How to stop binging while on Nutrisystem?

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I started Nutrisystem on April 1st at 240 pounds and yesterday I was 216..

Right now for the past 2 days I cannot stop eating/binging. I hate myself and had been doing this at least once a week while losing the 20 some odd pounds. I could have lost more I know if I had not had a weekly binge..

Now for the past 2 days I cannot stop eating. It's like if I fall off, I get so discouraged that all I want to do is eat!.

Help! I need and want to reach my goal and stop this bad habit of binging by Christmas...

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Your question was: How to stop binging while on Nutrisystem?.

I am so sorry you are struggling. I am only in week 2, so I don't have great advice. I pray you are able to find the strength to stick with it...

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"Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'".

~~Jedi Master Yoda..

Comment #2

By that Yoda (and I) simply mean that you must believe you will do it, not wonder if you can. This is a good path to health - you are in charge of you - you can and WILL do this! YOU have the power!..

Comment #3

Find the article about the Curse of the Threes - PamSB may post it here shortly..

You gotta dig down and start back at it. I had those temptations bad after loosing some weight, but I just put the head down, dug in and resisted to the best I could. Good luck, you will come out the other side and it will be easier..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #4

And when you feel like binging, come to the discussion boards instead. We'll give you plenty of encouragement not to do it!..

Comment #5

This used to be posted regularly by NutriSystem member Amy (It_Just_Is):.

I try to repost this every couple weeks, it's just a little guideline to try and help you know what to expect - it effects some people, some people it doesn't, and that is totally normal. Feel free to add anything you happen to notice is missing..

There is a situation that I think needs to be brought up again since we have so many new people lately. Its called the 3s curse. (yes I'm serious) This comes in to play in ANY nutritional program and the better aware you are of it the better your chances for success. This consists of- yes- 3 parts..

Part number 1. 3 days into your program..

Right about now you're having second thoughts about what you have committed to. You may have just eaten the first food that you think is absolutely dreadful. Your head hurts from carb withdrawal, you're hungry and you're all over in a horrible mood. You HAVE to hang in there to get past the 3rd day. Take some tylonal for your head - come here for support and take the food you don't like off your next order! You are going to do great - just remember why you started!.

Part number 2. the 3rd week..

By now your weight loss is slowing and you just about know what foods you like and what you don't - but WAIT there has been so much talk on the board about free foods, extras, and something about "Bears" - you're confused as heck! Does the milk for cereal count as your dairy for breakfast??? (no) Can you have popcorn??? Why did I lose 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks and this week nothing???? Oh it's just too much!!!! GO to the E-classes board! Most if not all of your questions have been asked in class by many many other people! If you cant find the answers there - come post here. Thats what we are here for - to make this easier on you and we will help in anyway we can!.

Part number 3. the 3rd month..

OMGOSH- you're doing it... and doing it... and doing it... things start to seem repetitive, even a tad boring now that the newness has worn off. You know what you can eat and when and you're starting to "pick" from others' plates, have a little extra peanut butter, fudge your food measurements, maybe even have hit a "stall" with the scale and you're frustrated! Calm down - you know what's happening and now you can stop it! But you have to recognize that it is happening! People get so comfortable in the 3rd month that little things start to slide! STOP IT! If you can get past the 3rd month you will be fine. Come here for support.

Talk to a counselor if you need to - whatever you have to do to keep your program going. We are all here for you!.

If you don't believe that the 3's curse is real - ask anyone who has been here for longer than 3 months! They will tell you everything I just said is 100% fact. But now that you know it's coming - and you know how to avoid disaster, you're going to be just fine. Yay for you! Have a great day!!!!..

Comment #6

Yoda.... so much knowledge in so little words spoken. Great man... uh... creature...thing? :-/..

Comment #7

How about if you challenge yourself for 2 weeks to stick to the plan 100% and then give yourself a reward at the end?..

Comment #8

I have to ask...WHAT are you binging on and WHY is there anything else in your house? if there's crap in your house go and get it all out and stick it in the sink or garbage and drown it with dish soap. there is nothing bad that you eat any more so all of it is gone. if you other family members want it.....tell them sorry. it doesn't help anyone get healthier so it goes..

At some point you are going to have to just decide if you want to do this or not. if you do, then pull up your panties and DO IT. You don't get to eat that other stuff. You DO NOT, end of story, done. You eat just what's on your plan, when it's time and that's all. Hungry never killed anyone...

Comment #9

Oh, wow, Pam, that is SO helpful for those of us approaching the 3rd month!!! Thanks!..

Comment #10

Pam, can call me whatever ya want...AT still hasn't earned that yet.

For her it's still Master or Mr. Coach...

Comment #11

Thanks Pam! That was just what I needed. Refocusing and continuing to move forward. I know I have the bad habit of self sabatoge so am keeping an eye out for it...

Comment #12

Thanks for posting this! It was written for me!..

Comment #13

I had thoughts of binging today... I wanted comfort food and lots of it! I actually had to have a conversation with myself as to why I wanted to binge. What was the binge going to do to help me feel better? I continued this little chat (in my head) until I didn't want to binge anymore..

I actually don't have any "bad" foods at home. Sadly on a normal binge, I would go to the grocery store, by the foods and come home and eat it. Wow, how sad is that?.

As dumb as it sounds, I'm going to have more conversations with myself until I can completely make over my emotional eating...

Comment #14

Good for you, and it doesn't sound dumb at all! It makes a lot of sense. Key steps for stopping emotional eating that I've read about are being conscious of your actions, determining whether you are physically hungry or emotionally hungry, asking yourself how you'll feel after a binge, and dealing with whatever issue is pushing you to binge. (Shrink Yourself lays all this out well.) Keep up the good work!..

Comment #15

I am right at the beginning of my 3rd month and I am trying really hard to drop my mentality that I can do this on my own now......knowing full well that I can't yet.

I have lost almost 14 pounds in 13 weeks...not too bad, but i'm sure I would have lost alot more if I could have had more will power on the weekends and not go out to eat so much with my DH.

I want to lose another 30 pounds and I know it is going to be a very long road for me. I don't know how I would do if I were someone who had to lose more that that. those people have such strength...

Comment #16

Wow're just so full of yourself(Wait...I can call you Mark, right?).

Yesterday at work I got the pleasure of listening to a co-worker eat potato chips. Those used to be a favorite snack of mine. I was like "Oh that sounds good." and then I said "and that's the reason why I don't bring money to work...can't get anything from the vending machine if I don't have money" End of discussion...didn't really even want any, it just sounded good. I probably wouldn't have made it past my first one if I did buy any simply because I have worked too hard already to go backwards...

Comment #17

I've heard so much about "Pam's curse of the 3's" and had NO idea who Pam was or what this curse I realize I've seen a lot of your posts and love them...and the curse has proven true for me thus far (I was SO grumpy around my 3rd day, but didn't know why until now!) and am going into my 3rd week soon prepared! Thanks for the info, I will also be checking out the e-classes/seminar, didn't know about them!..

Comment #18

I'm on Day 3, and that post about the Curse of the 3's nailed me too. I haven't had anything yet that I thought was terrible (though Nutrisystem included somethings in the free week food that I had purposefully not selected), but I have been having doubts today. It helps a great deal to know that it's totally normal. Thank you!..

Comment #19

I only repost the "Curse of the 3s" frequently...they originally came from the greatest gal, Amy. She isn't around any longer, but her wisdom continues...

Comment #20

Well I am back on track! Lost another couple of pounds, doing Nutrisystem for the long haul! Was Amy the girl who had that website about doing Nutrisystem with your own food? Do you have a link to it?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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