How to make Nutrisystem lunches taste better?

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Ok, on my 2nd week now...and the worst problem I am having is getting through the lunches most of the things I got were pasta cups. I follow the directions, but the noodles are always hard, and the little broccoli bits are like eating plastic...really gross! anyone have any tips or suggestions for a yummy lunch?.


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Your question was: How to make Nutrisystem lunches taste better?.

I like the bars (though not thrilled with the raspberry) and chicken noodle soup. The mashed potatoes are also really popular...

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I make mine the night before and put in a container in the fridge. It's really good heated up the next day...

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Hm, I will try the boiling seems like all the water can't be heated up that much in the time it says on the cup.


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That's a really good idea. I'll have to start doing it. I haven't told anyone at work that I'm on Nutrisystem and I get kinda self conscious walking from my office to the microwave and back with the green container...

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Yes the reason I started doing it the night before was because I don't want to spend all my lunch hour waiting on those noodles It works for me...

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I had that same issue. It says on the container that you add water and then microwave but I microwave it for longer until the noodles are right...

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Maybe I am misunderstanding what you're saying, but just in case: you are boling the water separately THEN adding it to the cup, right? Stir well, cover it tightly and let it sit for 8-10 minutes. It should fluff up the ingredients and get rid of the crunchies...

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Yes, boil the water and pour it in and stir good and cover with a plate or something. Let set for 10 minutes at least or longer. I stir once in the middle of it. If it sets long enough to cool, then I put in the microwave a little bit.

These are the old intructions we use to have and works much better than the new ones..

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Have you tried the lunch bars? The double chocolate caramel bars are to die for! I have one everyday!..

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I like to add boiling water too. Then, I let it set for a few minutes, then stir and microwave for 30-40 seconds, then let it sit for about 10 min with something heavy on top to hold the lid closed.

Diane, I pour the pasta cups over frozen veggies that I've cooked (i.e. mixed veggies, broccoli, green beans, etc.). Sometimes I add sauteed mushrooms and onions (maybe with a little garlic/jalapeno) because I cook a bunch of it on Sunday, then use it during the week to add to the entrees. Sometimes I add my protein in too, like an ounce of cut up chicken, tuna, a cooked/cut up Hebrew National frank, etc...

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Exchange them for the lunch bars...they rock! Especially the fudge graham bar!..

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My best cup of pasta was the day I added the water, ate my veggies, then forgot I hadn't eaten it after like 40 minutes. So I think the key is to let them cook in the boiling water for much longer than recommended on the package...

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Great tip Polly!.

I hate a sweet candy bar thing for lunch, so I always eat the cups. You have to boil the water first, add extra boiling water, stir, close, set a plate on top, microwave for 30-60 seconds and let it rest a few minutes. Then they are perfect..

I think all the dry Nutrisystem products require more water than stated in the directions. Otherwise the dehydrated veggies and dry pasta are crunchy...

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I like the soups and have one almost every day - after a big salad with tuna as the added protein. The chicken noodle and vegetable beef are both excellent and just heat for 60 seconds in the microwave and they're ready...

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As everyone has already stated for the pasta cups - the trick is to add the boiling water - stir well - and let it sit for AT least 10 minutes - (I usually go for 15/20 minutes) - I prepare mine the night before and add in some sauted veggies... the reheat in the microwave when it's time for lunch..

I also really like the bars(Trail Mix bar is my fav!) - At lunch I eat a big salad full of veggies and protein add in then have the lunch bar as my "dessert" - always a satifying meal.

That said... I think the black beans and rice & the red beans and rice are two of the best lunches - (but then again I like food with a bit of a kick). I think these two have the best flavor and are comparable to the dinners. I still prepare them the night before by adding in some sauted veggies and reheating.....

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You need to microwave it longer, and be sure and let it sit good and long. Or do it for the time given, then toss it into a pan on the stove and stir with wedge of LC Cheese (1/3 Protein). If you are at work, make it up as suggested the night before, put it into tupperware, and toss in the fridge till the next day. I never send the dry noodles to work with my husband. Just the rice dishs or the tins of pasta...

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While I love the breakfasts, dinners, and snacks, there are very few lunches that I like. I have been sticking to the fudge graham bars (those I love) and the cheesy mashed potatoes, and I order a bunch of chicken salads only cuz they are easy to take to work. Like most, I do not like the boiling water ones as a rule...

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I agree! It's my all time favorite of any type of candy bar EVER! It's also surprisingly filling. While I don't have it every day, I have it 2-3 times a week...

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Try adding a little more water and make sure to stir really well. What I usually do is put my veggie serving, like broccoli, into a bowl and then I pour the pasta entree over the veggies. Really good that way! You could also put in a crumbled slice of lowfat cheese for your dairy/protein serving and delicious!!..

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Are you adding boiling water (never mind what the package says), stirring very very well, putting the lid on and then covering with something heavy (to keep the heat in), let sit for about 10 minutes (for any pasta), stir, reheat in micro if needed?..

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Try adding a little more water? I fill mine to just below the water line because I actually like the little bit of texture the top layer of slightly undercooked noodles add. Never had any problem with the broccoli though. Maybe you're not stirring well enough before microwaving? I've seen someone suggest using boiling water to the fill line instead of microwaving. Not sure if that's practical for you or not though...

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Hi Diane! Welcome to Nutrisystem and congrats on your 10 lb weight loss. That's fantastic!.

Here's a thread I found when I did an Advanced Search and entered lunch cups..


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I like the bars (though not thrilled with the raspberry) and chicken noodle soup. The mashed potatoes are also really popular...

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