I need to loose 30lbs in 5 months, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Medifast?

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Got a question... I need to loose 30lbs in 5 months, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I am closing my first week on Medifast and happily lost 7 pounds, but I am trouble with the soups. The only one I kind of like is chicken noodle followed by cream of broccoli, but I am finding it increasingly difficult eating them. Any suggestions?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Thank you for your reply ! What do you mean by soaking them?..

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Add about 1/2 the water you need and cover the mug or bowl for at least half an hour. It more thoroughly hydrates everything and makes it taste loads better. Then, fill with hot water til it's the thickness you want, and microwave if it needs to be warmer. It will be a lot better..

Some people mix theirs with cold water the night before, refrigerate, and then reheat the next day...

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I tried one of the puddings and although I liked the flavor (banana) I found it you have any suggestions there? or should I just return the boxes (yes I was overly ambitious)...

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I turn all puddings into shakes. Yum!.

And for me, I've never found the soups palatable. I found I would need to add a million condiments to them to make them work for me, and that wasn't good. So I stick to other stuff...

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Rosie I just bumped a big thread up to this page for you, it has TONS of tips for people just starting. Read through it, there is good advice there. Here's the direct link:.

The pudding is less pasty if you let it sit, or add a touch more water...

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I soak the chicken noodle soup overnight in the refrigerator. It hopes alot. Try and it will be better...

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Everyone is different, and tastes do change as you progress on MF. You may find you like the soups in a few weeks. That said, I still hate them. All of them. I can't doctor them up enough to gag them down. But I am a soup snob..

As for the pudding, I only have the chocolate and vanilla but I like them as is. They do seem a little better in texture and consistancy if I mix them and let them sit in the fridge an hour before eating them. I hate them as shakes, but again, everyone is different. Most people LOVE them as shakes..


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Thank you all for the tips. Thank you Zoe for the thread with all the tips. I was going to return a lot of stuff.... instead, I'm going to try your suggestions! I was thinking I wasn't going to make it, but your suggestions are all encouraging. Thanks again!..

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