How to set goal weight with Medifast?

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Successful Medifasters.

How have you decided on the goal weight selected?.

Any medifasters select a weight they've never seen before?.

I'm 5'2 and have always been a solid 135 pounds.. I'm confortable there, but I have always wanted to get down to maybe 120-125..

Anyone use medifast and get to their "dream" weight?..

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I can't really answer your question because I'm really just getting started myself, but I was having this conversation with my husband last night. I too am 5'2" and always weighed 130-135 at my smallest. In the past when I've lost weight about the time I hit 140 everyone tells me to stop. I have set my goal for 120 just because I want to be smaller than I was before. I may reset that goal the closer I get......I just hope I can determine what it is I really want and not do what others think I should. I hope you receive lots of good answers because I want to know too!..

Comment #1

I used the BMI charts to find my healthy weight range and then blindly picked a number in that range. When I get to that weight, if I'm happy with how I look and I feel good, then I'll stop. My daughter is doing Medifast with me and she set a lower goal weight than mine. Since she has a lot less to lose than I do, I'm getting a sneak preview of what that weight looks like...

Comment #2

I'm close to 5' 2". More like 5' 1.5". When I was in high school, I tended to weigh between 110 and 120. 108 was my lowest ever. When I entered my info into the Medifast thingie, I just remember it spit out 118 at me and I thought, "Alrighty then." As I get closer to goal, I will reassess. I do work out pretty hardcore and muscle does weigh more. I didn't really work out when I was in high school...

Comment #3

I put down 160... and wondering why I did that too.... I am 5'6... and to be honest... I do not ever remember weighing 160... although I had to at some point...

160 maybe a dream... I am looking to find a place where I feel good... and right about the size I am... and then continue on for 10 more pounds... give myself a cushion to work into t&m.....

Comment #4

I, too, took the goal weight that the "My Plan" spit out for me when I entered all my information at the start...125 pounds. I am about 5' 4" and I don't think I ever weighed that least not during my adult life...maybe when I was 10!! Haha...I was a pudgy kid, too. I think when I hit the very top of my healthy BMI, I will do a re-evaluation and decide what feels right. Starting out at almost 300 pounds it is so difficult to imagine what even 199 would be like, let alone 125!!!..

Comment #5

When I got married 25 years ago, I was 92 lbs. I worked out a lot so it was a lot of muscle, and I really was not "too skinny", never have been and never will be. However, I am now 51 and last year I reached my medifast goal of 110 (5 lbs less than the max for my height of 4'9"). I went down to 108 and felt great. Then I started backsliding and ate my way back to my highest weight ever (154). So I have recommited and have lost 14 lbs since early November.

I liked being "thin" so of course I wanted to lose more - you'd be surprised that it's addicting!! This time I will probably head for 115, but I am telling myself that I want to wear a pair of jeans I really liked, so after they fit, I will see how I feel. The hardest part for me is when I go off, because I easily fell back to my old habits. Good luck to everyone, regardless of your goal. Good health is the best priority!..

Comment #6

I picked a weight that is still too high according to the BMI charts. I was an athlete as a teenager and have a lot of muscle mass and heavy bones. I have always weighed more than I look like I weigh, but every time I have gotten lighter than 175-180 I have looked gaunt and my hair all fell out. I was actually 145 once and I looked like a refugee. Also I found it reallly hard to maintain, and I want to get off the rollercoaster for once!.

I am happy at 180 and I look good - fit, slim and healthy so the BMI charts can kiss my curvy behind!.

Oh I should add that I am 5'9"...

Comment #7

I picked the weight I was supposed to be when I was in the Army. Even then I never saw it, but when I get down to the weight I actually was as a teenager in the Army, 143, I will reevaluate. I just needed a goal, so that's what I picked. As with any plan, sometimes the desired result can change. I'm not locked into that, my body and mirror will tell me when it's time to stop. I may even go the other way and try for 125.

We'll see!..

Comment #8

RIght now I picked a high goal weight, I imagine I may reasses and make it closer to 150 which would be great and put me just in my HWR...

Comment #9

I chose a weight I thought I cold realistic get to..

Comment #10

Medifast is not recommended for people with less than 15 pounds of fat to lose, or for people under a BMI of 25. As a 5'2" woman, I know that 135 is under 25. So Medifast is not the correct diet for you. Sorry!.

