I have tried using Vitamin Shoppe dye and my color never changes. Why? What can I do? I want a new c?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: I have tried using Vitamin Shoppe dye and my color never changes. Why? What can I do? I want a new c?.

My main question is: I am interested in trying the vegetarian plan. Anyone had any experience with it and how the food tastes?..

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Your question was: I have tried using Vitamin Shoppe dye and my color never changes. Why? What can I do? I want a new c?.

I love it, I think it's great. It's easier for me than when I had to count to ensure I was getting enough protein on a daily basis along with the proper nutrients that you need when you're a veggie.

I agree on the tofu, it's firm and exactally how it should be when cooked in dishes.

The Thai noodles are not really what Thai is suposed to be, I didn't order any this time. I don't really care for it.

The fajitas are okay...not bad....I got 4 and will eat them happily when I'm craving some mexican food.

I did however do the Pasta Primevara b/c it does taste yummy especially over sugar snap peas..

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Pasta primavera, mac and cheese, and lasagna are my favorites..

For the lasagna, I sautee an onion, zucchini, and baby portabella mushrooms together with pam. At the very last minute I add a chopped clove of garlic. I pour it over the lasagna (smother it, I should say) and it's so good!..

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The Hearty Minestrone soup is also very good and filling. I have a salad with a hard boiled egg in it, and the soup, and I'm FULL!!..

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You should be aware that the new Advanced lunch meals that come in the green packaging contain FISH..

My last order included Minestrone Soup, Black Beans and Rice, Fettuccini Alfredo, Black Bean Tortilla Soup, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and Fudge Graham Bars - all containing fish!.

Some vegetarians eat fish but it's pretty unfair to change the ingredients without making it known that is what they are doing. Just be sure to read all your labels..

The only clunkers I have discovered on the Veg plan were the mashed potatoes (have to add less water)...

Comment #4

I started NS a couple of weeks ago on the Vegetarian Program and I love it. I'm not a big meat eater in the first place so I was kind of worried I'd wind up with a meat product I didn't like (I was just going with the Favorite Foods package).

The veggie fajitas to me are great paired with a low carb tortilla (I use the South Beach MultiGrain ones) ttp://,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20_.jpg".

My favorites include Pasta Primavera (like previously stated the Tofu in it is perfect), Thin Crust Cheese Pizza (i dress it up with alot of the salad vegetables) and Tomato Corn Chowder. Originally when I saw Tomato Corn Chowder I thought it looked disgusting- but so far it is the most flavorful dish (to me)..


Comment #5

NS says that ALL new lunches will contain fish..

Apparently they're going to have new foods in January that will be strictly vegetarian, but until then, anyone on the vegetarian plan is going to have to order a la cart...

Comment #6

Thanks for the heads up on the fish in lunches. What a bummer. It would even be nice if they offered a vegan NS plan...

Comment #7

I think the food is quite good, for diet food. I like the cheese tortellini and chocolate milk drink for lunch (I make a smoothie with banana and yogurt), and as far as dinners, the mushroom risotto, lasagna, and cheese ravioli are my favorites. As others have said, the tofu is good and fits in the dishes that have it well. Some people have to adjust to the food somewhat, but after the first order, it's easier to figure out what you like and dislike and ensure that your order consists of the more edible foods. It's also possible to doctor up the foods with spices and different preparation methods; there are some great ideas on here!..

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If you are doing it for moral reasons, you feel it is wrong to eat meat (any kind of flesh) then adding the Omega 3's (heart healthy fish oil) will be a big pain and you won't be able to eat those items.

If you are doing it for health reasosn then you may OR may not mind the Omega 3's being added. I am still debating with myself if I will eat them or not as I do it strictly for health reasons not the first I mentioned...

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I would imagine that they do not offer a vegan plan as it would be very very hard to get all your proper nutrients and have a balance meal when you are not adding in dairy products. A lot of the Vegans I know are deficient in many areas of their diet.

You could do a vegan plan for yourself. Read the ingredients, get the meals w/o dairy and then add in only veggie burgers or the vegetable protein alternative as your dairy/protein source.

It would mean more work on your part, but if it's something you want and believe can be done...

Comment #10


I would love it if NS had a vegan meal plan..

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like seafood is being added to non-seafood entrees??.

This is very disappointing news and dangerous to those with allergies, thanks for the heads-up..


Comment #11

Some good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, that are not animal products, are:.

- flax seed.

- pumpkin.

- soy.

- walnuts.

Hope this helps...

Comment #12

I have not been to the boards in a long time, so this new menu is news to me. When you say fish, you mean Omega Fish oil, not pieces of fish, is that correct? Either way, I'm not happy that the fish in any form is being added to the entrees. I fear I will have to rethink using NS foods, if this is being added to everything in the future.


