How to prevent cheating on Nutrisystem?

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For over a month we have had a "breakfast potluck" scheduled at work. Since I am new here I think it was important to participate and be social, unfortunately when I had signed up for the event I had no idea I would be on Nutrisystem!.

Anyways, yesterday was day 1 on the plan, it went great and I had no problems sticking to every item and I felt great. I went to bed early last night and brought yogurt and granola to the potluck, then I walked in and there was a ton of food and I cracked. I won't go into detail listing everything I ate but I feel like garbage right now, feeling incredibly guilty for straying on day 2.

The good thing is there is nothing else on the calendar like this, and next time I won't be completely new here so it won't look anti-social if I skip out on the goodies. It was good to socialize and chat, I just wish I was able to resist the temptation. Just wanted to confess my sins here, not making any excuses for my behavior but I knew the timing of this breakfast potluck thing would be a heard lesson.

I am too full for my snack, planning at lunch to eat my meal and veggies, words of encouragement may help the guilt but feel free to scold me also as I deserve it. No more junk, the stomach ache is not worth it...

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Your question was: How to prevent cheating on Nutrisystem?.

Some of us have been in similar situations and have probably done the same thing (or something similar). The important thing is to shake it off and get back on the program. Stay strong...

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When my office celebrates (like today cheesecake factory cheesecake), I bring my own fancy snack or items to eat, so that I can be social and stay on plan. I'll be having chocolate chip pudding while they eat cheesecake...

Comment #2

I'm with Thelma - you can only start from here now Once you start getting into NS...losing weight, looking and feeling better, you will be able to resist the rich food at gatherings like the potluck breakfast and choose fruit and yogurt. It is hard - food tastes good. I had several of these breakfasts at my son's PTA and I wanted to eat the yummy looking food but I wanted more to not go off track. Good luck to you and get that momentum going!..

Comment #3

I have found that for me, mindset is everything! I try to avoid temptation (my husband and I haven't been eating out), but when I know there is a special event coming up, I consider it a planned meal off Nutrisystem. I then look forward to it, try to at least eat reasonably, and enjoy it. I find I don't beat myself up afterward and begin the "oh, well, I blew it" bingeing because I planned it. It actually helps me stay on-plan because I know if I really want something I can have it on that "special" day..

These were occasions like my son's graduation, my son and daughter's graduation party, the 4th of July. I don't do it often, I have been off-plan maybe 4 times in 3 months. I suppose Nutrisystem support would frown upon this, but I find it works for me...

Comment #4

Just don't let one day of cheating derail you. Relook at WHY you chose Nutrisystem and WHY you want to lose weight. Then do it.

Slip ups happen, it is how we deal with them that counts. Start over and fresh, don't dwell on it but do learn..

You CAN do this...

Comment #5


I'm not going to "scold" you because you are not a child. You have to beresponsible for your own decisions. If you're not ready to fully commit, and decide that no matter what everyone else is eating either you'll decide to eat some with restraint & skip the guilt, or you will eat your own food, you're going to be wasting your time on any weight loss plan. Why not sit down and decide if you truly want to lose weight right now, and, more importantly, you're ready to make some lifestyle changes in order to do that.

Best wishes to you!!..

Comment #6

One thing that has helped me in difficult situations is I ask myself, "How can I succeed?".

I usually come up with an answer! I get there was pressure due to being new but next time ask yourself that and you'll find a way to get through it.

Back on track!..

Comment #7

Oh and that pressure you felt - was mostly coming from you I bet. We put it on ourselves.

When I went to a few BBQs lately I was nervous about the peer pressure. There was 1 question at each party. Both was about alcohol - aren't you going to have a drink. Answered that I had to hydrate first...and never came up again. Went home and realized, no one cared what I was eating or drinking! We do it to ourselves most of the time..

Comment #8

The past is the past; we cannot change it but we can learn from it. None of us are perfect, but many have found that planning ahead is always a good move to deal with these types of situations..

Best wishes to you in your efforts! You can do it! Remember, it is a mindset and a lifestyle change; you need to believe in yourself and your ability to do the program. Approach each day and each meal with a "I can do this" attitude! When faced with temnptation, tell yourself that for this time, I will pass; there will be other times I might be able to have the item. Then when those times present themselves, you might find it easier to resist..

Planning ahead is important!..

Comment #9

This is a journey - don't be so hard on yourself or you will derail before you begin. Think of working with the plan and not have it work against you. Many of us are fairly new here so some of these are first time situations and need to be figured out - you made an important discovery of what you don't want to do again. There you go...

Comment #10

I am with you, while I wouldn't recommend you do it on day 2 but yes off plan meals happen, and giving yourself permission can actually be a good thing. The only thing you have to do is look around and see what the options are and try to make good decisions... or if you want that really bad thing have a little bit of it... and move on. Think of the big picture, after you are done losing and are maintaining you are going to have more of these choices to make, if you make good choices 98% of the time you will be fine. I don't know about anyone else but I am not looking at this as a plan that deprives me of food, any food... if I realllllly want something bad every once in awhile I will have it and move on!..

Comment #11

Pls let go of the guilt feelings, that do nothing positive for you or your Nutrisystem plan, forget about your off plan day (NS is a lifestyle, not a "diet". Hen(e you haven't "(heatde", but have stepped off your plan for a spe(ial o((asion. As long as you don't have off-plan meals or days very often, you'll do fine on NS). Now, get ba(k on your plan, eat everything it says to at 3 hr. or so intervals, & drink all 64 oz. water every day.

