I would like to find out how a paper drugs wrap is made as used to store powder drugs like heroinetc?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: I would like to find out how a paper drugs wrap is made as used to store powder drugs like heroinetc?.

My main question is: I am so sick of FF italian and ranch dressing.

Any suggestions for a tasty FF salad dressing?.


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Your question was: I would like to find out how a paper drugs wrap is made as used to store powder drugs like heroinetc?.

Walden farms makes No Fat Dressing that comes in a variety of flavors. I like the russian. I get is at the supermarket however, I have seen people on the boards mention ordering them online. They also have a line of pancake syrup and chocolate and caramel syrup...

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I have found FF Thousand Island and FF Bleu Cheese dressings..

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I like the Wish Bone spray on dressings especially the Italian & Ceasar. They are 1 calorie per spray & for a small 1 cup salad you only need about 10 sprays.

I just started the progam last Tues & I love it! I'm so motivated :-)..

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Spritzer also has a French and a raspberry dressing...these are my favorite...

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I mix equal amounts of Miracle Whip ff dressing, with Pace picante sauce. Does have a few calories, but way less than the commercial ones..


Comment #5

I bought a Raspberry one the other day. I'm going to try it tonight !..

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I am using a FF Sun Ripened Tomato Vinegrette by Ken's Steakhouse (got at grocery store) that is really yummy...I heard their FF raspberry walnut kind is good too...

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Here are a few things that we really like...and we don't like FF dressing of any kind!!!.

Balsamic vinegar, splenda, salt, pepper, garlic mixed together..

Cains FF Caesar - hard to find but well worth it.

FF Ranch dip has the same cals/tbl as FF dressing. We get the Southwestern Ranch or plain ranch that you get in the produce section...I forget the brand...Marzetti?.

If he is eating chili (or similar) DH puts his chili on his salad and doesn't use dressing. DH also uses hot kimchi instead of dressing. 15 cals in 1/4c so he can use as much as he wants, really..

We are totally new, so we might be messing something up, but they seem OP to us, and they are all much better than FF dressing in the grocer aisle...

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My fater got me eatting this when I was young and it's stuck with me.

Red vine vinger.

To change it up a bit I got the.

Raspberry vinger.


Balsomic vinger.

There not found with your dressing there with the vinger.

And raspberry vingerattee is diffrent that has more cal and fat.

I love the vingers because there all fat free and almost no cal they could almost be consered a "free food"..

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For a better tasting f/f dressing try f/f western with just a spoonfull of f/f sour cream. It is the only dressing I use. I love it...

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My husband and I, both on NS (although HE already reached his goal, darn it!) discovered Walden Farms calorie-free dressing. We buy it at our local Publix grocery store and I've ordered it on line. No fat, no sugar, no calories. I love the creamy bacon and my husband likes the balsamic vinagrette and the ranch. They're life savers!.


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Try the Wish Bone Spritzers. With 1 calorie per spritz and 1g of fat for 10 spritzs...they are really not that bad. 10-20 spritz's can go a long way on your salad. Enjoy..

Comment #12

I agree... best salad dressing I ever had FF or not. I'm discovering all kinds of food you can eat and still be healthy, Trader joe's has almost everything I need...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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