I really want to loose weight on Medifast? does it really work?

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First question I have is I really want to loose weight on Medifast? does it really work? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... Just wondering if there are other nurses out there getting started on the program. I am on day 4. I started Sunday, worked 7a-7p Monday and Tuesday and now I am resting. I plan on working out as soon as I have some down time.

I get too tired! What I did Monday and Tuesday is break the lean and green into two meals, one for lunch and one for dinner.

Since I did 12,000 steps yesterday, I feel I am definitely exercising..

I'm excited because I've already lost weight, I can tell by my clothes! Any others out there why have suggestions?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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It's so good to meet you! I work orthopedics and can definitely see the effects of being overweight on my patients! As you are probably aware, obesity is a big contributor to the wearing out of hips and knees..

I was always thin as a child and young adult. When I turned 30, keeping the weight off began to get harder. I somehow managed to put on 40 pounds over my "ideal weight". Anyway, I've tried all of the diets too. I also did Medifast in 2005 and lost 35 pounds. I can attest that Medifast really does work- and quickly.

I have decided that I am going to lose this weight and transition and KEEP it off!.

I started my diet on Sunday. It's been a crazy week and it's especially hard to stay on course when people are continually bringing you food to work. I managed to persevere! It was VERY hard, but it will get easier! I didn't have one crumb of anything I wasn't supposed to..

Good luck to us all!.


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Hello ladies!.

I am Michelle, I am 37 I am a licensed nurse, I am married with 6 kids, 5 dogs,9 new baby puppies! I work for the registry. So my hours very but are always 12+. I am not new by any means I have lost 90 lbs on the program and absolutley love it!! You will too, you will be surprised at how well it fits into a busy schedule. I wanted to say WELCOME & GOOD LUCK!!!.


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Great to hear from you all...........I feel the support of this website is worth it's weight(!) in gold to keep us connected with our common stuggle. Cindy, looks like you and I started at the same time and Michelle, congratulations on your awsome weight loss to date!!!!!!! I will probably go for a few days without posting due my work schedule but you can bet that I will check the site everyday for quick inspiration! Dee..

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Hi to all the nurses out there.............

I am a registered nurse also and work in the field of Psychiatry. I have a lot of experience in many areas including management but for the past 10 years have worked in adult Psych. My work is not hard but frustrating at times. I'm afraid people use " being suicidal" as a means to get in the hospital for as we say "three hots and a cot" as well as disability..

I was on Medifast several years ago and lost 25 # but have gained that back plus more. I know it can work..

I started first week in Dec. and lost about 5# but didn't do the program over the C/NY holiday..

I have started again this past Monday and hope to reach my goal this year..

Good luck to all of you on this weight loss journey!..

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Nurse here.

I am 41 & I have been on Medifast since July. I have been a nurse case manager since 97 & just started a job this week as a clinical laison for a sub acute hospital. LOVE IT!.

I love to have a nurse thread too!..

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I'm a registered nurse as well. I've been on Medifast since September 15, 2007. I've lost 46 pounds over 16 weeks. (tomorrow is weigh in day, week 17). I have worked cardiac, pulmonary, MD office, a little bit of everything in a small rural hospital, home health, discharge planner/Home health liason and now I'm a certified school nurse. As Dee said, I want to be a better role model.

I split my time between a high school and a middle school. I do a lot of health training, boy is that hard to do when you are overweight. "Do as I say and not as I do". Medifast has been a godsend to me, not just the food plan, mostly the support of the people on my team and the entire board..

Welcome to all new nurses, there a quite a lot of us here!.


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Another nurse here, although retired. Spent most of my years in adult psych as well. I really loved it, but it was frustrating at times. The last years were as a certified school nurse, so several of us have something in common. I loved that job too, but felt at times that the clients I took care of the first years, got out of the hospital , had kids and moved into my school district. LOL I did alot of teaching in both jobs, and could teach in college now, but I really don't want to do anything right now.

I want to do something that is just fun..

I started on Medifast the end of June after years of on and off dieting, being thin, heavier and just fat. I lost 33 lbs. and then went on haitus from Thanksgiving until now. I started back this week again. I have lost the 3 lbs. that I had gained back, plus two more so far.

Hope to hear from more nurses, as I know there are many of us on here. Also, if any of you are interested in joining a challenge team that starts on Jan. 20, check out the challenge boards for details. Welcome everybody!!..

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And yet another nurse here! I work nights in a PICU like you q1w2e3!!! I also work nights from 7p to 7a. I find that the drinks are the easiest things to do while at work. I can mix them up and drink them on the go. I eat my lean and green from the cafeteria...usually a salad with chicken breast and have been on Medifast for six weeks now...loving it!..

