If one Sears store does pre-employment drug tests does that mean ALL Sear stores do?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: If one Sears store does pre-employment drug tests does that mean ALL Sear stores do?.

My main question is: If you're struggling with staying on plan, you might try this strategy which helped me:.

Get a plastic container or cake pan, or something like that.

Put all your food for the day in it. (You might need to put in coffee mugs for your lattes, or spoons to represent your yogurt, but at least put in something that "represents" your food for you.).

Include water bottles..

Eat only from that container.

If it helps, put in suggestions for what to do if you're getting into trouble: Phone NS, Go for a Walk, etc.

My biggest problem is getting "behind" in my eating, and then getting a little frantic and just grabbing SOMETHING to eat, and losing track of what "legal" NS selections are still available for me. Somehow, having all my "Eats" in one spot helps me stay focused and anxiety free. You can keep your container in the fridge or counter, whatever works for you..

If you're getting down to the bottom of your container and think you might have trouble with the rest of your NS just after you've eaten and ask for help in planning the rest of your day...and subsequent days to try to avoid having similar problems.

Good luck! (And...if you can't even imagine struggling like this, go ahead and feel smug .... you've earned it!)..

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Your question was: If one Sears store does pre-employment drug tests does that mean ALL Sear stores do?.

Let's just say that if I get a "little" behind, I seem to have to overcompensate to catch up! :-)..

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Some days I get busy at work and don't eat the NS lunch and just have a piece of fruit. Is it OK to skip a NS meal if you are not hungry?..

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The worse is when youre on your period and you CRAVE chocolate and carbs...its horrible..even though the things you put into your mouth may taste just like the old stuff, YOU know that it's not and you just want it all day.....

The box is definitely a good idea for when I get home and get those cravings for all the things the rest of my family can have.....

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No, it's not a good idea to skip ANY of the food. This program only gives women 1200 calories a day. You need all of the calories and nutrients for your body to function properly. If you slip below 1000 cal/day, your body will go into starvation mode and you will NOT lose weight. It is very important to eat ALL the food allocated for each day...

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Wow! thanks for the tip mary! hope you have a great day!..

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Is it ok to skip a meal if you're not hungry? Well, we promise not to send the food police after you or set off an alarm, if that's what you're worried about. :-).

But, at least for me, skipping meals leads to trouble later on in the day. You might want to experiment with the foods you received in your first box to see how much you can break up your "lunch" into nibbles throughout the afternoon. When you've found a way to work in the lunch a way that works for you you can order more of those foods for your second box..

One hint...if lunchtime isn't your "hungry" time, you might try having your lunch for breakfast and your breakfast and/or snack for lunch.

Good luck! You'll find a way to stay on program, eat all the food, drink all the water...but it may take awhile. Be patient. Be creative. Ask for help!..

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I have that problem too..I work werid hours and am usually at work until 10pm so I sleep late..I wake up and have my lunch..and I take my breakfast with me as a snack....

Comment #7

I just try to tell myself that skinny girls get their period too. And hopefully get really bad cramps.

Just kidding!.

Canfields diet chocolate fudge soda (zero calories) or even SF hot chocolate help my chocolate cravings...

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The box is a great idea!.

I take most of my food to work, so I arrange it all together in the fridge and then bag it when I'm ready to go to work. when I get to work, I only take out what I am supposed to eat for that meal and then put everything else in the work fridge..

When I get home, I get all the stuff ready and have it on the table before I sit down to eat. it helps me if I only look at what I am supposed to eat at that time. if I don't, I get this craving to eat more thatn what I am supposed to...

Comment #9

I'm glad that's working for you, ddmmgg!.

Once you find the things that work for you, you discover that those "tricks" really aren't so very tricky at all, and that the plan gets easier and easier to follow. The trick is in finding the tricks that work for you, and then using every one of them!.

Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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