How to tell if you are getting initial breakouts with Murad Acne Complex?

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Hullo all,I was prescribed Murad Acne Complex (10 mg daily) and I have a Christmas party in two weeks.Well, I have a small breakout on my face and back as of right now - should I start the Murad Acne Complex 10 mg two weeks before the party? Or should I wait till after the party so my acne does not get worse?Is there anything you can do to tell if you will get an initial breakout? Or is there any way to prevent it? I would rather go to the party slightly broken out rather than full blown from the Murad Acne Complex...Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Oh and happy holidays everyone!..

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Your question was: How to tell if you are getting initial breakouts with Murad Acne Complex?.

It's a really low I wouldn't worry about it. But you might still get a breakout.If you really want to avoid the IB before your party,just wait. 10mg a day for 2 weeks wont make you clear anyways.If I had known, I would have waited till after Xmas cuz I just have no idea how I'll find enough coiurage to show up for the parties with this dreadful breakout.Why such a low dose?..

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Thanks for the advice, Jry0318, Metric24.My dermatologist wants me to start at a very low dose, and each month he'll check my skin and determine if it's safe to up the dosage. I really appreciate the responses because in two weeks I am traveling to see my friend who lives two hundred miles away, and while I'm in his area I am visiting a girl who I like very much but haven't seen for a long time. She's not conceited, but I would just like to look my best for when I see her and wish her a merry Christmas. As of right now, I'm leaning towards not taking it. But if anyone else has some suggestions I'll be willing to listen!..

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Honestly with such a low dose you should be okay but they suggest not drinking while on Murad Acne Complex so if at this party you planned on drinking I would defintely wait until after the party...

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Thanks for your reply, devendralover. I'm only eighteen, though, and the party is just a small get together with friends who I've not seen in ages, so I don't plan on getting wasted. I just want to look my best...

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I started at 40mg and I had no IB. So it should be fine really.and don't drink alcohol it can increase your liver enzymes and can possibly make your blood tests come back wrong. If they happens you will probably have to wait another month and get another blood tests to see if you can go back on it...

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Thank you for the reply. While on it, I won't be drinking...

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