How to set goal weight during Nutrisystem?

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Come on, I'm OBESE? 233 pounds at 6ft is OBESE? Certainly overweight, but OBESE???.

According to some charts I found on google, I should be between 147 to 187 pounds. Even at the high end of 187 pounds, that sounds WAY to thin.

How have you all set your goal? I set mine at 199 because I thought it would be cool to be in the 100's...

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Your question was: How to set goal weight during Nutrisystem?.

LMAO, the women's chart isn't much better. I'm 5'4" and when I first started, I too was listed at obese weighing in at 176.5. I thought the same, ok overweight yes but obese. Rather harsh I thought. I weigh now 146.5 and is still considered overweight. My husband flat out disagrees with the BMI chart, but I'm not in 100% agreement with him either.

I weighed 112 - 113 and BMI said I was at an ok weight and in fact I was still considered healthy if I went down to 106. At 112, I was in a size 1 pants and as far as I was concerned and others, I was underweight. My doctor said I should be 130 but 135 would be ok. I'm striving to 140 for now to keep my hubby semi happy. Actually at the moment he thinks I'm too thin..

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I think I'll just shoot for "overweight" at 199......

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My DH is 6'2" I set him up on my wii fit and the wii told him he was obese and he should be at I think it was b/w 145-180. Im like you get below 190 and I will kill you! Thats TOO skinny!!.

I think it's all a matter of where we are comforatble with ourselves...

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Better to be 'obese' than MORBIDLY OBESE! That's what the charts say at the doctors offices...morbidly obese with only 40 lbs to lose!!! What is THAT?! OMG! What comes after morbidly obese? Dying to see a chart that says, 'just too fat to live, might as well shoot her!' lol..

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That's why we can't go by charts. We must go by our own bodies, how we think we feel and look. Only YOU will know when your at the correct weight for you!.

Best of luck..

Honestly, I think 147 lbs is WAY too low for a man 6foot!.

My husband is 6 foot and he is 185 lbs and that seems to be a good weight for him. He has gone into the 170's and some winters in the 190's but the 180-185 is pretty good for him..

Heck when I joined Nutrisystem I put 1st goal 150 thinking I'd never make it. Then I changed it to 140. Well, I went way below that. I got too low at 88 lbs, so I had put some back on..

I am happy about 95-98 but I am above that now but working on losing a little again. BTW I am only about 4'11" if that...

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Erm...well, I am probably no judge, because my husband is 6'6" and weighs 150 pounds. He looks svelt, and I like it. My brother is 6' and weighs 165. He actually looks a bit chubby to me. But really, I think whatever you are comfortable with should be your goal. You can always shoot for more after you hit that goal. As long as you weigh less than what you weigh now, and feel good, then it's great...

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My moms family is dropping like flies from heart related problems and they are not overly obese just overweight and under excercied. I for one am going to take care of myself. Lots of people think that being overweight is an appearance issue. But being overweight is actually a medical concern because it can seriously affect a person's health. We all have different frame types so just judging on your height, age and gender seems too simple but the charts do indicate a range of weight or BMI.

As I lose the weight I realize that I am really a smaller person underneath it all than I thought...

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My husband is 6 foot 1 inch and he's really at his best about 185. 200 is just too heavy for him. I think when you get closer to your goal weight you'll want to go down farther. Ask you doctor what they think, but I'd go for at least 190 -195 so you have that room to stay under 200...

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The BMI is an inaccurate gage of body fat and of health. If you have more muscle mass, not being of European decent, height, ect can all skew the results. Also many people who have "healthy" BMI's are not infact healthy.

My husband is a little taller than you, and when he hits 215 you can see all his ribs, and his friends and family begin asking him if he is okay, or sick, or whats going on, because he looks emaciated. That weight puts him in the "overweight" category. He would have to loose 35lbs under 215 to put him in the highest end of average. He is a big bulky muscle guy. Loosing that weight would not be healthy.

Look at the BMI as a tool and a guideline, but not the be all and end all. There is a lot of information out there on who the BMI doesn't work, and alternative tools to use...

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Do not treat the BMI (height/weight ratio) as set in stone fact. You have other factors to consider, even for the BMI. Did any of your Googling have you input your age? bone structure? gender? Even if you have yourself tested with the fat calipers, they are not the only measurement to base your "ideal weight" on. You should not be able to count your ribs because they are visible!!..

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Yeah, they are skewed in so many ways. I'm 5'9 and I get on the bobble head side at 140 or so, but it's considered normal. I am aspiring to get to 150, heck even 160 would work. BF is on Nutrisystem as well and the last time we did Nutrisystem about six years ago he lost fast, alot - around 175 or 180 at 5'10, he looked pretty head heavy himself I guess the best thing is to achieve a healthier weight and what you feel good with?..

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Remember that the BMI chart is supposed to indicate ideal weights for men and women. The lower end is typically for women, the higher for men..

Also, your frame, large, small, medium, can make a big difference in your weight. Your muscle mass can skew your results. Muscle weighs more than fat (pooh on people who want to argue and say it's denser) so body builders are frequently considered "overweight" based on the BMI chart..

I prefer going by the body fat percentage. I weighed in at 124 lbs, which at 5' put me at the higher end of the BMI chart. But my body fat percentage that day was 17.5%, which is really low for a female. Going below 14% is considered unhealthy. I do a lot of exercise, though, including weight training, and my bone structure is by no means petite..

