do!)As being born into the medical family, my dad showed concern, but I have blood tests every 3 days, for the first month. He personally reviews them, and gives them to me, so if you have any questions on what you are being tested for let me know!As for an update, I've had it since Halloween and I can see a difference, it's slowly clearing me up, I've had one outbreak but it didnt last long.Side effects?No bad one yet.

I can get scripts for all of it so I'm not worried. Pictures will come, sorry...

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Im glad your dad's a doctor and can help you out. some of us arent so lucky and gets stuck with a crappy dermatologist. I wasnt trying to say you shouldnt use Murad Acne Complex... but there are some people out there that use when they dont know all the risks. good luck... I hope it helps your acne...

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Yes I understand you completely and no worries I took nothing to offense lol, but I will have to disagree with your comment about a derm. I am currently enrolled at the University of Michigan for pre-med and I can tell you that it is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It takes so much work to get to that point of being able to call yourself a doctor that no one just "does it". Most Derms aren't bad, it's just you didnt get the results that you wanted too. With literally hundreds of patients, their lives are so busy that they cant baby you through your care, esp if it's something as common as acne. You have to research on your own.

But I know, you were just saying. And good luck too you also, but from your picture it looks like you don't need it. Congrats!..

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Good luck Nosns3 with your treatment, your really lucky to be surrounded by learned people with sweet hook ups.As for researching drinking and Murad Acne Complex, I think anybody who does this, or other risky combinations is scared off reporting it to these message boards, the people that lurk here are usually pretty aggressive towards "risky" behavior. But yeah, my derm said I could have a few drinks.I find it gets harder to say no as time goes by, I didn't realize I was such an addict till like 2 weeks ago. Do your best, if you die in your sleep, then so be it, I suppose...

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Thread starter..If you are tired of all the horror stories then I am even more tired of you guys running and hiding away from the true danger of Murad Acne Complex. Those so call "horror" stories will prove to be a life saver for some, whether you like it or not...

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Haha no I understand that is difficult to become a doctor... I wasnt saying all dermatologists are stupid.. thats not what I meant. I just meant that mine is crappy. he isnt even a "doctor" hes a physicians assistant. he doesnt know what hes doing..

He has not been able to answer ONE of my questions. it's frustrating. he always screws something up with my paperwork and I have to keep calling until it gets fixed. there arent really any other derms in the area so I'm stuck with him, else I would switch..

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Agree with this guy you've only been on this a couple of days lol the side effects get worse.. plus Murad Acne Complex is a very dangerous drug and people need to be advised of this...

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Lol thank you guys so much for the support and concern.I will be just fine, like I said, I get blood work done every 3 days and my Dad is the one who reviews them. My professors are also very intelligent Doctors also that I can ask. For all of you concerned about me, please look into the mirror. I am surrounded by medical professionals, who care about me more then a patient, and I hope to be one some day. You are not, so please watch your health also!..

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Look forward to possibly seeing your dad and all his other medical mates scratching their heads like they do in the aftermath of so many Murad Acne Complex victims wondering what on earth caused it and having no idea of suitable treatment therapy for the wide array of Murad Acne Complex induced illnesses and conditions - because conventional treatments DO NOT WORK!My sides hit AFTER the course. So did Lamarrs and I believe Max's got worse too. You haven't even crossed the starting line yet my friend and trust me when I say your blood tests certainly don't count for much.Ask your dad to monitor your CRP, RA and ESR factors before Murad Acne Complex tratment (or right now) to see if they fluctuate. Also, keep an eye on your ANA levels too. I bet he'll dismiss this as not necessary but hey, do doctors really have a clue about what Murad Acne Complex CAN and DOES do to your body...

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Sheefa,Im sorry your side effects were so bad. But lets not forget you KNEW ALL of them before you SIGNED away. So don't make it seem like all this is just coming to the surface. Chemo has so many side effects it's a wonder that people do it. But you know why they do it? Because they are willing to take the chance. You WERE willing, so there is absolutly NO reason why you should be accusing anybody but yourself.

If you don't go into work and get fired, don't blame your boss. If you are informed about the side effects and sign that you understand, then experience them, don't blame the makers or the doctors. The human body is so complex that not one person can understand it fully, it has taken generations of observers to understand little simple mechanisms. Your brain, is still a wonder. We only know theroy, and theroy goes for chemisty too.