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Hi guys! I'm new here too. I'm a nurse in California, but haven't started Medifast yet. I ordered my food, but it wont be here til Monday. My best friend has been on Medifast for about 6 months now and has lost 60 pounds. After she cleaned out her closet and gave me all her "bigger clothes and scrubs" that don't fit her anymore, I decided it's time for me to hop on the wagon and start Medifast too..

I am VERY nervous about starting the program, but I'm so picky about my food and I have to admit, I LOVE my potatoes.

But hopefully I can stick it out and see some results!..

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My scrubs are getting bigger too but I am too cheap to buy new ones!!..

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I actually overheard a very morbidly obese pt comment on my weight and that for the size of me she was impressed I could still move quickly. That was a catalyst for me to do something to change. She was seeing me as someone like her. I saw her as someone who wasn't just over weight but someone for whom the weight was causing major health issues. I knew then that if I didn't do something I was going to be sick and on an ER stretcher myself some day. I started to exercise and lost about 25 pounds.

I hadn't seen him in a while and literally didn't recognize him when I saw him even though I was told someone was coming in on a consult to see a pt. After seeing that dramatic change in him, I decided to do what he did..

I take shakes to work. At lunch I try to get the salad bar at work and what ever type of plain meat is there (often I get a burger patty and lose the bun). When I am busy at work I usually do well on medifast. I now work 3A-3P, which seems to work better for the diet - I was a 7P-7A..

I did the diet almost 2 years ago and lost about 50 pounds. I kept most of it off - gained a bit back so I am on it again for a brief period of time. It's funny because I just recently realized that I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of starting the diet. Yes it is bad I did gain some BUT I did pretty good staying close this way for two years. My gains were such that most people who know me socially just assumed I had kept it all off...

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I am a Registered Nurse also. I have a great job. I work in Georgia Department of Corrections at a small facility for about 200 inmates. But only 2 nurses for all the work. I work 4-10 hour days T-F. Every weekend off and all holidays off.

You have to be strict with them and sometimes you have to show them that they WILL respect you. There are always officers there to back us up. most are respectful and appreciate the help you give them. I enjoy it. My job works well for this program.

I am doing great. Feeling good. Nice to see there are a lot of other nurses. I hate it because I feel like people look at me as a nurse and think "well youre a nurse, shouldnt you take better care of yourself?" Now I am going to be and it will show. Good luck to everyone on this journey.


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Good morning to all of my fellow nurses following the Medifast was great to hear from everyone and to hear your has always been one of the greatest things about nursing......their is something for everyone............common thread being that we like to help others................BUT, now it is time for us to help each other be successful once and for all in our quest to lose weight and keep it off!!!!!.

As for my own experience I have done just about everything............WW (the longest), Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Matol, numerous do it yourself plans and the last that I should have know better to even try was one that was very restricted but included the B 12 injections.......I ended up in our ER one night at work from SVT that was probably triggered by a number of things, kept feeling light headed but wasn't bright enough to put the palpitaions and the light headedness together until it was almost too late, I felt really stupid because I really know what I should be doing!.....................well, guess what................went right back to the food and gained back the little bit I had lost..........joined Shapes with a good friend from work, but then the holiday season came around and I enjoyed the food like there was no tomorrow.............

The good news is that I saw the ad for Medifast in a recent issue of People Magazine where they highlighted the people that had lost half of their weight on various diet plans. Very impressive to say the least. I remember a year or two ago reading about a person who had followed the Medifast plan. So, to the computer I went, read the stories and some of the forums and was very impressed..............people were very honest.............there really is nothing magic about weight loss.................keeping it off is by far more difficult! There is so much guilt involved with gaining and losing and wanting to look like the beautiful people on the cover of the magazines!!!!.

What I really like about this program is the on line support from all of the members! It is amazing how just reading about someones struggle and then seeing their success can be so motivating.....................!.

When I have even the slightest negative thought try to get into my head I remember all of the wonderful and heartfelt stories I have read since I joined MF..

Thank you so much for asking if there are any other nurses out there in cyberspace that are on MF...................

I am thinking of my rewards (non food) for my mini goals along the way. My beautiful 18 year old daughter graduates from high school June 2 which is just 20 weeks away.....want to be close to or even at my goal by then. It isn't unrealistic but I want this to be forever, not just for the occasion weight loss..

BTW, my daughter decided about 2 years ago that she wants to pursue nursing as a career. I always thought she wanted to be a teacher but as she got older she met many of the young single nurses that I work with and was impressed with their independence and lifestyles (ie, they can support themselves!)................getting into nursing school is another story in itself! First she has to get into college...............just waiting to hear now..

Recently I was telling someone that three greatest decisions of my life were as follows:.

Going to nursing school (diploma program straight out of HS), deciding to have one more child when my twin boys were almost 8 (the 18 year old) and then the last one was joining the Navy at the age of 38!!!............what a rewarding experience!.

