How to survive traveling while on Nutrisystem?

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I'm planning on taking my foods but it will be challenging to find things I can throw into the cooler and eat. Of course there will be a couple of dinners out as well. Any ideas ladies/gents?.


Can't wait for sun and surf!..

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Your question was: How to survive traveling while on Nutrisystem?.

Most/all seafood is a good protein. It is low in fat but high in sodium. Have salads and seafood with NO butter. Enjoy. Have fun, I'm jealous...

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If you have a cooler there isn't anything that you can't take with you - lunch bars, chicken/tuna salad, turkey sandwich on sandwich thin, huge salads with grilled chicken/shrimp/tuna, steamed shrimp, etc.....

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...grape/cherry tomatoes, celery or carrot sticks, grapes, string cheese, yogurt, etc...

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Jack Link's beef jerky is high in protein, low in fats, but it is high in sodium. I use that as a portable non refridgerated protein as well...

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Also, just be sure to drink water. There can be alot of calories in those lemonades, slushies, etc..


And the black mini poodles..

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All great info, Thanks!!! Lots of water for sure.....for all that tea w/vodka I'll be sippin! It's vacation after all !!..

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Fake crabmeat can be thrown in the cooler. Premeasure and wrap in baggies. Quick protein snack, and beach worthy...

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Bring some glad or tupperware containers and it's easy..

Breakfast on the beach - yogurt parfait with granola and fruit - packed in a container - simply open and eat.

Lunch on the beach - turkey sandwich on Arnold Thins with sliced tomato and a cut up cucumber on the side..

OR - big ole' salad with protein and low fat dressing with a carb serving of crackers..

OR - checken salad made with lots of celery and grapes and fat free mayo or ranch dressing with a carb serving.

Snack on the beach - cheese stick and an apple..

Dinner on the beach - with grill - 2 fat free hot dogs on one wheat bun with cut veggies on the side.

Without grill - shrimp cocktail, salad and a carb serving.

Just keep following your plan, but in coolers. It's just the same picnic you've always packed, but now you are using different foods and leaving the chips at home. Have a great vacation!..

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Did you know that you burn 60% MORE calories by walking in the sand than you do by walking on a firm surface? I went to the OBX (Outer Banks of N.Carolina) my most favorite beach (and the site of my honeymoon almost 15 yrs ago) with much of my huge family & a ton of temptations; ie...annual trek to Dairy Queen for dipped cones and when I came home, I had lost 2 lbs by sticking to NS. I was SO proud of myself & happy that I had stuck to the plan & when I didn't [i]exactly[i]eat NS, I still made good choices. Remember that nothing tastes as good as thin feels & you don't want to undo what you have already accomplished - you can do this...everyone understood that I was opting for a healthier lifestyle and didn't push their food on me. It was a GREAT week! Many of the pack & take suggestions above worked for me & can work for you too. Enjoy the sun & the sand - have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have and don't make your good time be about the food - make it be about your lovely surroundings, your family and/or friends that you will be with and if you can get out & walk each day, that is a HUGE plus!! Enjoy your week..


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Lemonade....5(ups water, 1(up fresh lemon jui(e, & 24pks Splenda..

Drink gallons of water, & walk/run on the bea(h a lot while (arrying a (ooler full of veggies & Nutrisystem bars, & swim.

Wat(h your portions of everything ex(ept those veggies like a hawk..

Have a great va(ation, & have fun, fun, fun. Fun has 0 (alories...unless you're serious about that tea/w/vodka. That (an add up qui(k!..

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Jill great info ,I plan on doing lots of walking on the beach. Definitely lots of water as well. Vacation is about the fun ,not the food!!.


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