How to use Medifast flavor infusers?

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I have been using the infusers for about 2 months now..

Let me start by saying I have avoided caffeine for a few years. When I first started using them I got a big boost of nervous energy, that at first was a little crazy but then was really good. Now I use 2-3 per day and I get no reaction from them at all..

I use one first thing in the morning and then can go right back to sleep, so the caffeine doesn't seem to effect me any more..

I am wondering about others that are using these, if they have the same thing happen..

Thanks, Alexis..

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Have you noticed if it's helped with your weight loss?..

Comment #1

Theres a popular study that shows ECGC/caffeine in the amounts the infusers contain increased BMR by 4%. That was equivalent to an extra lb of weight loss for me per month, or what will be 6 lbs total across the plan, which will shorten my time on 5&1 by 2-3 weeks.

FWIW, I use 2 a day, and on some occasions 3. When you add the above study with the fact they help flavor the water to "change it up", I find it them a good change...

Comment #2

I get used to caffeine very quickly. It's pretty much like any other stimulant drug in that the more you use it the more of it you need to get the same high. I used them all throughout my time on the 5+1 because I liked the taste, but I never got any benefit from them, weight loss or otherwise. I suppose that was because I was already used to drinking at least that same amount of caffeine...

Comment #3

Thanks, I can't tell if they are helping weight loss (since I fluctuate so much anyway) but I hope that they are, I also drink them for the taste, so I will continue to use them.

I have always been sensitive to caffeine so I am suprised that they don't seem to effect me like they did at first...

Comment #4

Do you guys count your infuser as a water or a seperate drink?..

Comment #5

Caffeine never seemed to affect me anyway. I can drink a Red Bull before going to bed and sleep for my usual 8-10 hours. I've never gotten jittery..

I don't drink coffee. I occasionally drink iced tea or hot tea. I do use the infusers several times a week, sometimes once or twice a day. I admit to taking a caffeine pill like NoDoz once in awhile too...

Comment #6

I hate it, but, caffeine makes my sweet tooth go wild. I really did love the taste and the effect of the infusers though. I wish I could use them all the time I dont know if they would help much with weigh loss, but the zoom effect was much appreciated..

If somwone is not used to caffeine, I would be careful, as they were very strong (caffeine-wise) to me...

Comment #7

Gee I guess I am lucky that it doesn't stimulate my sweet tooth!.

I have always been VERY sensitive to caffeine, but have gotten used to these so much that I don't get a lift..

My concern now is getting off of them (when I am ready) without headaches. I will be careful to ease down the amount and hopefully I won't have any ill effects..

Comment #8

Hi Potterlady! I use 2 infusers a day, on average. They are too strong for me in 16 ounces, but just right in 22 ounces, so that stretches them out. Each infuser equals about a cup of coffee in caffeine per day, which is quite normal for me...I used to drink coffee and diet soda steadily all day. I get no buzz or zoom reaction, and in fact, never did as I took them. I would not worry about getting off of them down the road...just like any time you cut out caffeine, if you do it all at once, you can get a KILLER headache for a couple of days, but if you step down a little slowly, it'll be just fine..

BTW, I'm not positive, but I do feel like they increase my success on Plan. I ran out last week and had a down week, but since I've been using them, I've held pretty steady on my loss. I just don't do more than 2 a day because I don't want my liver/kidneys to have to work that hard on the extra ingredients. Plenty of water flushing...

Comment #9

Count as water as long as it is the Calorie Burn Infusers. I think there are other ones called "Flavor Infusers" or something that count as a meal...

Comment #10

I just started using them over the last couple weeks. Was bumming a few here and there off my coach when I was feeling drained at work. Just got my own box with my delivery yesterday. I've had three today. I love them! Gave me extra energy all day. I'm guessing that eventually I will get immune to the extra boost but who knows.

I use strong coffee - espresso (have a Nespresso machine and mix it into my morning shake), turkish/greek coffee (occasional treat with my Israeli inlaws), cuban coffee, and then regular old joe. I was actually pretty shocked that I still got a good boost from the infusers. I will say that on the days I do 3 I won't be doing coffee..

One thing to note, if you read Dr. A's book, he has a great section on sleep. Caffeine has a half life of 6 hours. Getting your 7 hours (female) to 8 hours (male) minimal requirement of sleep does have some scientifc studies showing this aids in greater weight loss and better health in general. If you read that chapter there is all this facinating info on the topic. So basically count back 6 hours from your bedtime and that should be about your last cup of coffee or in this case the infuser.

Although, I have to admit about 3pm I had an infuser today. Will see if not having it past noon helps with any additional weight loss.

Really mixed bag of info out there on caffiene if you read the research. You will see bodybuilders and athletes rave about the benefits of taking it pre-workout. At least one study suggests that it messes with hormones, stimulates corisol production/leads to the storage of more fat in greater amounts. I think the key is moderation like everything else. One thing that also got my attention is the reports on how caffeine also feeds uterine fibroids and can mess with your mentral cycle. Both issues I've dealt with on and off over the years so also keeping an eye on my intake for that reason as well...

Comment #11

Oooo...I have heard that you can get use to caffeine. Hasn't happened to me yetI stopped getting decaf at night at restaurants because even that had too much for me!..

Comment #12

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