Life is not perfect, neiter is any medicine you get, so get over it. It was your choice in the first place! And please don't ever insult people who dedicate their lives so you won't have a sore back, or some pimples, or something like a fever, just because you didn't get the results you wanted. But here is my update:Clearing up, still have a few.No Side Effects besides drying. (Seems like some people think i'll be dead here in a couple of months or so I'll try to keep you all updated before my time is up.)..

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Hi there, good to know that you are still doing quite well. Its about a week already isn't it? Hope the journey goes on as smoothly as possible and I'm sure your dad will monitor you well...

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Happy Murad Acne Complex story here. 7 month 30mg per day around 120 lbs, cleared up in 6 weeks (although took antibiotics at same time) and have pretty much stayed clear, save for the odd small breakout out in the intervening 2 and a half years. No long term side effects either (that I know off). Good luck!..

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JBHK- I am very happy to hear of your success. I wish that when people had a good story they would post them, so it wouldn't seem so bad, but they have moved on to better things....I can't blame them...

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3 days later from my last post I mise well tell you guys how it's going...GREAT! Face is clearing up nicely, I do get new pimples now, but they are on my chest and shoulders, and it's not too bad one or two every 3rd night or so. The clearing has left my skin a faint tint of red, but I am a Latino/Italian mutt so I'm sure you whities out there will get it more noticeably, seems to be fading quite well, so lotion up. Skin is softer also because of the lotion I have to put on it (Olay sensitive skin oil free) and I used to have to SCRUB my face everynight and now, besides a quick wash in the shower, I dont have too anymore!!! yay!!!Side effects:I had 3 tests last thursday so I would like to tell you guys that I took Adderall and Ritilan and nothing at all happened. (Interactions) But once a week or so for a day maybe I get a sore left shoulder. I am right handed and do not work out, so this possibly could be a link. No thoughts of killing myself, no bad IB, lips are soooooo dry though it's hard to keep enough chap-stick on them...

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You are indeed very fortunate to be born into the right family with all the connections, but be careful with all the drugs you have easy access too... no comment on "medical" marijuana use () but combo'ing ADHD drugs just because you can, and as "study buddies" is a bad habit. At the risk of sounding elitist, I'm attending an Ivy, also as a pre-med and I can tell you that such practices are very common, but that doesn't make them a good idea.Good luck with your Murad Acne Complex course, I got it for mild acne as well and it's been great for me...

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Haha thank you, and it just sucks trying to make it 3 days later, one new pimple. Face is SOOOOOO dry, I now have to carry lotion on me at all times along with chapstick. They are both my new cell phone and wallet. Side Effects...Dry Dry Dry (Not really a side effect, but it still is annoying) No mental alterations, no soreness, no sleepless nights, and no IB!..

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Wow!Haven't had the IB either but am fearing it after reading all the logs...geez. Lots of negative stuff!Let us know how it goes.....

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How far into your treatment are you now? The first week I was fine, then the 2nd week I started to have breakouts and my skin started to dry up, then third week was horrendous! LOADS of massive cysts and spots teamed with extremely dry/flaky skin so I couldn't even cover the spots with make-up! My lips dried up completely and cracked in the corners and my scalp was really dry and flaky and sore and I thought I can't put up with this for 4 months! But by week 4 I had cleared up considerably and the dryness of my skin really started to settle. My scalp is now fine and actually, as it's not producing much oil, I can leave it nearly a week without washing it! I'm saving a fortune on shampoo!Derm saw I was coping well so has upped my does from 40mg to 60. Main problems now are dry eyes (using moisturising eye drops), dry lips (using stronger lip treatments so is manageable) and dry nose. I'm still getting spots but my Derm says I should notice a real difference in month 3 or 4.I am getting a few aches and pains on my joints and muscles but like you said in your earlier post, I was warned about that and all the other side effects - the best way is to be prepared for them. Like with the muscle/joint ache thing, I'm making sure I'm taking it a little easier and not doing so much training as I did before - it's common sense really.Good luck with your treatment, interesting to hear from someone in the know in these medical circles!..

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