How to make Medifast oatmeal taste better?

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Uh oh! OMG OMG!.

So, um. Every morning (Monday - Friday) I have Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal for breakfast. It's quick and easy when I'm rushing for work, plus I really like the taste..

The past couple days ... it's been ... well ... I didn't like it.

I don't know if I have a bad box or what but it's like it's not mixing right. I'll randomly have a big chunk of dry oatmeal that water has never touched and it tastes like dirt. This morning I sat there and stired the water in for like 5 minutes before I put it in the microwave, just to be safe, and the same thing happened! I ate about half, then had a dry chunk, and was so put off I couldn't finish it..

I BETTER HAVE A BAD BOX! If I lose my oatmeal, I dunno what I'll do.


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I have had that happen, too. I started mixing it with a fork and it seems to happen less. I whisk it with a little boiling water and then I add more once it seems well mixed. I typically let it sit while I do other things and then nuke it until it is the perfect temperature...

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I have to let mine soak for at least 30 minutes. If I don't, it's LUMPY and gross. Then I mix it with a fork...

Comment #2

Let it sit. I did that one day accidentally and found it was rehydrated almost fully and really only needed a brief warmup. No lumps!..

Comment #3

Sorry that is happening to you, I've never had that happen. I LOVE my oatmeal too!..

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Sam - When I first started MF, I loved the oatmeal. Had it every day. One day, I simply couldn't tolerate it. You hear that tastes change while on Medifast and that things you start out disliking may become favorites, well, it works the other way as well, unfortunately. If you lose your oatmeal, you'll simply find something to replace it with, probably something that you didn't like in the beginning..

FYI - The only way I could eat oatmeal after this was as pancakes. You might try that...

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