How to take Nutrisystem lunches on the road?

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I dont know how to go about taking my lunches while working. I'M A merchandise specialist rep and I go from store to store. So I am travelling around in the car alot. Any help how to get around this problem?I'm on the road for about eight hours a day...

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Your question was: How to take Nutrisystem lunches on the road?.

That's backwards. 1 fruit = 2 veggies. A fruit serving is normally 60 calories and veggie servings are 25 calories each...

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I work in construction and on the days I know I am going to be on location I pack my fruit/veggies/water in a small travel cooler or insulated carrier and take along a Nutrisystem lunch bar (Trail Mix bar is my fav but I hear good things about the Fudge graham bar) For my protein add in I usually go with string cheese, lunch meat, or jerky on these on-site days - all of which do well on the go..

Here is a link to a thread on non-refigerated proteins that may be helpful to you as well:.


Good luck - it was a bit of an adjustment but now I find I prefer the convenience of having my lunch & afternoon snack readily available in my car! And I actually look forward to my Trail Mix bar!! My auto delivery usually contains about 10 - 15 lunch bars depending on what my projected scheudle looks like.....

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Pack a small cooler to keep your water, protein/dairy and vegetables (prepared salad, baby carrots, sliced cucumber, peppers, etc.). The lunch bars are very portable and easy for when on the go. You can also prepare your lunch meals in the morning and put in a thermos to keep until lunch...

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Hi, I kind of had the same pr ob as y ou. I ordered a bunch of the chicken salads and tuna salads and put them on the arnold 100 cal multigrain flat rolls and take them to work with a fruit, it works for me...

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Hi dont you have to have vegetables as well?..

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You need to have X veggie servings per day. It does not matter if you have them at lunch or at breakfast or at dinner, or any points in between. But for many people, veggies are the one serving they tend to skip, so I would say try to get them in as early as you can. Mom always used to tell me I had to have my veggies if I wanted dessert, and that's still good advice today lol..

Raw veggies can be easily packed into a cooler, or just brought in a plastic baggie and eaten early in the workday if you're at an office.

If you're on-the-go at lunch, you can probably stop in at a supermarket and hit their salad bar. You will need to be careful what you take from it... sliced pepperoni and such is a no-no... and skip the cheese as it won't be reduced fat... but you'll be able to put together some good veggie servings there..

I'd recommend skipping the dressings at teh salad bar. Keep a small bottle of fat free salad dressing in your car/lunchbox/whatever...

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I read somewhere on these boards that you can substitute one fruit serving for two veggies, but I can't find it now to confirm. Hopefully, one of the more experienced members will back me up here. I haven't swapped out the fruit myselfI'm trying to get in the habit of eating more veggies anyway...

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When I'm traveling or just have an on-the-go day, I take a lunch bar and make a Mc Donald's stop for my add-ins - a side salad, apple dippers (no caramel) and a fat free latte. That's one veg, sub the fruit/veg from dinnner and have three vegs with dinner and the dairy/protein in the latte. A 12-oz latte is made with 8 oz milk..

For school days, I use a bar and pack a thermal lunch bag with baby carrots, bell pepper strips (I love using one of those three packs for color and cutting them all up into a few zip lpocs) and string cheese. Those things keep better in a non-cooler padded lunch bag...

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2 fruits = 1 veggie, but you can't do this all the time...

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That's backwards. 1 fruit = 2 veggies. A fruit serving is normally 60 calories and veggie servings are 25 calories each...

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