How to make vanilla Medifast shakes better?

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Started with vanilla shake this morning in the shaker. Taste awful! What can I do to make this taste better?..

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Your question was: How to make vanilla Medifast shakes better?.

I had to laugh at your reply IAmSandy. I agree with you. My taste buds were beaten into full submission too! I like the vanilla the best, strawberry the least. Whatever the flavor, they ALL taste like roadkill when tepid water is used rather than arctic cold ice.

I use an ice shaver for mine. I just like having the tiny ice crystals to crunch on while drinking. I'm going to try doing the same shaved ice thing with the Cranberry/Mango drink. It might even be like a sno cone..

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Alright... what I am about to tell you will make you wanna suck down mud. I am on 2 pills and insulin for my diabetes. I've been on the plan for 1 1/2 weeks, my sugars took a dive. I called by specialist - endo - and all along dropping my insulin a little at a time... still I was bottoming out.

Doc told me to keep it up and in a couple of months I would be off all my meds... NOW, feel like suckin' some mud down if it will get you off your meds and health..

Okay, really, you read about people's taste buds change, they DO! Oh, and until they do or you get a new order in chug... I am confident you will find them not so bad..

Good luck and keep the chin up... Crystal..

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Thank you for your response! Good for you in decreasing your meds. My sugar is responding too the first 5 days. Usually around 250, now the last couple of days averaging 180. Thank God! I want to get off these needles. I am doing better with doctoring the shakes up with sweet and low. My worry is during the week I am fine, but this weekend was a bear, extra hungry. I ate an apple which threw my sugar off, but still was hungry...

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Hey everyone! I haven't even made it a week and I lost 5 lbs. Woo Hoo! I am so excited and my blood sugars have been under 200 all week. Not taking as much insulin and I am loving life. Diane - Maryland..

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When I get gut rumbling hungry I eat some extra protein, usually on those days I've done some heavy exercise. I've found that adding a small amount of protein helps keep me in ketosis and my BS level. I hate it when my stomach rumbles out loud!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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