How to use Nutrisystem online tracker?

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I'm only using the online tracker (if my computer is off, then I write down food in the provided journal and add it next time I turn on my computer). Do you put "everything" in the online tracker? For example, if I have one or two "free foods" like ff sour cream or a sugar free Popsicle do you log those number so you're getting an accurate calorie count?.

Sometime when I've logged EVERYTHING that I've eaten for the day, my calorie count is pretty low (I've actually had some days when it's under 1000 calories). That being said, I make a huge salad everyday for lunch, but only log two vegetables since some of the added veggies or only a small amount (like a red pepper that I slice a ring and then slice smaller into the salad).

I read here about not eating enough calories can actually slow weight loss, so I'm trying to figure out the best use of the online tracker..

Any help is appreciated...

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Your question was: How to use Nutrisystem online tracker?.

If you are logging everything you eat plus free foods, it would be hard to come in under 1000 calories if you have eaten everything on the plani.e. protein, dairy, veggies, fruit plus your 4 entrees. You might want to list what you eat and let someone here look at it. I try to stay on the low end of the 1100-1300 calories daily because I know my metabolism is slow. However, I panic a little if I am around 1000 or under because that is what has gotten me into trouble in the past. I have not eaten enough and though I may lose, as soon as I go back up to normal number of calories, on comes the weight.

This is what I am looking atlong term rather than short term. Hope this helps...

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I use the online tracker and I record everything so that I can keep trackso fun for me, and I've decided that I have to be totally accountable to myself for what goes in my mouth. I also want to make sure that I'm getting a good mix of foodsesp veggies and proteinso I want to see it all listed.

I've never come in under 1000, and, in fact, that's just not enough calories for you to lose weight safely. I have over 100 pounds to lose so I up my calories to 1600 most days because that's what I need, and I've lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Just a tip...if you have any lunches/dinners that you have bought at Big Lots or elsewhere that are from the Nourish line, you can change your tracker to that format and find those meals listed there...

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If you want a really accurate count you must log everything even if this means using add more food and adjusting the size to what you are eating..

Calorie counts too low could actually slow your metabolism and make you lose slower (your body enters starvation mode and refuses to naturally burn calories.)..

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I just started and am using the iPhone tracker for Nutrisystem (free) and it's great. The only thing is you cannot add is exercise. Pretty simple and that way I don't have to wait until I get home to add the foods...

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Well for anyone with windows mobile, there are programs that allow you to add exercise plans that alert you and allow you to count calories, etc. and even tell you how much you've burned off (if your phone has a motion sensor). I don't believe the company is around anymore, but I still have the programs somewhere. If I can find them I will post them for anyone whom wants them...

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