I look forward to following along with everyone as we journey along the road to GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!! Looking great is the by product of all of our hard work. It will add to our mental health as well...................everyone have a great week........ Dee..

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Hello. I'm a pedi nurse and been on this program since the end of May. My weight loss was tremendous for the first few months, and then .... I started to cheat a bit. Please don't do what I did. I should be in maintenance by now, but no ...

I don't find it too difficult to get the meals in even with busy 12 hour days. You just make your lunch shorter and your breaks longer..

Good luck to all. We do have an example to set to our patients and families, and losing weight is a great start!!!..

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HI to all.

I am an RN on a maternity unit I have been on Medifast since APril and have lost 116 pounds so far.

Now there are 5 other RN's on this unit on Medifast and working well for all.

I too have done every program known to mankind.

But this is by far the most simple and effective.

To quote J2K00.

"it may not always be easy ; but it is simple and it works".

Keep up the good work everyone and have a nice day.


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Hi....I am new to MF...still waiting for the meals to arrive. My main concern is how to manage the meals with night shift. I work 3 (or so) nights a week , from 8p-8a. they are not always consecutive so there may be days where I will be awake all day and then go to work and be up all night (maybe short naps..but not guaranteed). I usually can take a nap for 4-5 hours in the morning after the shift, but will eat breakfast before I sleep because I am usually so hungry it's hard to fall asleep without eating. then 4 or 5 hours later I'm up and hungry again.

Anyone else in a similar situation? what worked for you??.

Thanks....and good luck to all!..

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Hi To All of My Nursing Peers!.

Nice to meet you all and read your stories! I am an R.N. and I now work Adolescent Psych! I have been carrying around all the weight I gained from my pregnancy, and my baby is now 13!!!! I just got sick and tired of being fat and miserable! I love MF, because it is easy to bring with me to work! My only problem with the Medifast is that they don't offer a lot of vegetarian options, and I am a vegetarian! I also make sure I keep my bar to eat during work, because I do get really hungry while I'm working..

Nurse1967, I can definitely relate to your story about all the psych. pt's looking for 3 hots and a cot! I use to work adult psych, we would get an admit that was "suicidal", but as soon as I do the admission assessment they tell me they aren't suicidal! Some of them would actually tell me "I knew I had to say that to get admitted!" I am so much happier working on Adolescence, where I feel like I actually make a difference in some of the children's lives..

Well nice meeting you all!.

Happy MF'ing!.


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Hello fellow nurses!.

I work ortho and PT and I love it! I love being a nurse, despite the long hours and being on my poor feet all day. I see the results of being over weight on joints and let's not mention all the pain. I want to be healthy for once!.

I'm 44, married with two girls, 22 and 18... I have two dogs, a cat and a parrot!.

Heres to getting fit!..

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Hi! Can I join in? I am an RN. Wrote my boards back in 1987. I currently do not work as I have a little guy at home but have had a great career in nursing and just love it! I also love chatting with fellow nurses. Thanks for starting this thread!..

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Hi All -.

I suspect there are a bunch of us MFing to a healthier life. Looks like I'm one of the "old timers" around here. I've been a nurse forever! Did the Diploma, BSN, MSN dance and have worked in a lot of different job. Early years were mostly critical care, then I transitioned into public health and for the last 23 years have been an NP. Medicine, Ortho Surgery, Employee Health and Occ Med. The most interesting job I did as an NP was doing corporate health surveillance for a well known, now non existent, pharmaceutical company.

Made to some fun places like Ireland, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and a few really interesting places in the US..

I currently work as an NP doing Employee Health and Occ Med for a major HMO whose motto is "thrive". Which is just exactly what I'm bound and determined to do..

I started Medifast in July 2007 and have been doggedly sticking to the program. I've bid farewell to 77 lbs and have 39 more to reach goal. I agree with the comment that "keeping it off" is the biggest challenge and to be honest T&M is the most frightening part of this whole process for me. My decision to start Medifast was to be healthy rather than be a specific size or weight. The big "6 0" happens for me in June and so my goal is to be at goal weight by my birthday. It will be a stretch since I'm one of those steady but slow losers, I average 1-2 lbs a week. The great news is that I am off one BP med and am ready to cut the last one in half with the goal of eliminating it completely...

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Another RN checking in! I am a 42 y/o ER nurse who graduated nursing school in 1986 so I have literally been doing this half my life. The majority of my career has been in ER but I did a few years in ICU and a very long 19 month "stent" in the cardiac cath lab. I am the night shift charge nurse in an ER that sees 120-130 pts/day and work 12 hour shifts..

