Ideas on organizing Medifast food?

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Hi guys!! I've been on Medifast almost 4 weeks now! (WOW that went by quick!) My 2nd order is coming in this week, and I'd like to organize it a bit differently than last month. That is to say, they were all in their own lil' boxes in my buffet shelves last month .... Anyways, I had never seen a thread about HOW people organize their Medifast foods. Any good ideas?? I'd love to hear them!..

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I got the "back-of-the-door" shoe organizer with pockets...put it on my pantry door on the viola! It works GREAT!!!!.

Hope that helps!.


Comment #1

There are alot of great ideas. Ironically some blogs went around yesterday with the same topic... I'll link a few in case they might help you too.

Here's the original blog with alot of folks wonderful responses about how they organize (pictures included).

And then my response with photo blogging... Hope you find some inspiration and ideas.....

Comment #2

I take enough sandwich bags for four weeks, write the day of the week on it, and start seperating the food out over the four weeks. I store them in a box organized by week, for example week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4. I use cardboard seperators that stick over the top of the bags.

It works well for me and takes up a bit less space. The only thing I don't put in the bags are the pretzels and puffs, they are too bulky for it so I keep those in their original box on top of the freezer. If I have four Medifast foods in the baggy for any day, I know that is a day I get to have pretzels or puffs..

Other people have used the four drawer storage containers, seperated the food by soups, drinks, deserts, puffs/pretzels.

It really depends on what system you want for yourself...

Comment #3

I use the over-the-door shoe organizer thing. It works great!..

Comment #4

My mom and I get 28 Ziploc bags and label them as days of the week. Then we spread our order out and put five random meals in each Ziploc bag. We put each set of Monday-Sunday in four plastic bags, then the plastic bags go into the box our order came in..

Each week, we grab a plastic bag and stick it in the pantry. Each day, we pull out the right Ziploc..

If we have any leftover meals in a day we stick it in a seperate, larger Ziploc called our "Grab Bag" - at the end of this month this bag is seperated into two piles: 1) to destribute out for our next month, or 2) to keep on the shelf for when we are in mantianence..

Hope this helps..

Comment #5

I use the shoe organizer as well. Have no pantry door so just hung it on the wall. Love it!..

Comment #6

I have an armoire/cabinet in my kitchen that's entirely MF. 4 shelves, and on each shelf I have plastic shoeboxes with my Medifast packets sorted by type, and some by flavor, depending on how many I have of that particular thing. Makes it super easy to find what I want and to know what I'm getting low on.

I started by doing the 5 meal baggies, but ended up finding myself not feeling for particular meals, or not wanting to deal with mixing stuff like shakes up, so I just save the baggies for when I have to run and need them available to grab and go..

I always have at least a day's worth of food in my purse (usually bars and a hot and cold drink), and then in my desk at work I have a week's worth of food of the items I love at work - hot cocoa, cappuccino, cold drinks, cinnamon pretzels, puffs and bars.

Loved the over-the-door shoe organizer idea, but I lacked a door to hang it on where it would be out of the way...

Comment #7

When I get my meals, I dump them all out of their boxes and then go through and make my meals for those two weeks. Right now, they're laying on my floor by my TV. I did away with shakes and things, so right now I'm basically subsisting on oatmeal/pancakes, bars, and puffs. I did organize them in a over the door shoe rack, but now that holds shoes...

Comment #8

My husband and I are both doing Medifast and we have very different tastes on what we like. He has gotten 2- 2 drawer plastic organizers and have them on a shelf in the pantry. He has a soup drawer, a shake drawer etc. I on the other hand leave everything in their boxes in the big box and have it sitting on the dryer. I like to keep mine separate from him as we started at slightly different times so the reorders come at different times. I need to be able to see what I have used and what needs to be changed on my reorder so if I put it in the pantry, I would never know. Primitive I know but it works for me...

Comment #9

I just keep mine in the box they came in. I organize it that all the choc shakes are on top of each other and van, etc. That way, I know exactly what I have and what I am running out of and need to order I also work out of my house so I don't have to worry about grabbing a whole days worth or anything. My husband is OP too so it works for both of us...

Comment #10

I, too, use Ziploc baggies. I order four weeks at a time. When my order arrives, I spread out my food and pick 5 Medifast meals for each gallon sized Ziploc baggy. I do not label the baggies. I grab one bag each morning and those are the Medifast meals I eat that day..

This system works best for me, because I don't have to think back and wonder, "Did I eat 3 meals today? Or did I only eat 2? I don't remember!" Also, it's nice to get rid of all my Medifast boxes at once, because they take up quite a bit of room in my cupboards. I save the plastic baggies and re-use them when my next order arrives..

I hope you find a system that works best for you!..

