I blew Medifast!

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So, for just over two weeks, I've been good. Staying OP and staying away from sugar!! I've made it through baking almost 200 Christmas cookies...and I didn't even lick my fingers! I've been so stinking good..

Today, as I walked back into my office after a meeting, I notice a box on my desk. A UPS type of box. It was from one of our vendors. All sorts of bells and whistles are going off in my head. The little voice inside my head is screaming, "DON'T OPEN IT! YOU KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE BAD!" But do I listen? NOOOOO! It couldn't be a tin of cheap, stale cookies, or nuts, or popcorn, or some beef stick and cheese platter...nooo! It's a tin of Sweet Tooth Chocolates. Well, I've never heard of that! Let me just tell you that I opened the tin and had bitten into one of those hand-dipped treats super fast.

Two bites later my little voice was screaming, "FAILURE! FAILURE! YOU BLEW IT!".

I immediately took this tin, minus ONE chocolate, and placed it in our break room. Along the way, I made sure each and every person knew how good they were and that they would be doing me a huge favor if they ate every last one.

They were gone in 10 minutes..

Ok, so in retrospect I know now that I can't pass up opening a present. In the future, I need to do this in front of others. Privately, I just go into automatic and begin eating. Also, big success, I only ate ONE. Before MF, I would have stuck that tin in my desk and I would have ate them all. They would have lasted maybe two days.

So, that's progress..

I really hate that I cheated. I can't do that again...

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You did not blow it. Someday, after MF, you will be in the real world, and you will come across the occasional chocolate, or other yummy goodness, that you just can't resist. You will decide for yourself, without any rules, whether you should have a bite, or a piece, or a whole box. If you choose to have a piece of chocolate (on occasion) rather than the whole box, I would consider that a gigantic success! I know the feeling of devouring an entire cake, or box of chocolates over the course of a day or two. I also know the feeling of having one bite and walking away. This is a huge moment that you will be able to use to your success when you think about how far you have come from the "old" you in just two weeks. Congratulations, and good luck through the rest of the holidays!..

Comment #1

I agree, this is more of a "success" than a "blew it" event. I say congratulations for only eating ONE chocolate and removing the rest from your presence. Way to go!! Before MF, I too would have saved the whole box for myself. You should be very proud of yourself!!!..

Comment #2

I wouldnt beat yourself up!!! You will still lose weight and you are ok....move forward!..

Comment #3

I dont see it as cheating. I see it as being over powered for a minute then remembering how powerful you are and wining...

Comment #4

Thanks so much! No more beating myself up! And yes, I still am surprised that I only ate one. This plan is really good. I've been on everything out there and this plan is just so easy (when chocolate isn't floating around.)!..

Comment #5

Consider that a victory! Instead of sitting there in your office and eating chocolates until you went into a sugar coma, you had ONE. You satisfied your curiosity and moved on. Give yourself a big pat on the back!..

Comment #6

You could have done the "slippery slope" thing, but you didn't. You know what I mean.."Oh well, I had one, I may as well eat 40 of them and go back op tomorrow". You may not have won the initial scrimmage, but you won the war and you know to watch out for that sneaky enemy next time...

Comment #7

That's a huge success. You should be very proud..

Today a coworker gave me a loaf of banana bread; beautifully wrapped and smelling like cinnamon and sugar heaven. It sat on my desk all day and I managed to leave it alone. I put it in the car this evening to bring home to the kids and as soon as I closed the door, the old lizard brain kicked in with all sorts of rationalization. My thoughts went from, "I should have a little taste so I can at least tell her how wonderful it was" to "if I do open it, as long as I eat all of it no one will know". I had a moment of sanity and moved it to the back seat out of reach. After over seven months and 1,109 white envelopes, this is still surprisingly hard at times...

Comment #8

Congratulations on being successful in making a conscious choice to forego the rest of the treats after 'the one'; bravo!!!! YOU ARE 'DOING IT'; LEARNING & 'DOING'! Keep up the great work!!!..

Comment #9

IMHO this is a victory...a huge victory! You coulda eaten that entire tin of chocolate after the first bite but you didnt!! You did good..

Comment #10

You need to move forward. If you want to call it a lapse of judgment or insanity for the moment fine. The important thing is you caught yourself after one. Cut yourself slack on this one, and if you don't like that behavior learn from it. Most of us here are a work in progress...

Comment #11

I feel your painbetween Christmas baking and getting treats, my house is kind of an obstacle course. But you are staying strong in the face of temptationGreat job!.

I'm staying away from the cookies, coffee cakes, chocolate chip Amish bread, etc. I love how I feel now too much to jeopardize what Medifast has helped me do. Also, thank God for their brownies that keep me from temptation! Stay strong, y'all!..

Comment #12

That is huge! Part of the process is recognizing times where you are tempted and how you will react to them. Now you know! And great job only eating one..

Comment #13

I agree with everyone else. Kudo's for only eating one. That is a success. And you did the right thing by immediately getting rid of them..

You showed great self control!..

Comment #14

I so understand...I too indulged today as I was making cookies and fudge as gifts...Then I "snapped" out of it...packed it all up quick, gave it to my dear daughter, who was delivering them and got it all out of the house!.

Before MF, I would have been eating fugde and cookies all night long and then, I would stare into the pantry for more food in the food coma, looking for more...with that empty feeling...So I am so excited that Medifast is so user friendly and we can go get a packet and get right back OP!! I am doing that and drinking lots of water! All will be well, as long as we jump right back on the horse! We could beat ourselves up over worse thing ya know?..

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