I joined Medifast in May and did fantasticuntil Thanksgiving. I gained 12 pounds back but am once again on the right track. Some one asked how to manage the diet while working 12 hour night shifts and the only thing I found that works for me is to look at the day from midnight to midnight. I just make sure I get my 5 Medifast and 1 L/G in during that 24 hour period 'cause I never know for sure when I am going to be awake and when I have to sleep. The first day back at work in the roughest since I usually get up early then take a nap but still need the energy to get through a 12 hr shift. Making it a new day at MN lets me keep up my energy level w/o starving to death.

I love being a nurse but wonder how I can know so much about health and be this unhealthy. I am doing some volunteer work teaching mediation/food interactions to a couple of the locale retirement villages and feel like a fraud sometimes!.

Good luck, all! See you around.....

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Another RN here!.

I work nights in a the ER, a level 1 trauma center! It gets really busy and some nights have been very challenging for me to get all my meals in since we get so busy. I ahve been on Medifast since june 07. My weight loss has slowed lately and i'm trying to get back on plan 100%. No one at work even knows i'm doing MF, somehow they haven't noticed that all I eat are bars, drink shakes and eat soup or hot cocoa...oh well!!!.

Nice to know there are so many others in our profession trying to get healthier!..

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Mel ~ I work nights also and here is what I do. On the nights I work I start eating at 5:30 before I go to work with usually a Medifast soup or oatmeal. I only take a bar and shakes/drinks to work so then I plan my night around every 2-3 hours I am drinking something. I do my lean and green in the cafeteria (usually a salad with a chicken breast). On the days when I am off, especially my first day I found it hard at first to even get my 5/1 meals in so I learned you can double up so on those days that I am awake shorter I sometimes have a double portion of pudding or something like that to get it all in. On days where I stay up, I just space it out and sometimes split my lean and green into two smaller meals so I can eat more. Hope that helps!..

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Hi there...another nurse here. I work WEI (12 hour nights) F & S, then an 8 hour night qo week in NICU (30 years). My husband is in stage 6 Alzheimer disease. I found myself being a 24/7 caregiver at home and at work. I felt I was losing control of MY life (seeing all I can't do) and then I read an article about MF...epiphany..."you CAN do this, you will be in control". Considering I had resorted to high calorie entrees for DH (he weighs 112), and no longer needed to cook for him, I found the program works well for me.

I cannot imagine being a size 2-4-6; but a 10-12 I can aspire to. Paula29..

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Hello Nursing Buddies! I am seem to be a baby nurse here. I am 25 and have been RN for 3 yrs. I started in an SICU and been spending the majority of my time in the ED since July, only moonlighting in the ICU. I work anywhere from 3pm to 7am. mixture of 8 and 12 hour shifts. With the patient load I usually have, it is pretty easy to sneek out and have a shake instead of taking an entire lunch break.

My problem arises afterwork. I have a hard time planning my meals around my sleep and work. Any ideas out there? Is it ok to sleep/nap inbetween meals during the day or is it better to sleep and eat throughout the night until your meals are in? anyone tried this?..

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I'm not a nurse, but I AM in the health field, especially when you consider that many illnesses, chronic ailments and diseases first manifest themselves in the mouth, and I have worked extensively with patients that have/had head and neck cancer. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to the group and to remind all the new medifasters, NOT TO START EXERCISING TOO SOON OR IT WILL SLOW DOWN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! Your body needs to adjust to the lower calorie intake. If you've already been exercising all along, cut your work out time and intensity by half, and if you haven't been exercising, wait 3-4 weeks before starting!..

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Hey Hygienist.

I started as a Dental Hygienist & then became a nurse. I am glad I did as the medical field could learn alOT from dentistry. Denistry is more proactive & preventive but health care is coming around. I often times had procedure I had to do like caths or IVS that I wish I could have used a little Nitrous oxide to make the pereson relax LOL.

What an exciting time to be in health care. I think we will see a BIG change with the new president in Health care. well maybe I am hoping to see a change..

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Barbara: Universal Health Care? Is that the big change you are hoping to see? Does not work in other countries and will NOT work here. My husband and I are both self employed and we pay our insurance out of pocket and we still do NOT want Universal Health Care. If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free. I do not mean to be rude by any means here I just had to respond when I read your post. It is a great time to be in health care I totally agree. Socialized medicine is not the answer.

The middle Working class will suffer once again...

Comment #29


I did not say anything about universal health care. Please dont assume that I am for that..

I think health care is changing. I think something needs to change for the reasons you are saying. I DONT know the answers. I just think we are in an interesting time for health care..

I was hoping to stimulate conversations between nurse LOL I didnt mean to raise such strong emotions. I respect your opinions & I dont want a debate. I just wanted nurse to talk about stuff or even or jobs that kind of things..

