I finally got Murad Acne Complex!

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I am so so so happy to finally take my first Murad Acne Complex pillI have had acne for years, but these last couple months have been excruciating for me. I'm not sure why it got so bad these last couple months, but I just hope Murad Acne Complex helps bring it to an end! I would wake up every morning to blood and puss covered sheets. Taking showers and putting on my shirt became a difficult chore every morning due to the pain.I'm about 140lbs and was put on 20mg a day. I'm praying I don't have an IB because I'm just not sure I can handle it emotionally. I'll post back with my results =).


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Your question was: I finally got Murad Acne Complex!.

Awesome I'm on day five and my lips are also kinda dry but not as much my eyes are very irritated though...

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Day 5My right knee has been killing me the last couple days. At first I tried taking Glucosamine Sulfate but I then learned it's more of a long-term cartilage rebuilder type of product taking weeks to do anything. So, I went out and bought some Hyaluronic Acid this morning and it seems like it is helping. I'm so glad I found something that really helps my joints!My skin really doesn't look any better. I might be having a little bit of an IB, I have a couple more pimples on my face, and I counted about 25 pimples on my back this morning (I usually have around 15).My face has definitely stopped producing as much oil and has become sensitive and dry. Argh..

Dan's CartiBalm Lip BalmBausch & Lomb Soothe XP EyedropsI also don't shampoo my hair; I only use water. I'm being very cautious about stripping out my natural oils until I come off the 'tane...

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Day 9My right knee has bounced back a little bit and isn't nearly has painful as it used to be.I'm definitely having an IB. I've got lots of pimples all around my mouth/chin/upper lip area. It's just good old fashioned pimples though I can handle those! I just don't want a cystic outbreak. I have had a problem with sleeping though. Certain spots on my back and shoulders seem to melt a little bit and then harden to my sheets, causing me to get stuck! I'm basically forced to just pull away and break the connection, but it is very painful and bloody. This is definitely one of my most hated experiences with acne. If anyone has tips on how to handle it please let me know! =)..

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20mg wtttf. I got 80mg and I only weighed 140lb at the time.Sleep on your stomach lol...

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Wow, that sounds pretty bad.You could sleep on a towel, then when you wake shower with the towel on? Weird idea.. I don't know if it'd work, but the water might stop you from having to rip your sheets off...

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Damn man, that's some tough stuff. I just started on Murad Acne Complex too. 20mg as an intro dose. I'm about 15 in and just have the dry lips too. I think we will eventually get upped to 80mg due to our weight though.good luck!..

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Your derm cares about your health. Regardless of all the posters above, stick to the 20mg mate. That's the safest bet there is in terms of both mitigating risk of a severe IB and reducing the potential development of serious side effects...

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Day 21When my derm gave me a handful of lotion samples and a low 20mg dose, I knew she cared about my heathI am very happy with her, and I will tell her I would like to stay on 20mg for at least another month or two. Mainly because I seem to be fairly sensitive to the drug, so 20mg works well for me.Well, my IB seems to have faded away. I think my worst day of the IB (around day 10) was when I woke up to about 15 pimples around my mouth! It made my upper lip swell up huge and I looked like a chipmunk or something! I'm very glad the IB seems to be over with.My back is shedding skin like crazy. Visually, it's improving at a pretty incredible rate. However, Murad Acne Complex sort of counters that by making my skin more sensitive so my back still doesn't feel good, and I'm still bleeding on my sheets and whatnot, but I really feel it has made a significant improvement.I found out my pain in my right knee isn't actually joint pain after all it's Patellar Tendonitis. So, I'm taking Aleve now and it seems to be doing the trick! Hurray! My other side effects include hair breakage, dry lips, and very hard poo (I use stool softener).So far so good, if it's all downhill from here I will be a very happy man..

