Im looking for Emma Kemp ,born jan 12th 1929.Worked at skillerns Vitamin Shoppe in Dallas tx. in the?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Im looking for Emma Kemp ,born jan 12th 1929.Worked at skillerns Vitamin Shoppe in Dallas tx. in the?.

My 2nd question is: Hi all,.

Quick question... How many wedges equals one dairy/protein serving? I've been having only one and counting each wedge as one, but I feel like i'm wrong for some reason. Does anyone know for sure?.


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Your question was: Im looking for Emma Kemp ,born jan 12th 1929.Worked at skillerns Vitamin Shoppe in Dallas tx. in the?.

I have to say, the french onion flavor with a fat free hot dog is the BEST protein snack I've had lately. YUM YUM YUM...

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I love the garlic herb with the burger patty..mmmmm..

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Great roll up idea graylady. I made the mistake of buying regular laughing cow. Had no idea some of the labels said LIGHT. Once I got that squared away, I bought the 3 flavors of LIGHT in the dairy case. Haven't opened up the garlic one yet. Can't wait.

I pop one of those in my mouth now and then just to savor the texture...

Comment #3

Oooohhhhhh! Makes me hungry!! Great ideas, I did not know the flavored ones taste that great....

Comment #4

I like the flavored ones in mushroom caps and broil YUM YUM..

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What lunchmeats do y'all use? My vons doesnt have healthy choice. Looking or something without too much sodium and preferably nitrate/nitrite free...

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Oooo, I just tried it on my pizza the other night. Replaced the tomato sauce with 1 wedge garlic & herb lite and 1 wedge original lite (saved from earlier in the day). Smeared them on then topped with the FF cheese that comes with the pizza and a pile of veggies. Sprinkled a little parmesean on after cooking.....SOOOOOO good! Love that laughing cow!..

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I smear it on 50 calorie Lavash bread and toast it on the toaster oven. The bread has lots of protein, so it counts as my protein serving. I buy the bread at BJ's. A 12" by 12" slice is 100 calories, so I cut it in half...

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I have never seen this product (Laughing Cow Cheese). Does Wal-Mart carry it?..

Comment #9

I made these last night and they're AWESOME!!!!! I bought the baby portabella mushrooms for them. I have a question though:.

I was able to fit one Laughing Cow wedge in 4 mushrooms. How would I count this in my meal plan? Maybe use 2 wedges and make 8 mushrooms and count it as a protein/dairy and both vegetable servings? Someone please let me know..

Comment #10

Oh, I would in interested to know that also jacki, counds like a delish mix of two foods!..

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Well, I have Sara Lee at the moment. The turkey that I've got does have sodium nitrate, though - last ingredient on the list. 490 mg sodium per 1 serving (4 slices)...

Comment #12

My WalMart does carry them. However, they were in the deli area and not the cheese area. They were in a basket on one of those center Isle frig's that hold different kind of gourmet cheeses...

Comment #13

I don't have a 'numbers' answer for you..but.

I always counted 1 wedge of LC as 2 free foods...(well, sometimes 1!).

You can count 2 wedges as a protein/dairy but the fat is high, so I would personally do that on days when my other food choices had less fat grams..

Or, if you want to count it as the protein/dairy...perhaps add some Boca crumbles to the cheese before you stuff your mushrooms...

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I buy Laughing Cow wedges in three flavors at my local Walmart..

We've had variations on this as our snack several times:.

Peeled zucchini rounds spread with laughing cow cheese, one wedge each. Make 'em thin slices, so you can have "more" on the plate. I've sprinkled garlic powder, chili powder, Tony Chach, a little pico de gallo and some caramelized onions on top. Just now I put the tiniest dollop of red pepper hummus on the rounds with a bit of caramelized onion. M said the first time I fixed the zucchini/cheese/Tony Chach combo that I could keep it in that rotation, as it was "tastin'!"..

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I rarely use any free foods, so I count mine as free. I spread it on my turkey (Oskar Mayer shaved oven roasted turkey breast - 6 slices for 1 serving!). I also spread it on some celery for a nice crunchy snack.

I love the pizza & m'room ideas!..

Comment #16

See my response to the original poster as to how to count the cheese.

The portabella's are a veg - 1/2 cup = 1 serving.


Comment #17

ONE Wedge of Laughing Cow Light is a Partial Protein (35 calories, 2.5 gr protein, 2 gr fat) too many calories to really qualify as "free food", although some people do use as such..... It takes 3 wedges to get the recommended amount of Protein to 'qualify' as a Dairy/Protein serving, but that results in too much fat my best recommendation is to use it as 'part' of a protein serving, make up the 'remainder' of the protein in a serving by other fat-free selection.


1 wedge LC + 1/2 oz lunch meat (make rollups).

1 wedge LC in NS pastas, then have 2 tbsp fat free cheese on salad.

1 wedge LC + 1 ounce ff cream cheese - good in primavera & fettucini.

1 wedge LC + 1 ff hot dog.

Remember to be a Dairy/Protein the total protein should be at least 7 grams, the total fat should be 3 grams or less and the total calories should be around 100 cals or less.....

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I have to say, the french onion flavor with a fat free hot dog is the BEST protein snack I've had lately. YUM YUM YUM...

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