Comment #13

The label says "Refined Fish Oil (Anchovy Oil, Sardine Oil, Fish Gelatin (Tilapia, Sardine and Anchovy)" and further down the list it says "Contains Soy and Fish (Anchovy, Sardine, Tilapia)".

Pretty unfair to change a veg plan without having enough substitutes to pick from. I realize they probably don't make the bulk of their money from us but they need to have a new plan ready to go before they start changing the current line. I didn't order the "Fish Oil plan" I ordered the Vegetarian plan and that's what I want to receive..

And I only discovered this when my new shipment arrived and I read the enclosed memo. No advance warning, no phone call, no information on the website - they just send it out like it's no big deal then expected ME to pay shipping charges to send it back. I refused and they are sending me new items (after 45 minutes on the phone with 2 less-than-professional customer representatives and then I finally asked for a supervisor!).

If they can't assure me I will receive products I can eat then this will be my last order of food from them..

Sorry this is so long - I'm venting......

Comment #14

If you have a shellfish allergy then yes, it could be a potentially fatal change if you were unaware. I received notice in my box to read the ingredients on the packaging BEFORE eating it to ensure that I would have no allergies to any new or changed ingredients.

I agree, if you are on the veggie plan then there should be no meat in the foods. it's a personal choice as well as a life style for some.

As improvements are made in anything, old things go away, new ones come up and some areas take longer to come about. There are no lunches for veggies as with the new Advantage items. In January they will be having 8 (so I've heard) new lunch items that are 100% veggie friendly.

I've never been asked to send any items back when I called, they have been very kind when I explained the situation I was in and happy to send me out replacements at their cost.

Maybe it was who you spoke with and the general tone of the conversation. The customer service reps don't persoanlly send you the items nor do they decide the formula in the foods. They are there to help us with issues regarding shipment and food replacements.

The Counselors are there to help us with meal plan concerns and issues, but even they do not make the descisions regarding our shipments or foods inside. If you called one of them, they can talk with you and work out a plan for you to eat lunches on your own until the new veggie items come out. If you call, you can order breakfast, dinner and dessert a la carte and still "be on plan" until they come out in January.

The issues that people have are with the "higher ups" which you don't ever get on the phone. The people that actually run the company, make the foods and develop the program are not the ones we ever get on the phone. I can see how the customer service people would be very frustrated constantly being blamed for things they have no control over. I know I would be...

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I too am not happy about the fish.

However I got my autoship order on friday and I got all the old food (except a fish free PB cookie) no new fishy products thank goodness! I'm not going to be so lucky next month..

Perhaps people who are interested should call up now see what "old" lunches are still in stock and have extra lunches sent ahead a la carte while you can still get non fish ones if you really want NS lunches. I just bought a bunch of lunch bars at the grocery store that I'm going to use to tide myself over while the fish situation sorts itself out......

Comment #16

I heard you could call and requested the nurish items instead of the advantage items for just that reason.

It would be worth a shot!..

Comment #17

Yikes!! good to know on the Fish! I am on the vegetarian plan but I dont eat fish - most vegetarians I know don't so I find that to be a strange ingrediate that has been added!..

Comment #18

Does anyone know what items actually will be having the fish oils added to them? I have an auto ship for next month and I will want to take those items off my list..


Comment #19

I just called and had no problems having them ship me out new items that did not contain fish. They were very helpful..

The items I had were all lunch items with the green label. They clearly state "contains Fish" on the ingredients in bold so they were pretty easy to pick out. The gal on the phone said it was only lunch items affected. She also stated that they are adjusting their line and that the items they added fish to would be replaced with other lunch items that do not contain fish for the veg program in December.

They are sending me replacement items for the Fettichini, Pasta Parmesean w/ brocoli, Black Beans and Rice, Black Bean Soup. She replaced my lunch items with Cheese Torilini, Brocoli Soup, Split Pea Soup and Tomatoe Corn Chowder (so I know those ones are available as replacements).

I am still deeply bothered by this as this should be checked by whomever packs the "vegetarian" boxes. I did not recieve a notice to check my items. That said, NS did take care of their error. I am a little concerned for people who specifically order things vegetarian to avoid food alergies...

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I've only been on the program a week and just canceled mainly because of the vegetarian issue. When I called about it they told me that yeah, the food will have fish in it, but only for a month. Apparently they will be expanding their vegetarian choices later. Too little too late for me. I was already a little miffed because of all the substitutions in my order. It makes me a teensy bit annoyed when I don't get what I order from a company.

Too bad, too. I'm losing weight and aside from the first few days, haven't been hungry at all. I'm planning on doing the same type of thing on my own, now that I'm familiar with it...