Nurse have started a thread in Julyish that never went anywhere & I was afraid it would happen again. I want to keep a dialogue up but I think I did it wrong..

Comment #30

I am sorry I jumped to that conclusion. With all these primaries going on all I hear about in the news is the left blabbing on about Universal Health Care. I agree changes do need to be made. People who work in health care can make a difference! I am happy to hear you do not support Universal Health Care. We need to stand strong against it before it is too late...

Comment #31

Barbara: I believe we share a birthday 4/14? This is a great thread and I hope it does continue. Did not mean to get all politico on you. I just have such strong convictions. I will stick to talking about jobs, etc. I also enjoy chatting with other nurses. Have a good weekend..


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Good to see so many nurses on this board! I took boards in 1985 (Alabama) and have spent a lot of time in Orthopedics, Rehab and Staff Development. I have only been licensed in Alabama and Florida. Sounds like some of you have some pretty interesting experience!.

Been wearing my pedometer to work lately. 5.6 miles today and I actually did 8 miles the other day. Amazing! Gotta run get some sleep for another 12 tomorow!..

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Hello my sisters!!.

Iam a RN as well, I work on a medical surgical oncology unit. I have 5 years on the job but I started my career on an Infectious Disease unit (manly HIV and TB) at charity hospital New Orleans. Boy I miss ID, oncology has alot of similarities , I just miss it so...I am back in school to get my BSN and MSN/FNP I want to go back to HIV. I work 7a and taking classes, I also now have a busy 2yearold(3 in April) and a husband in school full time (whew) so my life is very busy, I hope I am able to incorporate Medifast in to my busy sometimes unmanageable schedule..

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Hi I'm an RN too! 21 yrs. Mostly maternal child, peds L&D. Now I do adoptions. I have an adoption consultanting practice and I provide support and resources for Children and Family Services (foster/adopt parents) Isn't being a nurse great. I'm new on program, I lost 40 lbs two yrs ago on a medical management 800 cal program and I loved it, I have put back 10 lbs due to poor eating habits , binging and large portions. So here I amI'm excited and motivated.

Looking forward to hearing everyones successes and sharing mine..


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Hi to everyone!.

It's nice to know that there are several nurse on MF.'ve been OP for 6 weeks and have lost 18 lbs. I had a hysterectomy over a year ago and gained 40 lb so now I'm doing Medifast and it realy does work. I work for the Board of Nursing in OH. I hope we can all keep in touch and encourage one another...

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LOL Susan I didnt say I was against it. LOL I am not commenting one way or another. I just like to see change. Ihadnt thought of Unv health care when I posted. but it's all good, my parents are in Iowa, they refused to answer the phones prior to the caucus. I would call them & say things like Vote for Hillary & my mother would hang up on me.

I could totally understand being fed up. I dont talk politics on the boards. If I want to talk politics I will go to a politcaly forum. People get to emotional for me..

My birthday is April 14th woo hoo. So I respect you even more! I know how strong I am LOL I like the new banner for the bday forum. I had the old one but it quit working so I deleted it. I am still want to make goal BEFORE my bday LOL.

I boough Welcome to the THIN CLUB book by Judith Lederman. I am hoping it will add insight to why I got fat & how I can prevent getting fat again..

I really like having a nurse chat. Most nurses have fantastic humor. Sometimes there are only things nurses can understand..

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Hi Nurses-.

I'm a RN working 12 hr. shifts (days and nights) in a CT-ICUin Boston. I've been a CT surg nurse since graduating in 1990..

I just started Medifast this week. I actually started during a 2 12hr. night shift. It helped not focusing on food (or lack of!). It was 2 busy nights! I made a chicken fajita salad using salsa and sour cream for dressing for L&G meals and brought shakes, pudding and soup w/ me. It wasn't that bad..

This was the breakdown for meals I did starting nights shifts...

9am- shake.

11am- soup.

2pm- slept until 5p.



1030p- L& this time I made a pudding for 1230am.


I then started my next day at:.

3 am shake.

6am- oatmeal.

830am-slept until 5pm.

Made another chicken fajita salad for L&G and had shake.

8pm- shake.

11pm L&G.

1 am pudding...

And started another day.....

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?? Should a night shift thread be started?? for helpful hints and support??....

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE a nurses thread!!!! Sometimes no one else can understand but another nurse..

I also love MF. I'm in ketosis and feel great! I also love that you all know what ketosis is....

I wish you all well and success sisters (and brothers... I know you're out there!).

I'm glad to have a place to come to!.



Comment #38

Disclaimer: I am not advocating Universal Health Care but........

There has to be some kind of change, I have students who are uninsured and can't afford medications that would help them be more successful in school. The hoops they have to jump through to get medication assisstance are bizzare. They aren't eligible for Medicaid. I'm sure there must be something that would be better than what we have now...


