Ideas for doctoring up the Medifast Chili and Stew?

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I ordered these in the past when I first started Medifast and I couldn't choke it down. I'm feeling limited at this point and want to try these two out again and have a better experience this time. Can anyone please give me ideas to doctor these 2 up so they are a little more palatable for me? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!..

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I use a full cup of water or veggie broth, w/ a spoon of hot sauce, and a touch of taco seasoning. I've found that if I make it in the morning, let it soak till lunch time, then zap for 30 sec at a time, stir between zaps. Overnight would probably be even better. I love it!..

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I soak the beef stew for an hour (I don't mind it a little crunchy) and add a Sodium free beef boullion packet and a dash of worchestishire sauce..

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I added salsa and that helped with the chili...

Comment #3

Thank you for the ideas! I really need to broaden my horizons!..

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I love the chili I just had a little sea salt, garlic powder, and chili seasoning.

ALSO I make it more into a soup (add more water). I don't like the texture when it's thick and kind of paste-like..

I also love the beef soup. I add sea salt and garlic powder...

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I really don't soak my soups or chili, I add a bit extra water and nuke for an extra minute or two and let it sit to cool. I add hot sauce or tabasco to everything so I add it to those. For the chili, I added a wedge of Lite LC cheese and for the stew, I would add a touch of salt and black pepper...

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I definitely agree with Lin extra water is the ticket. I use almost 2 cups per packet, then season with Bragg's Liquid Aminos and hot sauce..

Also have you tried a thermos? Boil your water, pour into thermos, stir in your packet, season to taste, screw on the lid, and several hours later you'll have a steamy, rich, yummy meal! This has been absolutely amazing when our family business has had us working outside all day on cold, cold days..

Warning DO NOT shake the thermos!!! It WILL build up pressure, and maybe send lid and contents volcanoing everywhere OUCH!!!..

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I crushed up some Nacho puffs and Bullet Blended the Chili. Added together with a 1/4 tsp of baking powder and added a little hot sauce. Add just enough water to make into a batter and bake at 350 for 16 minutes. Makes two veggie style patties. Put some Laughing Cow Cheese on top and it's incredible. Freeze the leftover pattie and nuke for 60 seconds to warm it up when ready to eat...

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I cook up a whole box of chili at a time in my crock pot..

7 packs of chili.

1 pound of ground turkey OR lean ground beef, MSF crumbles, deer meat, whatever.

2 cans crushed tomatos.

Add water.

Mushrooms, peppers, scallions (usually saute' these first).

Chili powder, hot sauce, seasoning to taste.

Cook on low all day, then split into 7 containers, half of which I pop into the freezer.

Each meal counts as 1 Medifast meal, 1 veggie serving, 1 condiment and 1 oz. lean..

Comment #9

This is great, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much!..

Comment #10

I have a simple fix. I put three packages of chili or beef stew in a pot with the water. Then add one can of stewed tomatoes with onions and peppers. I boil on the stove. Really hydrates the mix and makes it creamy. Then divide into bowls for the week for lunch.

Hope this helps...

Comment #11

I use diet root beer or diet coke in the chili. It makes it yummy..then add whatever else you like....


Comment #12

I love the soups and eat 2 or 3 a day. The stew is my favorite. I soak it for about 3 hours and then cook it. I only use 3/4 cup of water and that makes the brown gravy part really thick and yummy. I have never liked "watery" soup, so this works just great for me. Try it sometime...

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For the chili - I cook it on the stove with 1 cup of water. I add 1/2 c. canned diced tomatoes (the ones with spices/onions/peppers are the best). Also 1 shake of chili powder. I let it cook on low until it boils, then I take it off the heat and let it cool a few minutes. Right before eating I sprinkle 1 oz.

It is DELICIOUS! The first time I ate it I wasn't sure I'd ever try it again until I thought to add the tomatoes and extra chili powder. I also add salt to taste. I've heard if you buy the crackers on the Medifast site (they count as your snack for the day) and dump them in the chili it's heaven. My next order I'm getting some of the crackers...

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I'm trying the chili in a mini crock pot right now. It's my first time! I'll post with the results...

Comment #15

I haven't tried the chili soup yet but I have found that letting the soup soak in water helps as far as the crunch is concerned. I have also used pepper, hot sauce, or herbs for added flavor (I love cilantro)...

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OK, I just pulled my chili out of my mini crock pot! Success! The beans and tvp were cooked perfect. I added a pinch of salt, and some cayenne pepper to it. It was good.

Tomorrow, I am going to try with the chicken and wild rice. The mini crock pot seems to be the way to go. You could even plug it in at your desk in the morning when you get to work and have ready by lunch!..

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With the stew, I have added some extra canned veggies...helps a little, but not much. I probably won't order this anymore!..

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I love your Pinup Girls name! That is so cute! Is that a team name?..

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The pinup is a group it's under the teams discussion link..

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Today I added beef soup base, garlic and some mrs. dash to the stew. I also soaked it and then cooked it for a total of 3 minutes with rest in between> Then at the end I added hot water to it from the ozarka cooler and it was really good...