Having said that, don't use it as an excuse to completely throw the BMI chart out the window. Americans are so used to seeing overweight people, that it looks normal to us now. People are constantly underestimating how fat they really are. Some people who are shocked at being obese, really ARE obese. I believe I've heard it being called around here as having "fat eyes.".

I'd recommend getting your body fat percentage checked when you get to around 200 lbs...

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Post a picture when you get to 200.


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Have your body fat % checked..

My husband is 6' tall too...he thought he would be good losing 20lbs to get to 199...he is now at 183! His pants went from a 36waist, and now 32s are getting lose.

As for me, at 5"3 i'm 133lbs and near top weight chart...but, my body fat % is in the fit range...i'm still trying to get to 128-129 and that wiil put me at bottom of fit bf range at 21%BF.

I say get to 199 and see what happens there. BTW, dh dr. told him he would be good at 210!ha, what do they know?..

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There's an unfortunate amount of truth to that. I mean, I always knew I needed to lose a few pounds, but somehow as the jeans hit 40... then 42... then 44...then 46... somehow I never really let myself SEE it. I mean the numbers were right there...

But nope, just moved on day by day. There were always bigger guys at work, so I looked at them and said, eh, I'm not there yet, I'm OK.

It wasn't until I got a serious wake up call from family, with my dad saying they were getting concerned that they might outlive me if I kept on going like this, that my eyes finally opened up, and I really saw how far gone I was...

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A rose by any other name?.

The label doesnt matter...those are someone elses standards...set your own and then live by them...

Comment #16

But, wow, look at the progress you made! Hope you're planning a great Father's Day gift!..

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OK, so a new all-time low of 230lbs today. Well not REALLY an all time low, as back in 1963 I was 8lb 10 oz. THAT was my all-time low..

Anyway, my BMI is 31, and I'm STILL OBESE. Geeze. Yesterday, I accidently hit the last hole on my belt. I guess I'll have to punch a new hole, or buy a new belt! However, I'm still annoyed that some government agency has declared me OBESE. Who ARE these people that set these "standards"?..

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I remember Doctor standards used to say you should weigh 100lbs per foot, 5 lbs per inch after that. I'm 5'7" which means I should weigh 135lbs. And that's what I'm shooting for. So according to the old standards a 6' tall man should weigh 200lbs..

Now I don't know what happened to society that we are now considered overweight and in some cases obese. When did that all change?? Remember the days when your cholestrol was 232 and that was perfectly acceptable?!?.

I think you should lose as much as you feel the most comfortable at! Remember it's what's inside that matters first, then the outside...

Comment #19

OK, 100lb per foot, and I'm 6', so I should weigh 600lbs. NOW I feel skinny!..

Comment #20

No. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear...100lbs 5', 200lbs 6', 300lbs 7'. I thought my example of was clear, ie 5'7", I should weight 135lbs...

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BMI is the best that we have but HORRIBLY out of date. WebMD has a modified model called BMI+..


BMI is based on REALLY old data. It makes sense for judging a person who sits behind a desk and gets absolutely no exercise and has a perfectly average frame..

Talk to your doctor, they will give you a range that makes sense for your personal body..

My doctor wanted me at 185 pounds at 6'1" with the amount of exercise that I do. That puts me at the very edge of the acceptable weight for my height on the standard BMI chart. On the BMI+ chart I am find even at 190 given my current jean size of 33...

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I really like this calculator. It gives me so much information.

I have to agree with others who have said that our whole culture has "fat eyes". I'm getting lots of comments now about not needing to loose any more. I do. I'm still overweight and just getting to under 25 on the BMI isn't going to have me miraculously at my ideal weight. I still need to loose around 20 pounds, but people don't see that. They see the weight I've lost and that I look better than before.

I love that it concretely gives me target heart ranges for exercise. I have a terrible time remembering the formulas for that.

Thanks for the link...

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OK, down to 222, but still 6' 0" and STILL OBESE! My current BMI is 30.1. If I lose 2 more pounds, I'll just be simply overweight and no longer obese! I think I can do it by July 4th! Stay tuned.......

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My son is 6' 2" and 190. He constantly complains about his "gut" and love handles. Get to 199 and see what you look and feel like. Are you extremely muscular? BMI charts do not work well with very muscular men..

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I am 6'3" and currently weight 261lbs and I am fat. I use to weigh 200lbs and for a short time was at 199lbs. At 199 I was too lean with 2% body fat. I actually look and feel best at around 205lbs..

Now also take into consideration that I have a larger frame than most. For example when I weigh 200lbs I still can't put on most watches. A doctor once told me I should weigh 160 lbs I went to that DR when I weighed 199 and was told to gain some weight. There is no once size fits all...

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I thought the term obese is determined by your BMI. Everyone's body is different and the amount of fat on your body is important. I don't know if that's the measurement you're supposed to go by or not, but I know it's not whether you look good at a certain weight...

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My doc said to shoot for a BMI of 22. I'm at 21.8 right now and this feels like my ideal weight. Everyone complains about the BMI charts, but in my case, they seem to be right on...

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Woo Hoo! I'm OVERWEIGHT! 219.6 today gives me a BMI of 29.8...

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