How to make Nutrisystem veggies taste better?

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I'm seriously trying to get in the veggies but this is a huge challenge for me. There are few that I like to start with and trying to get in 4 servings a day is making things very interesting. I really want to do this 150% so any ideas on how to get them in or recipes would be welcome..

I'm thinking about trying to find some type of mixed veggie thing. Right now I'm seriously thinking about wedges of tomato, cucumbers, celery, with cottage cheese. You laugh, but I'm serious. Cottage cheese is my fix for everything from the not so hot nacho crisps to trying to somehow make the veggies work for me and using it as salad dressing almost. I can't stand the fat free dressing..

Ok, Yes I'm insane, but any ideas are welcome...

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Your question was: How to make Nutrisystem veggies taste better?.

Mash cauliflower- good.

I do veg juice- the small cans 5/5 oz- should be low salt but think it is awful (tried that with tomato juice too). One can is 1 veg serving. (Should be 4 oz but close enough to me.) Costco sells them in cases. Easy for a quick grab and go. I got so tired of them too..

Hit search button on gray bar above and type in vegetables, and veggies- should get a ton of stuff...

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What I do is buy an assortment of raw veggies (or frozen if I can't find fresh), cut them up and put in a large roasting pan. Drizzle with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and season with whatever seasonings appeal. Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes, stirring about halfway through. This makes enough servings to last for about 4 days. You can vary the veggies, include more of the ones you like, less of the ones you don't like as much. This way, every forkful will include mostly what you like and maybe just a small taste of the ones you don't.

Typically, I use broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, carrots, snow pea pods, green beans, eggplant, etc, but you can experiment with any veggies you like or haven't tried before. If I find something that I just can't stand at all, I don't repeat it. Cauliflower comes to mind ......

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I forgot to add that sometimes to change up the flavors, I warm up a cup of the roasted veggies and throw in a wedge of Laughing Cow garlic and herb flavor cheese. This covers my two servings of veggies at dinner, plus a dairy serving...

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Hi all! I am having trouble with the Veggies too but I do like V8 juice(low salt) The only veggies I like are Cabbage, Broccoli, and Carrots! Don't care much for meat so I eat lots of NF Cottage Cheese but I have lost 18lbs! Hope everyone is doing good!..

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The Laughing Cow cheese is not a dairy serving. In one wedge, the protein is too low to count and if you have more cheese, the fat becomes too high. It can be used as a partial dairy serving but you need to up the protein with something fat free...

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ONE Wedge of Laughing Cow Light is a Partial Protein (35 calories, 2.5 gr protein, 2 gr fat) too many calories to really qualify as "free food", although some people do use as such..... It takes 3 wedges to get the recommended amount of Protein to 'qualify' as a Dairy/Protein serving, but that results in too much fat my best recommendation is to use it as 'part' of a protein serving, make up the 'remainder' of the protein in a serving by other fat-free selection.


1 wedge LC + 1/2 oz lunch meat (make rollups).

1 wedge LC in Nutrisystem pastas, then have 2 tbsp fat free cheese on salad.

1 wedge LC + 1 ounce ff cream cheese - good in primavera & fettucini.

1 wedge LC + 1 ff hot dog.

Remember to be a Dairy/Protein the total Protein should be at least 7 grams, the total fat should be 3 grams or less and the total calories should be around 100 cals or less.

There are also little squares of Laughing Cow available in some areas...7 calories each (they are TINY) could have 3 of those bites as a "free food."..

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I'm with you. I HATE vegetables and simply cannot do the FF dressing. Light and Low Fat are OK. I'm living on salads, tomato's and cucumbers. It's really hard for me to fit the veggies in...

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I should have clarified on the LC cheese wedge I add to my veggies. I often drink only 4 ounces of skim milk with my breakfast, so I count the cheese wedge as the other half of my breakfast dairy serving...

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I like Kateb's idea of roasting then processing them and layering with the lasagne! The sauce of the lasagne with mask any veggie taste I think..

I have always eaten veggies so continuing to do so is no problem for me but I have friends who don't eat them and are irregular..

If anyone can start to enjoy them or incorporate them somehow into your plan, you will be healthier for it..


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Wow! What a bunch of great ideas. Thank you everyone. I did find some fat free cheese slices and maybe I can find a way to cook the veggies I do eat and use some cheese with them just to add a different flavor. I think I might be able to handle more salads if I can put a little cheese in it...

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Slice up a bell pepper. Saute in a pan with 1 tsp of of olive oil and seasoning. Then wrap it up in a tortilla with a tbs of salsa. That is your veg,fat & carb serving...

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Women only get an extra carb serving if they have more than 100 lbs. to lose, are going to have a dinner that requires adding a roll (hamburger, chicken pattie, etc.), or are flexing their meal...

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Try Broccoli Slaw. You can find it in the produce section in bags ...where they sell the bags of lettuce. Often Brocolli slaw is mixed with carrots. I put a little FF Ranch dressing on it. Sometimes I mix in some almonds and cranberries. It is crunchy and I enjoy it much more than a salad made with lettuce...

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Buy Jessica Seinfeld's book: Deceptively Delicious..

It explains how to hide vegetables in foods to get kids to eat them, but it works for adults, too...

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Ok here's what I'll do, when I go through a "hating veggies" phase...I roast up a bunch of mixed veggies (i.e. broccoli and cauliflower), and once they're nice and brown, I run them through my food processor until they're really finely chopped..

I'll layer this mix in with the lasagna, or use it as a topping on my pizza (underneath the cheese, of course). I really do feel like I'm hiding veggies like you would for a five-year-old, but it does the trick!..

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Well, I seem to be stuck on the same ones over and over, cauliflower, lettuce, onion, spinach, zuchinni, onion, lettuce, cauliflower, zuchinni, spinach, onion, zuchinni, cauliflower, lettuce, and spinach.

But it's working!.


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Thanks for your responses. I decided to buy some cabbage and tomatoes tonight at the store. I'm going to see if I can find a way to mix them with cottage cheese..

I like the idea of adding them to lasagna and pizza. That's actually a really good idea and might help. I do eat mushrooms and green peppers on pizza so that might add a little to my list...

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Mash cauliflower- good.

I do veg juice- the small cans 5/5 oz- should be low salt but think it is awful (tried that with tomato juice too). One can is 1 veg serving. (Should be 4 oz but close enough to me.) Costco sells them in cases. Easy for a quick grab and go. I got so tired of them too..

Hit search button on gray bar above and type in vegetables, and veggies- should get a ton of stuff...

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