Medifast recipe for Iced Tea?

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Any ideas on how to make the peach or rasberry iced tea taste better? They are so thick and icky to me but I have two whole boxes of each cause I usually love iced tea! (Guess I should've tried it before ordering so much ...but hindsight is always 20/20). Any ideas are appreciated...thanks!.


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I have the Raspberry Iced Tea. I also thought it needed a little help. I added 1/2 of a package of Raspberry Crystal Light to Go. It gave it a lot more flavor. I haven't tried the Peach Iced Tea, but Crystal Light does have a Peach Iced Tea as well. That might help...

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I do like the drinks on occasions as they are lighter than the shakes. I've only tried the Raspberry tea (not a fan of peach flavor), and I found that it tasted better by adding 8 oz. of plain iced tea instead of water and of course ice. It had more of the tea flavor I was expecting. Also, I just bought some Diet Snapple Raspberry Tea, and I'm going to try using that instead of water as well. I would expect that would enhance the iced tea flavor even more...

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Hey Lana...thanks for the suggestion ...I will try the Crystal you usually just add in one of the Crystal Light To Go packets or measure a certain amount? (Sorry if this posts twice, I had an error message the first time so I wasn't sure if it went through.) Thanks!..

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For the peach iced tea I like to use the peach flavored water from Cub or Super value grocery store. Sometimes I like to add the lemon flavored water. Adding ice helps also...

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I've added the SF Raspberry syrup and some diet sprite/seirra mist. They are much better as a smoothie/icee coming out of the blender than just mixed. I also always use more water vs less...

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I think I will definitely use more water next time...I tried it with the recommended amount and it tasted and looked so thick to me...not watery like usual iced tea. Hopefully the suggestions you guys gave can help me salvage these boxes I have! Thanks!..

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I use 1/2 packet of the Crystal Light to Go...

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After you've mixed up the Iced Tea mix, try mixing it with about a cup of real iced tea. That ought to thin it out a bit, and since you like tea anyway, it should help with the taste, too..

Good luck..

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I've found that using 8-9oz of water with the teas and preparing an hour or two before you are going to drink and sticking it in the freezer is really good. Don't let it freeze completely, but just enough so it's icy and then shake it really good...

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I have to say - yuck! I can't stand the ice teas and I tried adding tea and crystal light - nothing has worked so far for me and I like ice tea including raspberry and peach. Does anyone really like them??? Nice idea but so far not very tasty!..

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