I just had the BEST Medifast Diet meal!

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Someone posted something similiar to this, I'm sorry I don't recall who but that is where I got this from so Thanks!!!.

I felt I had PIZZA!!!.

I cleaned then browned 2 large portbello mushrooms in just a bit of olive oil then put on paper towel..

Then- I browned only 1/2 lb of Laura's Lean ground beef or less (for husband & I both) I added some Italian seasoning & garlic salt & a small amount of Kroger's Pizza Sauce which is 35 calories per 1/4 cup, 1 fat, & 5 carbs. I put enough in the meat so it wouldn't be dry, probably about that 1/4 cup - for the 2 portabella's. Put the meat on top the Portabella's in pyrex dish. I topped that with 5 Turkey Pepperoni's ea. (17 is a serving size) Then I put a small amt. of Veggie Shredds on top & popped in Microwave for 2 minutes.

I gave hubby the larger portion of the ground beef when I separated it. Oh, this was SO GOOD - To have the Taste of PIZZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He Really liked it also, & he is not on a diet. He said next time he wanted 2 of them...

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I have been wanting to try something like this. Thank you for sharing. Will make this tomorrow. XOXOX B..

Comment #1

Bett- It didn't hurt me, because when I got up this morning - I had lost 1/2 lb !!!!!.

I also had a bar after dinner...

Comment #2

OKAY - - - !!! Many, Thanks - - Was So good I want it again tonight!!! Especially with the pepperoni & some sauce & cheese really - - Pizza - - - I LOVE the mushrooms on the bottom (but can't get the nack for cleaning them!!) got a good way to tell me how to do that???.

Thanks Again!!..

Comment #3

I have been wanting to make this so bad for a lean and green meal. I have not been able to find the large portabella caps here yet. I might just have to ask the management to get some in..

Sound so yummy, and I can't wait to try! Thanks for posting your experience with this recipe. It is good to know!..

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Here's a link about cleaning them:.

"As with most other mushrooms, portobellos should not be washed. Simply tap them on the counter to loosen any growing medium. You can twist the stem to remove it but use caution as you could break the mushroom cap. You may alternately use a small sharp knife and cut the stem even with the inside of the gills.".



Gosh, I'm just a poor ole ignorant country fella,.

I don't know if it's portobell-o or portabell-a!.

Actually, I've seen it spelled one way.

On Sunday and another on Monday!.

How do I clean the caps, Jewelspet did ask,.

With Google, finding the answer is a simple task!.

And portobell, either "o" or "a," is very low-cal,.

And it'd be nice to eat at lunch with my gal!..

Comment #5

Jim...WHAT GAL? Are we back to that MediCheating thing?.

I thought it was Portabello Mushrooms???? What do I know? I am a dizzy blonde in California..


Comment #6

Bettina, Bettina, you know you're my dream gal,.

Someone else would just be a friend, a pal!.

With anybody else, I'll just share a Coke and salad and spaghetti,.

But now I'm curious, can I see a picture of your Pink ... uh ... shoes?..

Comment #7

OMG... you guys are in trouble now. I finally got the keyboard cleaned of the water, and now it's back and on the monitor as well.. aaarrrrggg.. no one warned me that when I decided to do the Medifast thing, that I'd need a "salad guard" for my poor computer system... Hummmm I wonder if we all should pool our cash and get Jim and Betty a MediRoom.......

Comment #8

Jim, Jim, this is the Queen's credo....

You can see my I.

See YOU in your Speedo......

Comment #9

Jimmmmmmyyyy...If you look at my ticker, you can see my PINK SHOES....AHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH..

Comment #10

Thanks, Betty-na, for a while there, I was just a mime,.

I couldn't think of anything to make spaghetti rhyme..

But, then I realized what the match was ... silly me ... shoes!.

Because that's where my tomato sauce always does ooze..

I don't know why Autumn said I need to be on a tether,.

Gosh, spaghetti and MY shoes always end up together...

Comment #11

Gosh, I missed all the action on this thread yesterday - that I started w/ my Portabello question !!! Ha ! Why, Jim & Bettina!!! Ha Ha.

Jim, I wish I had known.

Before I scrubbed, & scrubbed.

By fingers to the bone - - -.

The dirt on the mushrooms & all the germs??.

Oh, I couldn't stand not washing them.

What if there was a worm???.

Surely not, I no- but cleaner they were.

& better I felt - but no time it saved me.

Cleaning all that black stuff out..

No I'm not no where near a poet.

Like Jim boy - & I know it..

I just thought it would be fun.

To try and think on it...

Comment #12

Now that I look back, that was just plum stupid! Why did I even try to post such a thing?!!!!!!!! HA !!!..

Comment #13

Yummy. I did a shrimp version of this tonight.

2 portabello caps (170 gm),.

5 oz salad shrimp.

1/4c of Bertoli Alfredo Sauce.

Minced garlic.

Salt and pepper to tase.

1 green onion, chopped fine.

1 oz of precious pepper jack cheese.

1 tsp Parmesan/romano cheese.

I browned the caps as was suggested, then I sauteed the shrip with the garlic and onion until all the liquid was gone. then I added the alfredo sauce..

I sliced up the pepper jack cheese after I stuffed the caps with the shrimp mix and put that on everything, then I shook 1 tsp of the hard cheese over everything too..

Then I micro'd the whole works for 2 mins..

Wow. I am so stuffed I can hardly move..

Very low carb. high in protein.

I ate like a little piggy today and was still under 1000 cals and only 70 carbs..

Life is good..

Thanks for all the ideas guys...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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