Comment #39

Greetings to all of the Med Fasting Nurses!!!!.

I haven't posted in some time but I go to the forums and thoroughly enjoy reading all the great responses from everyone............always check to see if any nurses have responded..

One of the biggest advantages I have found with Medifast is the support from the on line community..

It is great that there is a nurses thread going because we understand how hard it can be working in an environment where breaks are not always part of our work day........we also see first hand what being overweight can do to a persons health. The hospital where I work has a great bariatric surgery program and I have seen many nurses have great success with the surgery....................................also have heard about the complications and have met several nurses who regained all of the weight that they lost after a couple of years..

A few years back I managed to lose about 90 pounds following the WW program.......................I gained most of it back slowly but the last 30 was pretty fast as I used food as my drug to deal with things that were mostly out of my control..

I just purchased the Beck Diet Solution after seeing several posts about it and hearing how well it has been received.........................I pretty much have my own library of diet and fitness books.....

I am so thankful to have found Medifast and am very encouraged by the success of so many people................and also the heartfelt sentiment of those that have fallen off the plan but picked themselves right back up..

I spent hours last night looking at the photo galleries and then came upon a blog written by a woman who was struggling at 535 pounds, has already lost 100 but has numerous health and financial problems. Her blogs span well over a year in time....................I felt like I knew her (and have occasionally seen people like her at the hospital) and was just in awe of her honesty and spirit though all of her trials. Somehow she is able to stay positive and has a faith stronger than most. She also manages to maintain her sense of humor..

This April will be a year since my friend Malachi passed away suddenly from a heart attack. He and I started WW the same day (a number of years back) and sat next to each other at our Sat. morning meetings. He would save my seat if I was coming after working all night............they joke that I slept through quite a few meetings............ Anyway, Mal was a very, very large man with the biggest heart. A true gentleman.

Everyone that knew him loved him and we all wanted him to be successful in his weight loss efforts. He was a teacher as well as a minister and was just getting back out on his own again after having cared for his mother as she was dying from cancer (he is the kind of man very few women find!)....he was recommitted to his weight loss program, had a personal trainer that was going to help him......................his last emails to a few of us were of this new beginning for him. We all answered back our best wishes, etc. He wasn't going to be able to attend the Sat. morning meetings anymore but wanted us to know he would keep in touch and he would let us know his progress.

We had initially heard that he had choked on some food and was too large to benefit from someone being able to do the Heimlich maneuver on him. Whatever the cause, he is gone. His obesity contributed to his death and I keep thinking if he could have lost weight maybe he would still be here. Our little (!) WW family kinda of drifted apart after his death. Our leader who is a personal friend who actually retired....................on some level she felt she failed him but we all know better.

We are the only one that can change ourselves..

As MedFasting nurses we will be able to set an example of healthy weight loss. I was so impressed with the photos of all the people who have met their goals. They all look healthy!!!! No one looks as if they had ever had a weight problem..

In the back of my mind is the little voice that says "you will gain it back!"............Right now I can just do the one packet at a time dance and keep my eye on the goal..

My 18 year old daughter (who wants to go to nursing school) gave me an inspirational plaque the other day that says, "She believed she could, so, she did!"............I love it !.

It is Sunday afternoon and I have to work the next two nights (12 hour shifts)..

I work in the PICU of a level one trauma center............pretty much see it all. Love my night shift nurses.............have worked (and dieted) together for a number of years. We have watched one anothers children grow up, get married and have is just amazing. Divorces, and just about anything else you can think of..

I don't post often but I am always reading..............I love all of the helpful hints everyone shares, and all the support..

Only another nurse can really appreciated what the others go through sometimes!.

Keep the thread going!!! Dee..

Comment #40

Hello to all the other nurses. I have a request. I am an rn who has returned to school. I have a paper to write in the recovery phase adn what we have learned from teh 9-11 incedent at the twin towers. anyone got any ideas? or a direction for me to look towards to find additional information?..

Comment #41

Believer: I would investigate and write about how the first responders have become ill from being in Ground Zero and what could be done in the future to protect first responders when there is an incident such as 9-11. I believe there are folks now chronically ill..........lung problems I believe and such. That would be interesting to investigate and you could give it a real health care slant. Just an idea. Good Luck!..

Comment #42

Question: Just completed week 3 and I've lost 11 pounds so far. The problem is that the majority (6 lbs) were lost the first week! I only lost one pound last week! Any suggestions? Should I start some strength training to build some muscle? Tried to do some cardio last week on the elliptical. Did 15 minutes and was dizzy! Any suggestions there too? It is almost impossible to exercise when I am working. I am logging on average 8 miles/day on pedometer at work. Is that not enough exercise anyway for that day? Thanks@..

