How to track Medifast calorie count?

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I have seen posts where people talk about not having cream in their coffee or more than 3 condiments or not having LC cheese because it is not on plan.

My question is this: the plan calls for 800-1000 calories a day with 80-100 carbs (80-85 being optimal). I find that my daily intake is around 800-850 calories and 75 carbs. If I have coffee with cream (1 carb per serving) and 2 splenda (2 carbs) for a total of 3 carbs and count them in my daily intake for a total of 78 carbsaren't I still on plan? I count the 3 condiments as the spices I use and WF syrups. Assuming each of the 3 condiments has <1 gm carb I am still around 80 carbs a day..

Another example, if I make cookies out of the oatmeal, I count the carbs in the vanilla and cinnamon spices so I do not count these among my 3 condiments..

So in other words, as long as I count the other items I ingest in a day and it is still within the nutritional values, is that OK versus limiting yourself to 3 condiments?..

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I do what you do b/c I know it works for me, but I do think that it is not technically "on plan"..

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There was recently a question posted to the nutritionist on this very question - you might want to hop over and see what they had to say - it's still on the first page and I think it says condiment/carb question or something like that..

With that being said - you really have the decision to do whatever you want to do, it's always your decision - my philosophy has been, the people who created Medifast know how to lose weight better than I do - so if they tell me 3 condiments during the weight loss phase, I'll stick to 3 condiments - I haven't had any issues with staying under 3 condiments...sometimes I have to get creative, but I do stay under 3..

Good luck!..

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While I wouldn't say that you're technically on-plan, you are certainly within the spirit of the plan and staying within all the guidelines, so if you're losing at a decent pace, then I wouldn't worry about it. If your losses slow, then I'd take a look at cutting back to just the three allowed. There are many people who consider themselves 100%'ers who don't count dry spices at all.

As an aside, are you sure that you're logging all your L&G vegis correctly? Many times, when somebody is averaging down around 75 carbs, it's because they are not correctly logging all three servings of vegetables. I'm not saying you're doing this, I just wanted to point it out...

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Thanks for the responses. I am averaging around 3 lbs a week so I am happy with that pace even though I know that others may lose faster..

Thanks GGRobins, I am logging my food on MyPlan and using whatever nutritional values they use for the L&G (I would be curious to know if people find these values to be accurate). I always log the 3 servings of veggies. I eat mainly fish and cauliflower, spaghetti squash, romaine lettuce, radishes and zucchini for the L&G which usually causes the L&G to be between 10-15 carbs. I also like the lower carb Medifast items, such as the diabetic shakes, scrambled eggs and cream soup.

I also wondered if having less than 80 carbs a day is an issue (I am diabetic). So I sometimes try and eat something to increase the carbs to at least 80...

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I rarely make it over 80 carbs a day myself, and at first I didn't realize the veggies were not logged right, I had to change to make the 3, but even doing the 3, it is rare day I make it over 80..

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Here's what I think the idea is. I'm not saying anyone is wrong for doing this, but Medifast restricts things for one reason only: to teach us moderation, eat more simply, and be mindful of what we put in our mouth. All the little enhancements add either calories, fat, or carbs, or all three at once and it's the attitude of "just one beer" "just a little spice here" "just some cream cheese here" as if "just a little" doesn't count, and it does if we aren't being mindful of it..

Instead, a lot of us treat it like a WW thing: as long as we don't go over our points, we're OK. Medifast would rather be: just stick to what's on these lists, don't overcomplicate it by asking if you can have X item that isn't on the list. Stick to the lists, stick to the condiment and snack restrictions, and you'll lose weight at a good pace, *and* spend less time at the grocery store. Don't look for wiggle room and don't look to circumvent the program as written. Just submit to the program..

Again, I'm not saying anyone is wrong if they stay within the limits (I'm guilty of this), but I don't know if we're learning anything if we're not at least mindful of what it is we're doing...

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That's a really great point! I've never really thought of it that way... but, yes! exactly!..

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Wow Leesa!.

This is exactly the way I think of the plan. I don't try to be too creative and tweak the plan or Medifast foods at this point. Maybe when I am farther along if I get bored, but I know I am not ready now. Adjusting my food intake to feed a part of me other than my body, is what got me where I was before MF. No,, the Medifast food doesn't taste, 'just like__________(fill in the blank)' but I don't want to feed my mental hunger for foods and cravings which are so destructive to me and my goal..

I have purposefully steered away from the brownies, choc chip pancakes, candy bar like bars and puddings etc. I know that those foods in non Medifast form set me on the path of obsessive eating, so I just will avoid them for now..

Later in my journey, I may be ready to face my food demons, but for now, they are banished. Violet..

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Good tips and I have to ask to the Medifast poster's out there...Do you ALL count carbs, calories, etc??? I decided to use Medifast because I DO NOT want to do that...Been there done that on WW as you mention...I don't want to get caught up counting, tracking, etc...I got SO SICK of that...I just wanna eat my 5 Medifast meals and have the L&G! I do have 2 T. of healthy low sugar-low carb dressing on my salad each day and usually some cream cheese each day. I do not count any dry spices...I just want to keep it simple and easy!.

Sorry if I sound testy, but I read people counting all this stuff...Are any of you having continued success w/o doing all that????.

To add...I am careful and make these choices within reason...ya know???..

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I never have! As long as I have 5 Medifast meals and the right L&G, I know I'm on plan...

However.. I am going to try to aim for the 80-85 carb range that Medifast says is best in the new year. It's one of my new year's Medi-lutions! Just b/c the weight isn't coming off quite as fast as it used to.. I'm going to see if it makes a difference. It's more of a science project to me than anything...

Comment #10

Goldenfishie, I did this for a full week, a few weeks ago, just out of curiosity. I counted carbs with the medifast meals (5&1) and also used the diabetic shakes as one of my 5 Medifast meals. The diabetic shakes are a little lower in carbs when compared to the 55 and 70 shakes.

During the time I've been on medifast, I've lost very slowly overall, and like you just wanted to do a little science project - lol..

For me, my low carb experiment yielded nothing!! I didn't lose one ounce (OK, I don't know that, but no half or full pound for sure!!) I was suprised too. I think that the starvation mode phenom must have kicked in. Because the calories are so low on Medifast anyway, cutting carbs does nothing (maybe) but put your body into starvation mode so it doesn't lose anything..

If you decide to count the carbs, let us know what happened, I'm interested..


Comment #11

That doesn't surprise me at all! When we have those giant threads where people post what "range" makes them lose most - a lot of people say the upper end produces the best results! That's why my thought process this whole time is to keep my head down and keep trucking and not worry! But curiosity has gotten the best of me.... I will definitely report back about it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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