How to use Laughing Cow Cheese in Medifast food?

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I am a confused newbie. I am finishing up week 3 and have been reading tons of recipe suggestions on here (what great info). I'm confused about Laughing it on the Medifast program? I didn't see it anywhere listed as on Medifast but I'd love to use it. I have read lots of posts where people have written that different items are approved but where are they finding this info? I would love to know so I can finally understand what I can and cannot have. Thank you all in advance this is a great place for support!..

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I have only read it as posted by users, too, not found on any Medifast list. Perhaps they figured it out or their TSFL coach (take shape for life) told them. Actually, when you go to the "log your food" page & you click on meat free options (for the lean & green) I found more stuff than what I had seen on the regular lists..

Best to you!!!..

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I can't find it right now, but basically it's just a low fat cheese portion which can be used as a meatless lean...

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You can find responses on it in the official nutrition support section of the message board. Here is a repost of one:.

Hello, my name is Matt, I am a Registered Dietitian with Nutrition Support..

Laughing Cow Cheese:.

While not typically recommended, some individuals will choose to incorporate the Laughing Cow cheeses on their own.

The most appropriate way for this to be done is to count 1 wedge of the original LC as 1 fat serving or 2 wedges of the Laughing Cow light varieties as 1 fat serving.

One piece of the Mini Baybel, Light (Original) can be counted as 1 fat serving..

If using the LC Light Gourmet Cheese Bites, 10 pieces (approximately 47 grams) can be counted as 1 fat serving.

Given the level of protein these products provide (2 grams and 2.5 grams, respectively) an individual would not be able to meet an adequate level for this macronutrient (while maintaining an appropriate amount of calories, sodium, carbohydrate, etc) if choosing this for their full lean portion..

I hope this helps. Have a great day!!.

Thank you,.

Matt RD, LDN..

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As liquid points out..if you do "CHOOSE" to use LC, it is a fat not a lean. To me, two triangles of lite that equal one fat, but are 70 calories for the two..that's too big a price to pay. I had my little time with LC, but when I looked carefully at how much they cost in calories for such a small fat benefit, I chose to get off them and stay off them. I threw about 4 triangles away which killed me. I hate waste. However, I knew if they stayed, I would use them. Just my own choice to stick to the program the way it was meant to be followed...

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I think they have there place. I mostly use them when I am making zucchini ribbons (fake pasta). I also will put it on a plain boca burger. I've used them in an eggbeater veggie omelet to make a complete L&G meal. I also add them into mashed cauli-tatoes. The new queso fresco light and blue cheese light are yum..

I think if you were to just sit there and pop them in your mouth rather than using them to enhance a L&G meal that could be dangerous territory as they don't fill you up at all and just make you crave more of them. Kind of along the same lines of eating string cheese which I stay far away from since that is a trigger food for me.

Keep in mind - you can add 2 fats if you pick a lean from the leanest category. 1 fat if you pick your from the leaner category...

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I have a wedge with a pack of Medifast crackers, which are so bland. I limit it to once a week when I need a filling snack...

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I add some to my definitely gives it an edge!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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