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Day 26I definitely feel like the side effects have become easier to deal with as it seems my body has adapted a little.The only thing really bothering me is the all the scabs I have... they seem to take forever to heal! Especially all my collarbone scabs, they take the longest! My back still hurts from the acne, even though it keeps looking better. I have much much less white/yellow scabs now, they are mostly red blood scabs. I haven't showered in a while because it hurts my back and chest too much, so I have to suffice with washing just my hair.I'm just happy things seem to keep improving .On a side note: I have become suspicious about what really caused my severe cystic acne outbreak a couple months ago. I now have a suspicion it was because my doctor, about 5-6 months ago, had me take a blood test and determined I needed to start taking synthroid because I had (very slightly) hypothyroidism. I believe he started me out on a dose too big (50mg).

Oh well, too late now I've started on Murad Acne Complex. I just wish I had thought of that sooner...

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I'm on day 7 of Murad Acne Complex, 40mg. So far the only side effects I've experienced are dry lips and slight pain in my lower back and left knee. My skin is just as oily, but I'm noticing that it's a bit red and sensitive to the touch.Good luck on your journey to clearer skin!..

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Day 32Not much has changed. My skin is slowly but surely getting better. Due to coming home for a few weeks I have to spread out my 30 day prescription to about 40 days, so recently I have been taking a 20mg every other day.I attached a picture of my back. It's mostly scabby from the aftermath of my severe cystic acne. I hope to take another picture in a couple months and have it completely clear ..


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Good luck, bro. Hope it works out for sure...

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Good luck. Took me 4 months to stop breaking out but man when it began it worked like crazy..

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Hey, good luck!!! And I would like to invite myself over to pick your scabs...sorry, but I get a high out of picking scabs like those. Heh..

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I moved this to the forum with the other Murad Acne Complex logs...

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Day 42: Movin' on upSo I went to the derm today and she bumped me up to 40mgHopefully I won't experience another breakout or a worsening of side-effects.The first thing the derm said when she saw me is "Wow, you're really sensitive to this drug!" Mainly because of how dried out I was everywhere. She's surprised at the effect just a month of 20mg has had on me.Anyway, I'm really happy with Murad Acne Complex and it seems to be continuing to work it's magic. I usually only have one or two cysts at any one time which is pretty amazing for me. Lol! Sure come on overI get a high off of picking scabs too, so I have to try really hard not to think about it lol..

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Word is that you've been bumped to 80 mg. How's it working for you? Any updated pictures?..

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Day 74: Progress to BeholdWoah so it is day 74!! I can't believe I'm so far into it already My back continues to improve. If you look at the old picture and then this new picture you can really see the progress. was indeed bumped up to 80MG a day! My derm said she wants me to stay on 80MG for the remainder of my course, which she said will be 6 months! So I still have a long long way to go!Also I took a picture of my face for the recordbooks. face hasn't improved as quickly as my back, but it is still quite a bit better than when I first started Murad Acne Complex. My nose is like flawless now, absolutely no blackheads or anything. I CAN'T WAIT FOR BABY-SMOOTH SKIN..

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Thanks for the suggestion and g'luck - it sounds like you're almost half way done withe this fun ride!..

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[font="Lucida Console"][/font]Hey Intruder, it's been a month since your last update. The pictures look great. Any more news about your progress?..

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Oh hello I just remembered this site so I figure I should post an update... almost a year later!The skin on my face is now near perfect. Pic: back and chest have pretty bad scarring from the whole ordeal. Some of the scars are still bright red! A freaking year later! But, at least there is no acne I'm very happy to have taken Murad Acne Complex. I still get a pimple on my face every now and then, but they are infrequent and disappear quickly. Murad Acne Complex was a tough ride, but anyone with severe acne shouldn't hesitate. The side-effects of the drug are nothing compared to the pain and depression caused by severe acne...

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Any plans for your scarring on your back (and face, if you have any?)Congrats on the progress! =)..

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Thanks Xvani, luckily my face didn't get any scaring. As for the chest/back, I'm really not sure what to do. I figure if some of the scars are red then my body hasn't finished repairing that area. Once it looks like the scars are fully formed I may go for the lazer treatment. As for now, I think I'll try applying some Vitamin E lotion to the affected areas.If you have any other ideas for the scaring lemme know...

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