Oh, and the reason why is that it gets us into ketosis, a fat-burning state. Without enough fat to burn, your body can't get it's chemistry going correctly. Nutrisystem could tell you more..

ETA: OOPS!!! I just went and looked at your page, and you're at 170ish now. When you said "always at 135" I thought you meant "always." Carry on, Medifast is perfect...

Comment #11

I can't remember the number Medifast gave me when I registered. Is there a way I can find out? I know the range, but I don't remember it giving me a specific number...

Comment #12

Tabitha, I've been trying to find that myself because I'd like another look at it, but have had no luck. You can always just google "height-weight chart," but I sure would like to know how to get back to it on MF. I must not be looking in the right places!..

Comment #13


Go to My Account (top middle of the page) then click on Personal Profile..

The goal weight you (or MF) selected is there...

Comment #14

I let Medifast pick it for me when I set up my profile. I figured it was the middle of the BMI range for my height, so that was OK. I felt my best when I was around 125-130 and felt chubby at 145, but I was also in the mid-20s then. As I'm approaching my 44th birthday, I am supposing I'll look better at a slightly higher weight than the one I was happy at in my 20s, so 142 sounded good. However, when I get closer to the top end of the healthy BMI, I'll reassess how I feel and look. I don't want to be wrinkly and have boney hands.

We'll see. I'm not anywhere near that point yet...

Comment #15

I picked a weight that seemed doable and not too overwhelming because I really didn't have any faith that I could lose the weight that I had tried so many times to lose. The weight I initially chose was still in the overweight range so when I got to that initial goal I lowered the goal by another 5 pounds. People started telling me how good I look and not to lose any more. My husband said the same thing. So, 2 weeks after I hit my goal I started transition. During that 2 weeks, I lost some more weight and now, in week 3 of transition, seem to have stabilized a bit.

Choosing a goal weight doesn't have to be done once and for all. Shoot for something reasonable, doable and healthy. As you approach that weight, you'll know more about what to do...

Comment #16

LOL...That's me too...I am 5'9 as well and curvy, big boned...I know when I weighed 170-175 I looked and felt awesome...So for me, that is what I am shooting for, even though the BMI charts say 165 is the high end for me...Being tall and large bones does make a difference and besides, we all know where we look and feel the healthiest...It can kiss my curvy 5'9 behind as well!..

Comment #17

I would add...I may go lower, I have not been there in 15 years, so I don't know what I will see till then...I am older. Like we all have said, we will know when we are at the place that feels right and in control for each of us...So glad that this can REALLY happen with MF!! I feel so optimistic!..

Comment #18

Freya- Does that mean that once I get lower that I shouldn't use medifast anymore?.

Also, please don't tell me Medifast is not the correct diet for me.... are you a medical expert?.

You can reccomend that I talk to someone about seeing if this is correct, but watch it.

You have sensitive people on here and you DON'T know there history to be saying stuff like that...

Comment #19

When I started Medifast I chose a goal weight of 150. This was a goal I have had many times before without ever getting all the way there. (155 is the closest I ever got) When I was younger(20'sand 30's) 140 was a goal. Now at 52 I think 150 was a good goal. Well I got to 150 easy enough and thought I would lower my goal to 145 before starting transition to give me a little wiggle room. Now after transition and well into maintenance I have continued to loose a little and I am at my all time adult low of 138 as of this morning.

I really do NOT want to give myself an excuse to eat as that could be the death of my losses so far. I am 5ft 7 in tall...

Comment #20

WOW! Awesome!!! You are an inspiration! Doesnt that feel so good? Congrats to you on your weightloss and totally surpassing your goal, and kicking it to the curb!!!..

Comment #21

I let Medifast pick my goal too - at 5'3", they calculated 122. I thought hmmm....well I will re-evaluate when I get closer to goal. I was 130 dating my husband and thought that might be a little more realistic for me. Now I know 6 years and one child later, 135 is a little more attainable and maintainable than 122. I started transition over a week ago and am continuing to lose - so 130 may be in the near future after all! I don't think I will see 122 though. My friends and family are telling me to stop losing weight, I am starting to look gaunt. Never thought I would hear those words!.

