How to track the calories you eat during Nutrisystem?

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I went to dinner tonight and went online to get te calories and ate what was within my range for dinner. I don't know how to track that online with my other nutrisystem meals for the day. Can anyone tell me how to do this?..

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Your question was: How to track the calories you eat during Nutrisystem?.

I created a custom food that had the statistics of the entire meal. Otherwise, you could break it down into the basic elements of the meal..

For example, my husband and I went out for a special occasion and I used the restaurants nutrition calculator/customizer to get exactly what I would eat there (removing all the things I shouldn't have). I made sure to keep it within the flex guidelines. So I new exactly what the nutritional stats were of the meal and could enter it as a complete meal...

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I estimate as close as possible. We eat dinner out a lot. The fact that I'm doing Nutrisystem has not stopped this at all. When possible, I check out the menu on line and know what I'm going to eat when I get there. Sometimes what's described on line doesn't match what I've ordered, (Twisted Fork...ICK), but I don't let this stress me out too much. I've learned after trying every weight loss plan imaginable and medication too, that I don't have to suspend my life just to lose weight.

I know there's lots of people on these forums that follow the plan TO THE LETTER and don't ever drink alcohol. I try to live as normal a life as possible (for me) and it's working...

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People se the We went out to IHOP last night and they had the menu on there- nutritional facts it was called. You just have to figure out if it is just for the omlette (for example) or if it includes pancakes, hasbrowns, etc. You can also go to IHOP and get it online. IHOP also has a calorie counter "menu" that comes seperate you can ask for. I even asked a waitress how much a plain crepe was and she looked it up for me.

Sometimes you can just find something similar to what you ate on another site.

It takes some searching but can be done. Ideally it IS best to figure out what to eat prior to getting there so you are not tempted, frustrated at trying to figure out what is what, etc. After a month I was able to atleast figure out what was healthy for me to eat- which is so new for me. I am cautious on diet syrups- IHOP has Smuckers SF and is great. One time they just brought it in a server. I was not sure if it really was the SF or not.

We eat out and then give each other kudos for sticking with healthy food. We joke about what we used to eat- and are pretty pleased with ourselves with how we did. We did BubbaGumps (awesome) the other night too (on trip)- was SOOOOOO hard to not order the strawberry shortcake or the bread pudding- but didn't. Swore I was gonna go today for lunch and eat it- but decided to surf this site instead. So far so good!.

Sorry- but eating out is part of life and I don't agree with staying away from it until you hit your target goal. It is not realistic. Challenge yourself if you have to and do the best you can...

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I don't think it's necessarily not realistic, maybe not for you, but definitely not for everyone. I for one am much happier and more successful when I avoid restaurants or bring my own Nutrisystem foods. It's cheaper and also I don't trust restaurants nor my ability to monitor portion sizes. It's whatever works for you, but just because you can handle it doesn't mean we all can. -shrugs-..

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Just because you can handle it doesn't mean we all can. -shrugs-.

You are absolutely correct..

Have a good night!..

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I eat out very seldom now. I just make it a practice to eat before I go out, or before I go to an event. I have, however, decided on two occasions since I started Nutrisystem to eat out (at places with salad bars for sure!) and each time I was very picky about what I ate and made sure I asked for exactly what I wanted or didn't want. I then came home, and wrote down exactly what I ate, estimating the best I could. It turned out fine and both weeks I lost weight.

I definitely don't recommend it until you fully understand the program and you have some practice under your belt in knowing what constitues a low-GI carb, a protein, a fat, etc., etc...

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It is entirely possible to go out to eat and stay within Nutrisystem stats. If you have a lot to lose, it isn't reasonable to expect someone to not go out for long periods of time. But if you follow the stats, you can go out, have fun, and still lose weight..

To look up the stats, many restaurants have their nutrition info posted on line or at the establishment. Or you can try:.

This site will calculate the nutrition stats for your personal recipes:.


Joining (Lance Armstrong's thing) for free gives you access to an online food journal that calculates all the stats for you. It has a big database of restaurant food and other food..


This is a resource with a huge database of nutrition stats for all kinds of food. You could, for example, enter in "steak" on the food search. Then pick what kind of steak, and it will tell you how many calories, fat, etc. in the amount you ate. It is a great thing to use when planning the meal so you can get an idea of the portions you can have (how many ounces of steak, for example). It even has it for lots of restaurant menu choices.

Though livestrong (above) does the same thing. This one is easier to use I think, but doesn't have a food journal like Livestrong does..


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