How to stop gaining back weight after Nutrisystem?

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As of my Monday weigh in, I am 4 pounds away from my lowest weight in 15 years. I've lost 31 pounds since May 27th. I pulled up my weigh in charts from the last 6 years and the last 3 times I've done NS. It is interesting to watch me hit this low weight and then watch the little graph spike back up to my high weight in about a year and a half. The chart tells an interesting story about me, I think. One that I would not be able to see without this history..

Now, the question I'm asking myself is, "How am I NOT EVER going to let that little graph go back up again? What will I change? What will be different this time?".

I don't want to yoyo anymore. I LOVE my body when it is like it is today, and this time I even plan to lose a little more to actually get to my dream weight and not just my goal. Size 9 is great, but size 6 would be AMAZING!! I'm gonna make it happen this time..

Is anyone else a repeat offender? Anyone have any words of wisdom to stop the Yoyo?..

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Your question was: How to stop gaining back weight after Nutrisystem?.

One thing I noticed is that when I am maintaining, something that works great is to keep my scale in the kitchen. I was able to keep the weight off for quite a long time while I had that in there, but one day, my husband who is very overweight, "Accidentally" dropped something on it and it broke. That was when the weight started creeping back up as I had no concept that I was gaining until I could not wear my clothes anymore.

I'm getting a really nice scale and it is living in my kitchen. If it accidentally gets broken again, someone will be buying a new one right away!! Haha!..

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I weigh myself daily (twice a day actually - morning and night). For me it keeps me on track. I am able to make adjustments and catch myself before things get out of hand. I have got to know my body and what it's normal fluctuations are. If I am not drinking enough water - the scale is the first place I notice it.

Katie mentioned diabetics having to watch what they eat. I guess my scale is my diabetic equivalent of a glucose monitor..

Keep up the good fight Pop-Tart...

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