BTW - yes I do exercise, so I realize that being on the heavier side of the BMI charts is probably muscle mass and is a-okay. I will head to the doctor soon and get fat % checked and get my docs opinion on how much I should weigh...

Comment #22

Hmm...I've been wondering this myself too!.

I'm a shorty at 5'1 and Medifast told me 114 was my recommended weight. I'm at about 128 right now. I chose 125 for my "first" goal and then will probably lower it to 115. I've BEEN 115 before and did look good, but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to use Medifast to get down there...

Comment #23


The thing we have to remember though is that if we are succsesful on Medifast, we will ALL end up with less than 15lbs to lose at some point or another! I'm here with less than 15lbs and yes my losses are slower but I'm still MF'n it up!..

Comment #24

At 5' 5'' Medifast suggested 130lbs. I decided to put my goal as 140lbs. We still lose weight during transition so I am planning on maintaining at between 135-140lbs..

I have never weighed less than 170 some odd lbs as an adult so I really dont know what it will look like when I get there...

Comment #25

I picked the weight right in the middle of my BMI range. It is also the weight I felt the best at and was able to maintain most of my adult life...

Comment #26

I just wanted to clarify that yes, Medifast doesn't recommend the program for someone starting out with only 15lbs to lose...but this point should've been made more clearly in another MF'ers previous post.

Also...I HIGHLY doubt that just because I have less than 15lbs to lose now, that I'm suddenly going to go out of ketosis...if that were true, nobody would reach goal!! And it definitely works- look at Chickpea who made it all the way to the lower end of her BMI! Total inspiration, that woman!..

Comment #27

I am 5'4" and I have been overweight all my life so I let the program decide for me. Mine is 125lbs and that is middle range for my height so I am ok with that...

Comment #28

Well put! (The ONE good thing about being FAT, (if you can say that anything was "good.") is that "Fat fills out wrinkles!" I don't want to be wrinkly either! "Soft, fit, and feminine" sounds PERFECT!..

Comment #29

I used Medifast to select my goal weight and then a friend in my discussion group recommended the Happy Weight Calculator on the website. It is a friendly calculator that takes more into account than just height and weight. It looks at your body frame, age, exercise, parental obesity, children, etc. The biggest ah ha moment for me was the body frame measurement... I always thought I was big boned and turns out according to that measurement, I have a small-med frame (with broad shoulders [boo-hoo], and that was a definite consideration for deciding on a goal weight!..

Comment #30

Jennifer thanks for the calculator, I actually do have a large frame (which I thought but it was nice to reconfirm).. it says 146 would be good for me, we'll see but I haven't weighed that little since I was 18...

Comment #31

That was neat, Jennifer. It said my "happy weight" is 120.2. I guess I'll just stick with the 118 Medifast gave me for now since the two numbers are so close...

Comment #32

Mine is very different. My happy weight is 150.8. I may make that a mini-goal and reevaluate when I get there...

Comment #33

My happy weight was .4 lbs higher than my goal. Darn it. I was hoping for a reason to up my goal...

Comment #34

WOW my happy weight is WAY lower than I expected..

What's your Happy Weight?.


My Goal is 180 - and I know when I am that weight I look good Maybe I will need to re-evaluate when I get to 180..

It's only 12.5 pounds but did note expect that at all......

Comment #35

Mine puts me alot lower too. I will stick with my first guess of 125 because I don't think I really want to try and maintain around 120...

Comment #36

My happy weight was 154.6. My goal is 150. The funny thing is that the last time I did Medifast I got down to 160 and felt HOT!!! But I wanted to lose 10 more pounds hence my goal this time..

Comment #37

My happy weight was 148.1 :-/. I guess I'll have to reassess when I get to goal!..

Comment #38

Huh. 156.5 is what the site gave me as my happy weight. I still can't figure out what my frame is. When I was younger and thinner, I could close my fingers around my wrist, barely touching. Now there's about a .75-inch gap. How much of that is fat and how much is bone? I input large frame.


Comment #39 "happy weight" is 139. That's near the top of my normal BMI range...

Comment #40

Wow. That was fun! My happy weight is 138.0. I originally set my goal as 145 - knowing I would probably need to adjust that goal. Now I have a Happy Goal Weight...

Comment #41

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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