Im from philippines,where can i buy milk of magnesia?is it in drugs store.expensive?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Im from philippines,where can I buy milk of magnesia?is it in drugs store.expensive?.

My 2nd question is: I had two of them today (90 calories) as a protein. Should it be just one?..

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Your question was: Im from philippines,where can I buy milk of magnesia?is it in drugs store.expensive?.

THANKS!!! I find they work great with the lunch bars...

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And the Cheesy mashed potatoes. Great comfort food for lunch!..

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OK-people talk about FF hot dogs and FF sour cream...where do you find them??? I am 30-70 miles away from a large town...have checked at.

Wal-Mart and United Market Street...but found 0 FF. Any suggestions greatly appreciated...

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I started the program 1/2/08, however received my order in my 30 day return from the receive date or start date....So far I only dispise the Split Pea Soup...but want to wait until last possible date to return, in case I find something else that I can't stand...

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I buy my FF sour cream at walmart. Ask your store if they can start carrying it if yours doesn't have it. I have done that with the grocery store - special orders...

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I bought Ballpark Fat Free Hot Dogs on sale at Kroger's today..

They also carry Hebrew National but not the fat free and the regular ones each had 160 calories so those are no-nos. Hebrew Nationals taste great though!.

You should be able to find Ball Parks most anywhere...

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I was never a big fan of hot dogs and only ate them when I had the occasional craving but they are very filling for the protein and I went through a whole package last week! I have a new found love for them!..

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The return date is either your receive or your ship date. It wouldn't work to have it your start date. What if you hung on to the product for 6 months before starting?.

If you want to return, you should do it ASAP because you have to send the food back at your expense and then it can take them weeks to get the replacements out to you (especially in January)...

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I got some of the Hebrew National hot dogs today but they are 97% fat they have some that are completely fat free?..

Comment #9

We refer to things a lot as FF when they are ALMOST 100% FF, i.e. the 97% FF hot dogs. It might be a sin to some to do that, but it doesn't seem that far off to me (and, no, they don't have FF...just the 97%). I was actually called a LIAR once by a member here by writing FF instead of the 97% FF, wasn't even really thinking when I typed it, but got so upset it made me leave the Discussion Boards for awhile and I almost never came back...

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Your Wal-Mart should have the Hebrew National Franks that are 45 calories each. I don't remember if they are low fat or fat free. Also, look for Naturally Yours fat free sour cream. It comes in a black and white container, looks like cow spots. My Wal-Mart was out of the sour cream for a week, so if you don't see it, keep checking back..


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I'm not a fan of the Hebrew Nat'l, but do like the BallPark ff smoked turkey franks.

Regardless of the brand, be aware of the sodium. There's not a hot dog out there that isn't loaded with sodium. Every time I use 2 ff dogs as a protein, I'm way over 2400mg sodium for the day...

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Look for the Oscar Meyer or Ballpark Turkey hot dogs. I believe OM is 40 calories per dog and BP is 45 per dog, 0 fat in both.

I eat them whenever I feel a little hungrier at lunch time since having 2 fill me up a little more. Just remember that mustard is limited to 1 tsp. a day and ketchup is limited to 1 tbsp. per day...

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I like the ball park turkey dogs They don't taste like a hot dog though but they are good for protien, and portable..

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I am so glad you came back to the Boards. I have found your posts very helpful...

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Pam, I agree with Sally and I know there are many other people here who are glad you came back...

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Pam count me in on that. Some folks just have no idea how to reply to someone. Thats a shame but NO ONE should get you to stop posting NO ONE. You are too knowledgeable about NS and we need folks like you. Please dont let some probable youngster step on your toes. I have been blasted on here, they thought they could laugh at me and sure it hurt but nice folks keep me coming back. Takes all kinds in this fight to win over Fat...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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