I am 10 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure at the Vitamin Shoppe was 91/44 should i be concerned?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: I am 10 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure at the Vitamin Shoppe was 91/44 should I be concerned?.

My 2nd question is: Hello!.

I am absolutely do not enjoy any of the lunch items. I LOVE every other meal though!! Is it ok to do lunch "on my own" and sell the rest of my lunches?.

For the last couple days I have had for lunch: 2 slices of non fat Kraft American Cheese (70 cal total) on 2 slices of whole wheat bread (35 cal/slice), and made toasted cheese w/ ICBIN. I also have a fruit serving..

Will this slow me down in any way?.

I think I just got tired of the lunches, because the only ones I could digest were the Pasta w/ brocc and chicken noodle soup..

I am currently in college and only get ~1/2 hour for lunch. Any other quick lunch suggestions?.


So far NS has been AWESOME & I LOVE IT!!!! Good Luck to everyone!!!..

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Your question was: I am 10 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure at the Vitamin Shoppe was 91/44 should I be concerned?.

Take a look at this website. Amy Smith has done NS on her own and has some great lunch ideas..


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Thanks for all the links guys!!.

Is what I have been doing for lunch ok? I know that bread is a no no..

Any thoughts?.


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The bread isn't bad for you. You have to have carbs. All of the NS food contain carbs. The bread that I have me and my family eating is 100% whole grain, sugar free. Try to find that and you'll be okay...

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I didn't care for lunches either and did lunch on my own. I'd have a FF hot dog, or tuna or chicken sandwich with FF mayo on LC whole wheat bread/roll.

Or I just bought bars. It's definitely do-able with lunch on your own. Or get bars...

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Yeah, the NS bars are great. Granted, I'd bet they'd get old after having one every day. Maybe you could order a few different things for weekends. -shrug-.

Quick and easy (as I like to say... ''Just like our sorority girls''... no offense to anyone...).

Plus, they're much better than many of the lunches. My fave lunches happen to be the ones that take the most time. Go figure. (Cheesy potatoes, black bean tortilla soup, black bean and rice...)..

Comment #5

Thanks guys!.

I just love my grilled cheese! But I am sure I will get sick of it after awhile!.

I can't stomach the bars either!!! I wanted to try the Trail Mix Bar, but of course it got discontinued!! Hopefully they will add some new ones soon!!.

Thanks again!..

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Hi MaKayla!.

Sounds like the bread you're eating @35 cals a slice is just fine. That's what I use. And as Tisha said, all the NS entrees have carbs in them (or call for bread to be added) so that is not a no-no..

Other lunch "on your own" options, especially quick for a student lifestyle:.

Campbells healthy request soups are a really good match - check the protein and calories and eat what matches up to an NS lunch. (By the way, NS lunches average around 159 cals, 3.3 g fat, 22 carbs, 11 protein)..

Luna Bars - there are a ton of different kinds and I really have liked them ALL. Chocolate Mint, Caramel brownie, Vanilla almond - mmmm. Stats match NS lunch bars pretty darn closely. Also South Beach meal replacement bars and Pure Protein bars match up in stats, but I think I like the Luna bars best..

Other options - tuna salad kits with crackers - found near the tuna in the grocery store. Counts as lunch + protein because the cals and protein are higher than just and entree. And South Beach Chicken Wrap kits found near the lunch meat in the grocery store - also counts as lunch entree + protein and tastes AWESOME..

Those are all quick and tasty options for you and are not likely to slow your weight loss...

Comment #7

Thanks for all the help! I just got back from Meijer and I got a 6 different kinds of Luna bars. I hope I like them!!.

Thanks for the advice!..

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Hi MaKayla/Everyone,.

I was wondering what brand of bread you are buying that is 35/cal per slice?.

I spent forever in my local market (which carries a wide variety of organic and non-mainstream brands as well as the major brands) looking for something with that cal. count, but was only able to find whole wheat potato bread at 70/cal per slice. I ended up getting that loaf because I figure 200 calories (bread + 60 cal for the FF cheese) is about the same as some of the lunches. Plus the bread has 6g of protein per slice.

Does anyone think that this would be too much? I also eat Pacific Gold Beef Jerky (1oz. = 11g protein/serving, 70 cal) as my protein/dairy option for lunch and for the afternoon snack. I never really considered myself a beef jerky kind of girl but I have to say that it is quite good! Especially if you get some of the flavors!..

Comment #9

There are options. Lynn and Christina have many recipes for doing it on your own. It should not hurt you if you stay in the guidlines..

If you want to sell your lunches, I could use some if they are anything I like. Email or PM me. My email is.

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Take a look at this website. Amy Smith has done NS on her own and has some great lunch ideas..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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