I lost 72 lb.s in 7 months in '07, during whi(h time I (ruised & traveled, so I speak from experien(e, when I say Nutrisystem works, & you (an do it! Nutrisystem su((ess to you! Kat D..

Comment #12

Caving on Day 2 is not a great sign. Now is the time to really look hard at what your really want to accomplish.

See, there will always be a work function, anniversary, birthday, BBQ, church social, etc. And at those times, there will always be lots of crap to eat that isn't healthy. You have to make a plan for these times so that you'll make good, healthy choices and not hate yourself later..

For now....forget about what is in the past. Jump right back on the program and resolve to dodge temptations from now on. Or don't and let this be another failed attempt to lose weight. Your choice. I hope you now ROCK THIS PROGRAM!!!!..

Comment #13

If that works for you, then go for it. However, I wanted to get to goal as quickly as possible. I figured for that amount of time in my life, I could do without bad food choices. Now that I'm on maintenance heck yeah now and then I overindulge. But it is right back to business as usual the next day. Just depends on how quickly you want to get to goal...

Comment #14

Next time a work/food function comes up, bring some of your Nutrisystem food with you to consume. Make whatever pot-luck dish you like, just stay on the NS. If any of your co-workers ask about what you are eating or why you are not eating the pot-luck, just tell them the truth. Tell them you are doing the Nutrisystem and how much you like the program, how much weight that you have lost, etc. Turn it into a positive moment for yourself. If you stay on plan and avoid the temptations, you will be successful and reach your goal. Remember that you are in control of what you eatno one else is...

Comment #15

I am new here as well. I just started on Monday. It is not easy being on limited amounts of food and we are human so I think she deserves a break. I don't think it is a matter of if she really wants it, I think everyone cheats. As long as you aren't cheating every single day, I think you will be okay. Believe me, I feel your pain...

Comment #16

Brattylatina, welcome!.

The trouble with that is that every day can give us opportunities to "cheat." One day it's an office party, two days from now someone brings home pizza, over the weekend we're invited to lunch at a fast food place, and on and on. We have to re-arrange our thinking where we don't even consider "cheating" as part of our weight loss journey and that takes work and planning. We have to eat before we go to the movies or take a little bag of popcorn with us...or just decide not have any food there. We need to plan what we'll do at the wedding reception eat a Nutrisystem treat before we go, or after we leave. Or if we make a decision to eat something unplanned on a rare occasion, and we think about it before we do it, it's more of a "decision" and we shouldn't think of it as "cheating." And if we made a decision, it's not hard to go forward without any guilt not the same if we feel like we "cheated.".

And "cheating" sounds like we're gonna get caught by who? The food police?? We need to realize that type of thinking keeps us stuck and then feeling like we're not getting anywhere...

Comment #17

The rest of the day went good... funny thing is my stomach has been upset ever since I pigged out this morning, not sure if it's my body getting adjusted to these new foods or if it's from this morning..

I will say this breakfast event was a rare occasion, not only being new to the company (It's only once every few years I am the "new guy" at work), and having committed to participating before the word "Nutrisystem" was even part of my vocabulary. I should also say in all my years post-college at a workplace I had never seen a big breakfast potluck like this so I don't expect to see one soon again, mornings are always my weakest times to make poor food decisions. With a lot of confidence I can say I won't have a similar situation come up anytime soon, cookouts and events are not even a concern for me because I just relocated from a far distance and don't know anyone here yet (other than my fiancee)- I don't think we will have any sudden invites to BBQ's here anytime soon. I'll make friends out here but right now it's really about me and being happy with myself, which is why I am doing NS..

Now that I am on my plan I won't end up in a situation like that as I just won't volunteer for it. Even before Nutrisystem I'd turn down invites to lunch if I knew the food would be junk, I generally don't eat bad I just eat way too much, hopefully Nutrisystem can train me into eating proper portions and knowing when to push the plate away. Back on it, here to stay...

Comment #18

Depends entirely upon what the cheat is. I mean, OK, if you have an extra apple? I'm not really concerned. If you rationalize a night out of drinks and nachos and fried mozzeralla sticks and cheesy bacon potato skins? Well, then you owe it to yourself to know what that means to your progress for that week. Maybe it's worth it to you, maybe not.

Personality type factors into it a lot too. Some people CAN give themselves an occasional small cheat, and *hold* themselves at that small cheat, going no further, and make it work. All power to you, if you're able to make that work for you.

But me? I find it far easier to stay 100% on plan than I would to stay 95% on plan. I know how easy I rationalize things. That's how I wound up at 320 lbs in the first place...

Comment #19

Sounds like you've made some good, smart plans...way to go!!!..

Comment #20

That is one way to look at it. However, I don't think that kind of rationalization will get you or her to goal. Maybe...I hope you guys prove me wrong...

Comment #21

Glad you are back at it. However learning to say NO when things come up is the real challenge. Avoiding occasions just to not be tempted is not the best approach IMO. Making a plan so that you are ready for temptations will carry you a lot farther on your journey. Remember we aren't just in this to reach goal. We want to change our approach to food so that once we do reach goal, the tools and habits we pick up here will carry us thru to successful maintenance...

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