Comment #43

Hello all, I'm an RN working in the ED mids about 4 12's a week. I'm just starting but hopeful this will be an easy plan for the midnights, just take a shake and go so to speak. I need to lose about 60 pounds. each baby added about 12 pounds that never left (x3) and add the weight gain from mids and I'm not in great shape. My biggest obstacle has been how to handle a weight loss program when you are awake for 24 hours some days and sleeping 10 other days. I have no regular routine.

There is no B L D with two snacks when you are awake that long. Any body else struggle with this?..

Comment #44

Hi! It is rough working the night shift because, like you mention you are up over 24 hours and need fuel and then there are the times you sleep all day but don't work that night and need to get your food in. I finally decided I would just see how I feel...................I always have extra Medifast stuff with me in case I need it and I don't berate myself when I can't get 6 meals in during my short waking period. So far there have only been a couple of times where I shorted myself..............surprisingly I got through the 24 hour marathons crunching on extra celery..

It doesn't look as if my work schedule will change anytime soon, so I am just going to do the best that I can.............good luck to you! Dee..

Comment #45

I am in airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle.

I spent 3 days with 22 nurses in Las Vegas. WOO HOO.


We had training. I will be glad to get home though..

Comment #46

HI ALL, I am also an RN with 3o+ yrs experience, most have been in management and running ED's for the past 2 yrs now I have gone to house supervision, I rotate my 12 hr. shift every week so on my weekends I do 12 7a-7p then on Monday and Tuesday nights do 7p to 7a so I know how some of you are feeling with trying to manage the food. When I first started the program I sent email to nutritional services and she suggested to split my L&G on the days I am going to nights and when I come off night shift, this allows me to have a more balanceHope that helps some q1w2e3. Nice to read this thread and will be another great source of support. Have a wonderful day ........

Comment #47

Hi. I did about the same thing in regards to losing the most the first week and over first three weeks dropped 11 pounds. That seems normal. I had TOM just this week also so that plays into the scale reading. The walking at work is great but I would still try to get some exercise in on the elliptical. The elliptical is a great exercise tool.

Try to be hydrated well before starting. Maybe you were tired from working and that attributed to the dizzy spell. Go slow and work your way up. Eventually you will be able to get on that thing and really burn some fat. I always loved the nordic track but with the invention of the elliptical that is my first choice now.

Good luck! As far as strength training I think it is of great importance. I find the Curves program works best for me..


Comment #48

Hello fellow nurses!!.

I am presently a LTC/Rehab RN, was a kidney transplant/dialysis nurse, then fell on ice and tore my kneecap off the bone and the nerve, was bedridden for 5 months or so and then had to learn to walk all over again. Lots of weight gain there. Need to lose 150 pounds according to the Medifast BMI suggestion, which is good for me since I can not remember ever weighing, but will give it a try. Remembering 175 as a good weight for me, but here's to my health...right?.

Started Medifast last year that lasted one week, went on vacation and never got back until now, so I decided to clean out the Medifast in my cupboards (it had it's on shelf) and start again!! I had almost all boxes as far as the eye could, but didn't want to throw it out..

I just started Medifast 1/31, but for some reason blew my diet today. (Was doing extremely well till today...ugh!) Will be back on target tommorrow..

Much success to all and Hello Nurses!!!..

Comment #49

Welcome knew where you needed to be............good luck!.

Dee.............PICU nurse from Florida..

Comment #50

I am amazed at all the nurses here and so happy to see it. I am an NP working as a hospitalist in a small rural facility in Virginia. I also work 4 12hr shifts at night. The hardest part is the ER nurses always bringing in food. It is one party after another. I broke my foot off my leg about 6 years ago and gained massive amounts of weight while on bedrest.

Teach Health and I tell my class it is all about choices and what you decide to do. This is the year to change my life. Reading your comments makes me feel someone finally gets what we go through. bgop..

Comment #51

Hi Everyone:.

JaeDee: You are fabulous, sister ruby. But can I just say I am advocating universal health care?.

Believer: The movie Sicko introduced me to some stories about 9/11 workers with respiratory ailments; it may help you for your paper.

Q1w2e3: Dee: Thank you for your story about Malachi. It touched my heart. He was a special person, and you definitely were his treasured friend. Thank you again for sharing..

FreeManJan: I just passed boards in OH! I'll bet you typed my name in with my shiny new license!.

A little about me (Happyheart):.

I am a BRAND NEW RN, licensed in early January. I'll be in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit...we do all kinds of cases. My first day, first vascular patient had a triple A and coded on me within the first two hours I was taking care of him...we got him back, he went home happy...I cried all the way home about how my ICU team literally brought him back from death in seconds...there is no greater job than nursing. WOW!!!.

Have a great day y'all...

