How to stop midnight munching during Nutrisystem plan?

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I am really still excited about doing the Nutrisystem program and have found breakfast and dessert the easiest. I have trouble with lunch and dinner. I do not get my vegetables in and have a hard time deciding what to buy or to get. Could someone help me because I end up munching at night because this is part of the program I lack. Its also hard for dinner because my husband is not on NS. I find I'm doing excellent through-out the day but at night is where I need some help.

Please give pointers for midnight munching and how to make this an easier transition for me. I know I have years of bad habits that need to broken also...

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Your question was: How to stop midnight munching during Nutrisystem plan?.

That really helps with the TV watching. I always found it hard to keep up with the night time eating. That is my main focus this week to make sure that I stay within plan and over time my body will change. The best recommendation is saving a piece of fruit for dinner. I really like this idea because at night when I do want to eat because I work late. I can eat my piece of fruit before I go to bed. It really helps and we can do this journey, it just takes time and support...

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You should be drinking eight 8 oz waters a day. So 64 oz of water each day. Just wanted to be clear because your post sounded as though you were drinking 8 oz total per day.

The veggies help you stay full so you don't need to much. So start on them. there is a committment involved in any diet plan. You will get used to the grocery items that you like.

Browse the food tips and recipes boards for ways to incorporate your veggies in your lunch and dinner meals.

Here is a sample menu with groceries to get you started.

Breakfast - Nutrisystem granola, low fat yogurt, peaches packed in water. Water #1.

(easy groceries - buy 7 small low fat yogurts each week. Also, buy Dole peaches packed in water in small serving cups.).

Lunch - Nutrisystem black beans and rice mixed with canned tomatoes and low fat ham with a salad on the side. Water #2.

(groceries - I stock up on my lunch protein - you can buy low fat deli ham chopped into small sections or any low fat deli meat. Divide into portions of lower than 55 calories each for your daily lunch protein add-in. I love canned chopped tomatoes for an easy add-in veggie for lunch. Add them to ministrone or beef soup, or tortellini. For the salad, stock up on your choice of salad greens, celery, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms....).

Snack: Low fat cheese stick and canned peaches OR an apple. Water #3.

(Sargento makes a low fat cheddar cheese stick that is portable and fits the stats for a protein/dairy add in.).

Dinner: appetizer: 6 almonds (fat).

NS pot roast with steamed broccoli (2 cups) and a side salad with fat free dressing. Water #4.

OR: Nutrisystem Chili mixed with chopped bell peppers and onions (1 cup) and chopped tomatoes (1 cup) and some chili powder and a side salad..

(groceries - stock up on almonds or olives or your choice of a fat serving and enjoy before dinner! Buy whatever veggies you like and don't be afraid to eat the same ones each night if that's what you like. Share with your husband as a way of tying the dinners together. Always have salad fixings and fat free dressing on your list.).

Dessert - easy - Nutrisystem dessert! Water #5.

With this menu, you still have to fit in 3 more 8 oz glasses of water. Or, use a 16 oz glass and you're way ahead of the game!.

Good luck - it works!..

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Check out the Food Tips section of the boards. (The recipes one is good, too.) You can find many ideas for vegetables if you browse. Or, if you are interested in a particular vegetable, you can use the search function to find posts about the different ways people have prepared that item.

My husband isn't on Nutrisystem either. In addition to whatever I make for himhe is currently my guinea pig for Hungry Girl recipesI make him the same vegetables that I am having.

Also, maybe this it was just a typo, but you know that in addition to your vegetable, fruit, protein, and fat add-ins, your supposed to have 6-8 8-oz. glasses of water, not just 8 oz., right?.

Hang in there. It can take a little work to figure out the add-ins, but it is doable! Good luck!..

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I'm in love with baby carrots. They're sweet, crunchy, and have no prep. I munch on them while I'm fixing my dinner, which quickly takes the edge off of my hunger...

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My favorite vegies are roasted. I can eat a ton of them. There are all kinds of recipes for them. I spread my food out so I am eating about every 1 11/2hrs. I have been on this almost 11/2years and haven't been hungry yet. I can't drink a lot of water at night so I start early in the morning and I'm done when dinner is over.

My dh isn't on Nutrisystem either so I make my dinner and he makes his and we share the vegies. It's works well for us, Nancy..

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Drink V-8 Fusion Light which is reduced in calories and has both a fruit serving and a veggie serving. Don't do this for all the meals every day, however. You still need more fiber dense veggies to help keep you full. Cut up green peppers, etc., mushrooms, etc. and put on your pizza. Mix veggies into some of your entrees...

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Nutrisystem's dieticians have usually said that V-8 Fusion ( 1/2 c. regular or 1 c. of light version) counts as a fruit serving, not as a vegetable serving.(That said, when I did a search on V-8 Fusion on these boards, most replies from Dietary Services have said that it counts only as a fruit serving, but I did find a couple of threads where the DS person said online or to a member that V-8 Fusion could count as either 1 fruit serving or 2 vegetable servings.) Below is a sampling of some of the threads on this:.







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I'm an evening eater as I make sure I stretch my meals out during the day. I'll eat the Nutrisystem entree for breakfast early....then about two - two and a half hours later I'll have the fruit and dairy or protein. I have veggies about an hour or so before the Nutrisystem lunch entree, usually along with a salad and the protein. Dinner is at the regular time...but I'll have the dessert about an hour and a half after dinner...and since I've saved my snack I'll have that later in the evening...usually I'll nuke a chopped up apple with Splenda, a little SF caramel syrup and cinnamon, and pour LF Vanilla Silk over it..

I'm rarely hungry...unless I've skimped on the veggies..

If I've got the dessert after dinner and the snack a couple of hours later to look forward to, I find it much easier to get through the evening...and the temptation to munch off-plan is much, much less..

Also, make sure you're upping your water...don't do the mininum...max out the water. I usually have about 90-100 ounces a day. It helps keep you feeling full (not to mention all the exercise trekking to the bathroom!!! )..

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I know we are supposed to drink 8 8-oz. glasses a day or more - but what does the water do for us, besides the bathroom visits? I'd like to know what it does for our bodies and what it has to do with losing weight...

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Basically your body treats water the way it treats food. If you browse the boards here a lot, you will hear about "starvation mode." If you cut back drastically on calories...or if you don't eat at WON'T lose weight. A lot of people don't get that, they think that eating MORE (of the right foods) will keep you from losing. However, if you severely limit your caloric intake your body goes into starvation mode. It conserves every calorie it keep you from starving..

The same is true with water. If you aren't drinking enough water your body will hang onto every ounce to keep you from becoming dehydrated. The more water you feed your body (and the more hydrated you are), the more the body releases. In other words, drinking lots of water will (ironically) keep you from retaining water..

Water also flushes a lot of toxins out of your system. Our bodies are 70% water, we need to keep that balance so that our organs function effectively, our digestion works as it's supposed to, our skin remains supple and soft, our hair stays shiny, our fingernails grow and strengthen....

There are so many GOOD reasons to drink lots of water every day...weight loss is just one of them!..

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Thank you so much for all the information. I've never been good about drinking water, but I am doing everything Nutrisystem suggests. I feel a little waterlogged and get tired of potty breaks, but if it works I'm all for it!..

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