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I had the beef stew today for the first time and liked it, I mixed it with 1 cup cold water and set in the fridge for like 3 hours, then added some galic and sea salt and microwaved for about 3 mintues...had to watch it wasn't boling over need a bigger bowl next time. I'm happy with it though would deffiantly order again and liked it better then the chicken noodle soup. Had it with the garden veg. crackers (for my snack) and was stuffed!..

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For me, the chili has to be soaked (1/2 cup water) overnight an hour or two of soaking just doesn't do it..

I also add apprx. 1/4 tbl of McCormick's dried jalapeno (in the spice aisle) at the time I start soaking..

Can't help at all with the stew, I've never ordered that one...

Comment #23

Ok, I just skimmed this thread and a few others, and made my first bowl of beef stew, using some of the ideas to spark some of my own..

I heated the stew exactly as the package suggested. Water and all. (Keep in mind I had no time for way advanced prep) Then after letting it sit in micro with cover for further steaming for above 3-4 mins, I took out and stirred well. Then I added the following:.

1 or 2 quick sprinkles of Mrs Dash (Salt Free) Tomato-Basil-Garlic Blend.

1 or 2 quick sprinkles of Mrs Dash (Salt Free) Italian Medley.

2 quick shakes (dashes) of salt (next time I will likely use sea salt).

1/2 cup of cooked (steamer bag) frozen asparagus.

I stirred it all very well and let it cool down a bit..

This used one medifast meal and a partial green portion (1 out of 3 for day).

Without the doctoring, this would have been way too plain for me..

I ate the soup very slowly to let me feel fuller, and took lots of sips of water in between..

I actually feel full! =) And that says a lot since I am on day three and used to be able to eat quite a big meal size easily. I am also impressed by the nutrition content on the soup..

Yesterday I made the mistake of using hot water and it made my other soup clumpy and pasty. Total mis-impression! Today I made sure to use the cold water and followed directions exactly..

This all made something that would have been way too plain and unpalatable for me...into something I actually enjoyed. If you do not like asparagus, definitely try putting in a half a cup of any of the listed vegetables that you might like and then use the other portions during another part of day..

Hope this helps...bon apetit and much luck on your journey's!.

Warmth and Hugs all around,.


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Does sea salt taste different from regular salt?.

I add hot sauce. It has the advantage of making me feel not so cold...

Comment #25

I only remember trying sea salt once and I did not notice a huge difference in flavor. It's also supposed to be used in small amounts as any sodium has to be consumed with care of course. I just noted about the sea salt above because I wanted to use a healthier alternative..

Even though table salt is iodized (iodine is good for you and needed in diet), Medifast has iodine in some of it's meals/foods, I have noticed...and in this society, we rarely hear of people having iodine deficiencies since so much has sodium in it. Table salt is refined in such a way that most trace minerals are gone from it. It also has an additive. Sea salt has less refinement and has assorted trace minerals (about 80 mineral elements that the body needs), and is brought to the consumer in a more natural way..

(FYIPeople require less than 225 micrograms of iodine a day.).

Hope any of that helps...

Comment #26

I make the chili with beef broth and add some extra chili powder and 1 Laughing Cow chipotle (new flavor, yay LC!) wedge and I LOVE it! I used to tolerate it, so the LC has made all the difference...

Comment #27

I eat it fast and with a dash of durkee's red hot sauce.

I even soak it for a couple of days to plump up the beans.

Actually had it for breakfast this morning...needed to shake things up today...

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I made the chili once.... added dashes of tobasco and it was ok, but I found it to be kind of 'mealy'....decent flavor, but really wanted to add some tortilla chips and then I thought... well, I will make chips out of the chili.... so I used the bullet and just groud the packet down as much as possible and added a dash of salt, cayanne pepper to taste and a sprinkle of cumin... to give it alittle smokiness.... mixed it by hand and made 5 smallish discs and baked at 350 for about 20mins....

I didn't dislike them... but the flavor was soo intense, I need to try it again. I ended up eating about 1/2 of them with the LC blue cheese... and they were good... but I do not think I could eat all of them. Maybe crumble them into a salad like crutons?.

Anyway... that's my 2 cents!..

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I start by toasting some cumin seeds and whole mustard seeds in a dry pan. After a couple of minutes, I toss in a chopped Poblano chili and a small amount of olive oil to keep things from sticking to the pan. When the Poblano has softened, in goes the Medifast Chili and water. Bring to a boil, then allow to sit for 10 minutes or so. Re-heat to a boil and eat...

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I soak the chili for about 2 hours and it is fine for me. Also, I add 1 tsp of chili powder and 2 TB of salsa. I really enjoy it that way...

Comment #31

I had 1/4 cup broken up mushrooms and 1/4 cup spinach. Once it's done I add an ounce of cheese. It's really good!..

Comment #32

Loving the salsa and cheese additions.... thanks for the ideas!.

Also made the chocochip pankcake muffin yesterday and then poured alittle sf white chocolate syrup over it .... very yummy and completely satisfied my bread /carb need...

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