Comment #52

Woo-hoo to all of us PICU nurses out there! Glad to see there are so many of us on here! My weight is just falling off and I can't believe it!.

It is respiratory season and we are full full full and such a small unit but it is nice to be busy. Of course I caught something this year (hey..being sick always helps my weight loss) and have been sick for almost 2 weeks now..

Dumped 15 inches of snow last night and I am tired of shoveling! You would never know Arizona gets that much snow, but up here we do!.

Anyone else tired of respiratory season in the Peds/PICU land?..

Comment #53

NICU 12 hour night WEI plus 8 on most Thursday and Sunday nights. Find it difficult to plan the 5 Medifast during those days. What schedule works best? Don't know yet. Started Dec 07...plateaued too soon. Probably because my normal (before MF) eating habits were very close to the 'fasting' and L&G I am doing now. I am trying to eat a few more calories to convince my metabolism that 'famine' is not taking place; thus no longer conserving the fat.

One day at a time, the longest journey begins with a single step. Paula..

Comment #54

It is great to see all of the nurses posting on this thread................Happyheart, congratulations on passing boards and working in the SICU.......nursing is a great profession!You are going to be an old pro before you know it! Dee..

Comment #55

Hello fellow RNs!! Glad to see I'm in good company. I've been an RN for 14 years, 10 spent working in the ER and the last 4 as a Charge Nurse in CCU. We're the only critical care dept in our facility so we get a chance to do it all. We do a ton of cardiac procedures including open hearts, we have critical medical, surgical and even psych pts. I work 19-07 and life is seldom dull!!.

I'm just starting my Medifast plan, began tuesday and I'm liking the plan so far. I'll head back to work on monday so it will take some juggling to fit in all my meals while on the run...

Comment #56

Good Evening Fellow Nurses,.

JUst a quick hello to welcome the newcomers and the new nurses! Medifast works with the shifts really well, 'cause how long does it really take to eat a 2 inch bar?.

The real problem os getting all that water in and not peeing for 13 hours!.

Anyway-Stay strong and OP. Drink up!..

Comment #57

Hello fellow nurses,.

Well it's time I get rid of this weight!! I am a NICU nurse, wife, and mom of 3 boys....4,6 and *....and a new puppy!! I tried medifast once before but got constipated and just couldn't do it. I got some smooth move tea so I am hoping that will help if the problem arises again. geez, we nurses just like to talk about well... anything! I am hoping to drop 40 pounds and keep it off. Any advise will be so appreciated. I need something to keep the motivation.

Hope you all are doing well and loosing tons of FAT!!..

Comment #58

Hello next month I will be a GN!! School is done yeah! But now I'm stressing about finding a job. Trying not to let the stress make me eat the crap food..

Happydaisy-I'm dreaming of being NICU nurse but unfortantly don't see that happing anytime soon. I love those little ones. My son was 2 lbs. 13 oz...

Comment #59

Hi there! I am a NICU nurse (obviously from my name.

)I also work nights. I started last week and was doing fine until I got this nasty stomach bug on Monday. So week two has been a little bumpy. I am back OP today and hope it didn't do too much damage..

I think the hardest thing with being a nurse on a diet is all the junk that is always up there! I have already turned down donuts, banana cream cake, carrot cake, cookies... it goes on and on! It is hard to sit next to it in the break room while I drink my shake. And our unit is pretty isolated, so there is not really somewhere else to go..

Marie- Congrats on finishing! Where do you live? We hire lots of GNs in our NICU. Good luck!!..

Comment #60

I live in Houston but willing to relocate to almost anywhere. I've heard the job market is so bad for GN that I'll go anywhere. I think I'll even do adults if I have too!.

I just love munchkins..

When I did my clinical in NICU. The nurses were suprised how comfortable I was handling the one pounders. They told me the nurse I was following usually never lets her student do anything with the babies. I was changing diapers, taking vitals, checkin placement of NG tubes on them. Unforantely that hospital is only hiring BSN GNs...

Comment #61

Nurse here too! NICU and LDRP, but have been a SAHM for the past......8 years now? so been away from nursing for awhile. Have a severely autistic son that requires my full time attention. Hope to get back to the floor when he gets older..

Comment #62

That might be true for us as well. I am in Austin. Our NICU seems to always be hiring since we are growing so fast...

Comment #63

Hi add me to the list I am a nurse in Home care and I am in my second week of MedifastIts not really too bad BUT drinking water is tough I am on the road all day and not always easy to find a bathroom LOL Even when I worked in a facility it was a challenge for the bathroomAND when you work the twelve hours there is always food around and because your tired nothing beats some bad food But I noticed after a few days on Medifast not as hungry Good luck to you and to all of us YOU GO GIRLS and a nurses thread would rock..

Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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