If the answer is Medifast,what is the question?

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My 1st question is: If the answer is Medifast,what is the question? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... So, I got a can of tuna and an open mind! Any ideas?!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

I usually put it on top of a salad. But I also love tuna salad. I haven't tried tuna salad while on Medifast yet. I'm trying to make sure I get everything else down before messing with to many condiments...

Comment #2

I mix one can and 2 hard boiled eggs with lite mayo and pickles. Mix it up and cut cucumbers into rounds and use them like little crackers scooping the tuna salad on top of the rounds. Yum. I had it tonight...

Comment #3

Tonight I mixed it with some egg beaters, put it a pan I sprayed with Pam, let it brown on both sides, put a thin slice of provolone on it. It was pretty tasty...

Comment #4

2 table spoons of Miracle Whip regular, 1.5 tablespoons Light Miracle Whip and 2 pickle spears cut up mix and yum..

Comment #5

I mix pico de gallo into the tuna and melt a little reduced fat cheese on top (in the microwave). You'll have to figure out the measurements (I eat a little extra protein on workout days so I don't have a breakdown) but you can fit it into the Medifast parameters pretty easily. It's like a tuna melt without bread! I eat a green vegetable on the side or salad...

Comment #6

I made a tweaked version of Sandy's tuna melt and it was really great! Recipe & picture here:.

Tuna Melt..

Comment #7

Tonight I had a tuna salad with lettuse, crisp (lightly steamed) asperagus, and my diet dressing. I'm stuffed and it was delicious...

Comment #8

Tuna, olive oil mayo, relish, a little mustard, throw it on a some romaine leaves. Good quick L&G...

Comment #9

2 cans tuna + 1/2 cup celery + 1/2 grape tomatoes + 1tbsp light mayo + 1tbsp fat free 5cal. no carb maple grove farms balsamic vinaigrette mix it all up. then I take 3 big leaves off of a lettuce head, divide tuna into 3, and wrap it up in the leaves. SO good...

Comment #10

I do this exact same thing and I like it alot because it takes so much time to eat it, you feel like you are eating so much more than you really are..


Comment #11

I'll mix tuna with almost any cooked veggies such as string beans (called green beans in some parts of the country) or spinach. I like this with low carb ranch dressing for a healthy fat..

I also like tuna without the veggies, mixed with either salsa or ranch dressing. I sometimes mix in a package of Medifast ranch soy crisps, too..

On nights when my family is having pasta I might mix tuna with string beans and homemade tomato sauce...

Comment #12

Just asking - do really like tuna? There are so many other options for "lean" that you do not have to force down Tuna if you really don't like it. I am not a huge fan of tuna - but enjoy most of the other lean options...

Comment #13

I do like tuna for a change up and a quick meal..

Thanks for all these recipes yall!..

Comment #14

Thanks for the great ideas for tuna - I forget about it but what a quick and easy L & G..

Leesalogic I am trying your idea tonight!..

Comment #15

I mix my tuna with 2 tablespoons of fresh salsa and a little 1/2 serving size of light mayo. I eat it all the time. I split my lean and green when I was on 5+1 so I could have a "lunch" and a "dinner". Tuna made it so easy!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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