How to make Medifast oatmeal palatable?

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I am new to Medifast. I had my first bowl of oatmeal today. Unfortunately I found it to be very thick and glue like! LOL! Would like any tips on how to make it more palatable! Thanks!.


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There is an old post on this Board about what to do with the oatmeal...suggestions ranging all the way to using it for mortar. Check it will make you laugh if nothing else!.


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My thoughts are pretty much same as Raven. I always soak the oatmeal for 30 mins+. I use 1c water. I always use splenda and with some flavors, cinnamon. I used to hate the oatmeal and totally gave up on it at one point. Now I eat it every day! It was the first Medifast meal I tried and I think I cried to think what I had gotten myself into.


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I only eat the oatmeal made into cookies , pancakes or waffles. I have never liked it plain..

For the cookies I use any kind of oatmeal, 1/3 c. water, 1/2 teas. vanilla, a little less than 1/4 teas baking powder( I use the non alum kind) 1 pkt splenda. 1/4 teas cinnamon, and a sprinkle of butter buds, mix and let stand about 5 min. bake on a sprayed cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 14 minutes..

For pancakes, any flavor of oatmeal, 1/4c egg beaters, 2-4 T water( enough to make a pancake batter constancy) a little cinnamon, and a pkt of splenda if desired, spray a small skillet and cook onver med heat brown on one side flip brown the other, serve with sf syrup, I like the walden farms syrup, no calories in it...

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I agree I add extra water to mine and let it soak for just a little bit...

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I actually like the oatmeal, I guess I'm weird! :-p.

Have you seen the flavored Splenda packets for coffee? I haven't tried it with the Medifast oatmeal, but I sometimes add one to my coffee or regular oatmeal. I think they have hazelnut, french vanilla (and I don't remember the other flavor.)..

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I love the oatmeal - but I have never cooked it in the microwave. I cook all of my Medifast meals on the stove. Use about 3/4 - 1 cup of water, cook on med-low until it boils, then take it off heat and let sit for about 5 mins. The fruit plumps up and it tastes like real oatmeal! I sometimes sprinkle some cinnamon in my Apple & Cinnamon and once used a splenda packet but it made it taste strange. I might just be used to my bland oatmeal! I love it - I have it every morning for breakfast, it's one of my favorite Medifast foods!..

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I cried the first time I tried the oatmeal too! After hearing everyone's advice along with yours, I will give the oatmeal another go!..

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My friend on Medifast let me try her peach oatmeal before I joined. Not sure why, but I joined anyway. That stuff was disgusting to me that day. Funny after only 3 months - it's my favorite meal. Even more than bars. Play with it just a little and give it time.

On Sunday, I do enjoy them made into pancakes, but have never found I needed to add more than a TBS of Eggbeater (which my TSFL coach said was okay to do a few times a week) and a pinch of baking powder. That with just enough water to make a batter cooks great in a fry pan. I then toss in microwave for 15 secs to make sure it's heated and cooked completely through. I find I don't even need syrups...

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The more you eat Medifast the better it taste (I think they put crack in there j/k.

I like to make it a little runnier,and make pancakes with s/f syrup..

I'll eat it plain now too. I let it cook, and then cool down (aka - soften up)..

Also, if you have some of the soups, they are the same way. I have a mini crock pot (baby one), and I put my soup on in the morning with hot water, and it is ready for lunch. Don't be afraid to doctor the soups up with seasonings too! Yesterday I had the chili for lunch, out of the crock pot! It was great on a 25 degree day in Texas...

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I had the blueberry oatmeal this morning and it was my first one since this is only my day 3. I had heard how terrible it was on the message boards so I dreaded it. But, I added 1 t. brown sugar and about 4 black raspberries and sprinkled some ground flax (for Omega 3s) and followed the rest of the directions and it was yummy!..

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Neither of these items are on plan. You may want to familiarize yourself with the Medifast Quick Start Guide- click on Success Tools at the top right of the page, then click "Eat Right"..

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I actually love the blueberry oatmeal. It tastes like blueberry muffins. The maple brown sugar has a lot more taste if you add a touch of salt, a little cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract. You can do the same with the apple oatmeal. For me, there is no hope for the peach. Hope this helps..

Comment #12

Thanks for this tip wih the oatmeal. Go Ravens!..

Comment #13

Wow, I'm surprised that so many people don't like the oatmeal. It was the first Medifast I tried and I knew I could eat it. I'm going to try soaking it tomorrow before cooking it and see if I like it even more. Thanks for the 411..

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I made oatmeal cookies today for the first time, I preheated oven to 350. Filled meauring cup with 1/3 cup cold water, put in apple cinnamon oatmeal pack, 1/8 tsp. of baking soda, dash of cinnamon, mixed it well. Then eyeballed it and added more water to keep it and a nice consistency and not being too runny, I thought 1/3 looked too thick. Sprayed pam on air bake sheet and scooped it into 4 cookies. Baked like 12 mins...

I read you can put splenda and vanilla extract in it, but I didnt' have any splenda left and was worried about using the vanilla extract... not sure how much is ok etc.. Felt like they tasted more like muffins then cookies but still way better then reg. oatmeal for me... want to do it again in advance this time so it will be ready in morning during work week.....

Comment #15

Ok, I just ate the maple & brown sugar oatmeal and I thought it was the worst thing I've ever eaten in my life, I couldn't even finish it. There seems to be some kind of bitter or burnt aftertaste. I can't even imagine giving it another try and "getting used to it"...

Comment #16

First, add more water before you microwave it if you want it a bit thinner. You can add hot water after you've nuked it, if it still seems too thick.

Also, add some cinnamon before you cook it and let it sit for a few minutes. Letting it sit allows the fruit to rehydrate, and it also allows the oatmeal to absorb some of the cinnamon. Then microwave as usual..

Some people also like to add a tiny bit of sugar-free syrup or some Splenda to sweeten it up a bit. I never have, but many people say they really enjoy it that way.

Don't give up on the oatmeal. It is one of those meals that just takes getting used to. I was used to having the high sugar instant oatmeal, so going from that to the Medifast oatmeal was a shock to my taste buds. After a couple of weeks on the plan, though, and having eliminated all that sugar, I found it to be delicious and I have it every day...

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