How to make medifast soft serve

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So I ordered a box of soft serve, but don't have a way to crush ice. (I've got a good blender on my christmas list).

What can I do with this til then? Any other ways to prepare it?..

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Lu Lu: I also ordered the ss before realizing what a chore it was to actually make it. I do have a really good blender, but the thought of putting ice cubes and crushing them was not appealing to me at all. Imagine the racket. I also have no desire to buy a Ninja just for that purpose. So...I made shakes out of mine. It makes a very creamy shake.

Scoop them onto wax paper or foil and freeze them for 30 min to 1 hour...

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Great Idea! I did try to crush my ice with my bullet and it didnt come out great. I will try plan B..

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If you ever have soft serve done with a Ninja, you will be sold for life!.

My Ninja is my go to for soft serve, shakes and I haven't tried it but it is also a food processor...

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The ninja is on my wishlist. However I'd like to see it in person first. I don't have room for anything much bigger then the magic bullet I currently use!.

I'm gonna try the fudge drop idea! That sounds amazing!..

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Just make it into a shake! The way to properly make them is too much bother for me. Now I just add more water to it and it is like a frosty..


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Yeah, they're definitely good as shakesI find the texture much better than the "real" shakes..

I have found some mini ice cube trays for about $5 for a set of two (each cube is a little bit smaller than a game die) and I use those sometimes, which are a lot easier to crush even in my little Magic Bullet. I found mine at a party supply store, but I've seen them on Amazon and other places online. They're nice if I want to get closer to a frosty/slushy texture, even if I don't crush them completely first...

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I think I'll try the "fudge drop" idea and put some in now for my afternoon snack. Sounds yummy. Maybe I'll do the peanut butter and add a little extra pb...

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Well I didn't have a way to chop the ice either so I put the the ice cubes in a good ziplock bag and used my meet cleaver to smash it up worked great and I had some chunks that didn't get small enough but I just took those out. Anyway worked and was good I have since gotten a good blended that chops ice...

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I know it's been said a few times already, but for the soft serve, and the pudding, I make shakes! 8 ounces water and a handful of icecubes. YUM! I only use the shakes to make CodyJo's cookies! but I drink the soft-serve and puddings...

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I now make icy shakes with mine. Tried it for the first time last night and it tastes better with more water and more ice than the regular way to make it. I got a free packet of coffee so am wondering if it will be like drinking iced coffee...

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Thanks for reminding us about the fudge drops. I've been making my coffee and pb soft serve into them for the last two days. I did make both with coffee, then froze. WONDERFUL!!..

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I've had luck making it with my small cuisinart blender. It does make a racket but that little machine cost about $30 (I bought it awhile ago) and I do get ice chunks. I like the idea of buying a party store ice tray to make small cubes. I'm going to try that...

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Mix it with the equivalent amount of water, pour it into a shalllow pan. 30 min. later scoop it out like a slushy, mix and refreeze for a little bit. It works well for me. Sometimes I mix it in the a.m. and do the scooping later in the evening...

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