Comment #11

I keep everything in large ziploc bags now, five in total. Each bag is labeled: Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Desserts, Soups, Breakfast. Generally I have one from each group each day. For example, I pull out the 'breakfast' bag and pull out what I'm in the mood for that morning. Takes up very little space in the cabinet, very simple system, works for me!.

*-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #12

I go back and forth between the ziplock/day plan and 2 rubbermaid containers with cardboard dividers (labeled oatmeal/pancakes, drinks, shakes/puddings, soups, bars, pretzels/puffs.....).

I started out with the ziplock plan but, somedays I just didn't feel like eating what was in there....I do have a couple "bug-out bags" (ziplocks with 5 random meals) that I can grab and go if something comes up!.

At least this is the usual...right now?, no bags and only 3 lone packets in my order is delayed! Goal is to make it through today, and then go to the emergency measures recommended by MF/NS until my order arrives. Ordered an extra 2 weeks today too, that will not even exist in my mind, as an emergency reserve so that I don't have to panic the next time there's a bad storm in a part of the country that my order transits through.

Love the over the door shoe rack idea!..

Comment #13

I've thought about the overhead shoe thingy before....honestly at my start of Medifast, I didn't want it up there...what if someone might SEE I'm on Medifast!! (I'm not a closet user though!) Now I don't think it'd be an issue for me. Maybe I'll run it by DH and see what he thinks.

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE QUICK RESPONSES!! Especially as I just found out my order is coming tonight!!! Estimated was tomorrow!! Even in the blizzard...I'm impressed!..

Comment #14

When I started Medifast, my husband and I were going to do it together. We gave away all our food that was off-plan. So my entire kitchen was Medifast and L&G friendly. Well my hubby ended up not liking Medifast, so I gave him 1 shelf in the pantry and 1 cabinet for off-plan food.

Now I keep my Medifast boxes lined up in my pantry, so I can see each of them. I keep them grouped by type. I have considered trying the shoe organizer and maybe returning some pantry space to my husband, but I kinda like it how it is now..

Comment #15

I have mine in plastic boxes on top of the freezer. I took my Medifast boxes with me to Target and got ones that would hold two boxes side to side and four or so long. I have four boxes, labeled "breakfast", "puddings and bars", "puffs", and "shakes and soups". Brownies weren't out when I labeled and the box is too big, so they sit in their own box next to the plastics. If I have too much to fit, I use a pantry shelf in the garage. During the summer I put all the soups in the garage, moving the shakes out there now.

My mom uses the separate everything into daily baggies system. I found I was not in the mood for that shake or pudding and was switching stuff out too much.

I also keep several easy to make/use items in my purse and car. Puffs, bar, hot and cold drinks and pudding (saved me at McDonalds when kids had ice creams).

I like the over the door pocket idea. Don't have a door that would work with, but if I did.....

Comment #16

I bought a couple of those plastic organizer with drawers on wheels at Walmart (less than $10) I unsnapped them and used the different size drawers I wanted. I keep them in their boxes and can get the whole month in plus some..


Comment #17

I'm a Container Store addict, and have the Elfa over the door pantry organizer/shelving with wire bins that are wide enough to store two liter bottles. These are perfect for the boxes that the meals come in - and it doesn't take a lot of time or any packaging...

If you are considering something like this - wait until January - they have an annual sale on the products then..


Comment #18

I use the over the door shoe organizer. I started using a cupboard and plastic containers. Now I am thinking about using the ziplock type bag. Really so much changes during this journey. Even the way I want to keep my Medifast meals. I have enjoyed keeping them in shoe organizer so I can choose 5 meals in the morning.

Kinda like the idea of just eating whatever is portioned out instead of choosing 5 every day...

Comment #19

I do this too! It's 2 full bookcase shelves in my "pantry," and the shoeboxes are the large shoebox-shaped tupperwares, but same thing.

At work I have a lateral file cabinet topped with boxes and tupperwares - one box of pretzels/puffs, one overflowing with bars, one with oatmeals and drinks, and one with soups. Also mugs, blender parts, etc.

I have my shipments sent to work, so when it arrives I open it up, restock the work supply, and take the rest home to the pantry..

I also keep a bar in my purse, a couple bars/pretzels in my car, and about 10 bars/pretzels at my carrel in the law review office at school..

I tried the "5 in a bag" thing at first, and found I was annoyed by it. I want to decide which food I want as I'm about to eat it...

Comment #20

The organizational skills of some of you guys are absolutely breathtaking. <bows down>..

Comment #21

Like Freya I have a file drawer at work where most of my eating is done anyway. My other boxed inventory is neatly stacked on my closet shelves. I also utilize the "Cupboard" funtion on "My Medifast"'s really handy. I always know how much of what I have and when I go to place an order I just print my cupboard and note what I's awesome!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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