I work at a Vitamin Shoppe.. i have a few funny stories from kids.. will i get paid for them?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: I work at a Vitamin Shoppe.. I have a few funny stories from kids.. will I get paid for them?.

My next question is: The packaging looked great, the nutrition facts were great, it smelled great while cooking but really seemed to lack flavor .... it was filling and I'll order more but is anyone dressing it up a bit???.


Thanks, Amy..

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Your question was: I work at a Vitamin Shoppe.. I have a few funny stories from kids.. will I get paid for them?.

I sauteed onions mushrooms tomatoes and spinach and mixed it together. It ended up tasting like a florentine sauce. I also used some Mrs. Dash. I think I will add some garlic next time...

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Sauteed veggies, fresh black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano..


Comment #2

I can do garlic!!! My hubby and I love it .... good thing!!!!..

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I just had my first one last night, and after reading these posts, I added steamed spinach, mushrooms, and some garlic powder. Wow, it was really good! The sauce is thick and creamy. It is on the bland side, but makes a good base for adding onions or garlic for those that are inclined. It was a typical portion size, had some nice chunks of chicken and the pasta wasn't mushy. It was very satisfying. I'll be ordering more of these...

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Just had this last night. I added shrimp, mushrooms and pea pods. Yum!..

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This is my third day on NS.

My first night I had this and did not care for it. However, I added sauteed onions to it and some Ms. Dash.

It wasn't horrible, but didn't care for it. I will have it again, and next time add more vegies to it and spices, to see if that helps. Nae..

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I just had this tonight and was very surprised! After heating I had a scary reaction to it still formed together but spread it over my veggies it was really good..

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I actually thought this was great right out of the package! Having said that though; I like to add spices.. I did paprika, garlic, pepper and some red pepper flakes....

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I like it right out of the package too. I like to add mushrooms to it for my veggie serving and a little hot sauce. I love the thickness of the sauce and I usually don't eat chicken, but I like that this is not hard or dry...

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I tried this one last night. I really liked it. It reminded me a little of the fettucine/spinach that is no longer available. I added garlic and onion powder and red pepper flakes. The chicken was SO soft. I would order it again...

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I loved it, I had it tonite for the first time,i'm ordering 10.its the best out of the bunch...

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I had it tonight for the first time, added shredded lite mozzarella and a dash of grated parmesan (I had a snack protein left over). Very pleased with how it turned out, and the noodles weren't too squishy. The chicken was good. I liked the sauce very much...

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I tried this last night for the first time and really liked it. Nice to have a new dinner choice...

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Thanks for all the great ideas. I had ordered one to try in this round of food. I cooked it tonight. I took shrimp, pea pods, mushrooms, garlic and onion powder, and red pepper flakes. I cooked the pea pods a little first. In a bowl, I placed the veggies and thawed shrimp.

Sprinkled it with the spices, covered and heated in the microwave for 1 minute, stirred,and heated for 30 more seconds. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish everything, and I don't often say that about any meal. Yummy! I will definitely order 4 or so next month!..

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