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The counselor I spoke with said that the items with omegasol and nutrisol may contain fish. When I got my order today half of the snack items had nutrisol, including all of the cookies and the chocolate bars. The other items I recieved with the advance label that were clearly fishy were fettucini alfredo, chocolate rapberry bar and fudge graham bar. 20 of the items in my order were of the definately fishy or possibly fishy type. I have bee told I will be getting a list of what is truely veggie friendly by 12/6. If NS doesn't post it, I will..

That is the most dissapointing part of this is that they didn't warn people about it. Dumb!..

Comment #22

The counselor I spoke to said ALL the new lunch items will contain fish. In January, they'll be premiering 8 lunch items that don't contain fish..

I'll be going a la cart for December and probably January, too...

Comment #23

It's too bad some of you have had negative experiences with customer service. That has not been my experience at all. I just recieved an order with a ton of substitutions, including some meat entrees. I called them and without any problem arranged for them to ship me new items - at their expense. They told me I can keep all the substitutions (and throw out the chicken salad.) In total, they are sending me about 25 replacement items. I was very pleased with how they treated me...

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I have read all the labels and there is maybe one or two foods in all of nutrisystem that do not contain any milk, meat, or egg derivative. I have edited my autoship to only receive the ones that have the very smallest amounts of dairy, but aside from cancelling the whole program or not eating, that is the closest I can come to veganizing my order..


As far as needing dairy or eggs in your diet to get proper nutritionI used to think the same thing but after trying the switch to vegan for two yearsI believe that is a myth. Vegans have no more problem getting proper nutrition than meat eaters/or lacto-ovo vegetarians. Proper nutrition doesn't always mean a deficiancy, it can also mean an excess of nutrients such as saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, etc. The human body has adverse reactions to this as well as the kind of vitamin deficiancies you were refering to.


There was already someone who listed other great sources of Omega-3's (kudos to you), but there are also many other ways to get calcium (soy/rice milk, blackstrap molasses, collard greens, kale, tahini, tofu, almonds, fortified OJ, and others), iron (beans, dark green veggies, raisins, and others), vitamin D (sunshine!), zinc (grains, legumes, nuts), B12 (Red Star nutritional yeast T6635 also known as Vegetarian Support Formula [around 2 teaspoons supplies the adult RDA], tempeh, miso and seaweed can also supply B12 depending on the processing it undergoes). Check out the vegetarian resource group at for more information...

Comment #25

You are on the veg prgram and they sent you items containing meat?..

Comment #26

I have tried to veganize nutrisystem as much as possible as well. 10 years of being a vegan and the only thing I have ever been deficient in is cholestrol. Thats with never taking any vitamines or suppliments...

Comment #27

I just have to add in here that you are not truely a vegetarian if you eat fish. I guess I lucked out, I had some issues with my debit card and it kinda screwed up the automatic shipment. I've started doing it on my own and I gotta tell you once you get it down, it is so much better and tastier with many more options. I guess that worked out for me. I'd be pissed, I don't make much but I spend what I do make on good food and my pets..

Comment #28

Amy83 - what sorts of items are you replacing the lunch items with? I have started mixing my lunch up here and there (one can only eat so much cheesee torilini) with a small egg white omlete. I wonder if there are other replacement options out there?..

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Comment #30

Same thing happened to me on my December food! I even called in ahead of time and went over the list of foods still available that were not "Advanced" so I could try to avoid this problem. Result is I only have 6 items out of 28 that I can eat..

Spent an hour on the phone this morning, talking with 3 different people trying to find a resolution. Again they want ME to pay for shipping the stuff back - again I refused! First girl wants to send me 22 more Cheese Tortellini since that's the only item I received without fish in it. Third person I talked to changed my order to my original lunch order but added a note that said if it's "Advanced" not to send it. Couldn't they have done that in the beginning?.

Supposedly they are coming out with the revamped veggie plan in January when they are adding 8 new items but we'll see if it happens and if my order is placed late enough to receive any of them..

I don't want to spend an hour on the phone each month to *maybe* receive some foods I can eat. What a waste of time. If this happens again I am done, there's no need to frustrate myself like this..

Guess I'll check on ebay to see if there are any veggie lots up for sale just in case they don't send me anything...

Comment #31

I think it's delicious. The tofu is exactly how I like it firm. The only foods that actively dislike are the Thai tofu and the veggie fajitas. But other people love them, so don't just take my word for it..

I've been on for 6 months and I've lost 44.8 pounds!..

Comment #32

I love it, I think it's great. It's easier for me than when I had to count to ensure I was getting enough protein on a daily basis along with the proper nutrients that you need when you're a veggie.

I agree on the tofu, it's firm and exactally how it should be when cooked in dishes.

The Thai noodles are not really what Thai is suposed to be, I didn't order any this time. I don't really care for it.

The fajitas are okay...not bad....I got 4 and will eat them happily when I'm craving some mexican food.

I did however do the Pasta Primevara b/c it does taste yummy especially over sugar snap peas..

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