How to make Medifast oatmeal edible?

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Hi guys! Day 1 on medifast and I have to tell you, having serious second thoughts after my first meal attempt of the day - cinnamon sugar oatmeal. I have never liked even regular oatmeal, so I knew going in that buying the oatmeal would be risky - but so few breakfast options for me (I don't like eggs either!)..

So my question for you is - what can I do with the oatmeal to make it edible?.

And how about the eggs? I'm going to have to learn to like them somehow, any suggestions?.


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Your question was: How to make Medifast oatmeal edible?.

The muffins are good. Luckily I can eat them as it and I always loved the eggs. Its the COT soup I dont like but I dont like tomato anything so I make a muffin/bread out of it. Try some of the recipes, some of them are good...

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I love the Oatmeal it's the Soup I hate. Would anyone be willing to trade some Oatmeal for Soup packets?..

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I also can't stand the oatmeal, it was my first meal too..

For the eggs, cook them in a pan with some pam sprayed in. I like to mix up the eggs in the shaker the night before and let it sit in the fridge, it pours out really smooth without those speckly looking things. I have made it as scrambled with salsa but for the past few weeks I have been cooking it like an omlette, flipping it over, spreading soem laighing cow and some hot sauce and voila!..

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I never did try the oatmeals but from I have been reading, people usually set them aside until their taste buds changes I love the eggs and I usually nuke them because I eat them at work. I usually add hot sauce and a wedge of lite LC Cheese to them. Sometimes I would add a tsp of onions (1 condiment) or a tablespoon of green peppers (and take it off my greens list). I love the chili, stews and the COB and COC soups..

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I think the oatmeal is great now - but at first I didn't like the consistency (pasty) nor the flavor. However, for the maple brown sugar oatmeal I add butter buds and diet brown sugar. Not bad that way. For the other oatmeals I add butter buds..

The eggs they still taste slimy to me and I'd rather do something else. When I want eggs I use that for part of my L/G and then I use egg beaters. If you have to use the Medifast eggs, make them on the stove and not in microwave. It's just as quick..

What I usually do for my morning Medifast is the bars - Oatmeal Raisin Crunch - yummy!.

The only thing I soak for any amount of time would be the chili and the chicken/wild rice soups and then about 10-15 min. Just make sure you cook them thoroughly or the beans will be crunchy...

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The oatmeal I did set aside for a while. I hated Maple and I haven't tried it again. I was able to eat it as bread pudding mixing it with vanilla pudding and eating it for two meals. There is a recipe on the boards. But, your tastes do change and now I found I'm OK with Apple and Cinnamon. I add more cinnamon and some splenda.

The eggs I like and I do microwave them. You just do it 30 seconds at a time and scramble them as you go to break up the lumps..

Just stick to the things you like at first then periodically check back to the things you didn't like. There should be enough variety to find at least a few items you can eat pretty regularly...

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Make a bunch of pancakes. Recipes all over. Keep in freezer and let thaw or microwave when need. Or make fresh each time. Really easy and I think very tasty. Especially the blueberry.

Oatmeal has become my favorite. Very easy to make into other things - be creative. I made Lemon chip cookies tonight out of vanilla shake, vanilla pudding, lemon crunch bar and 2 True Lemon pkgs. Made 3 meals (2 in the freezer right now). Very satisfying...

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Personally, I like the eggs...I put them in the skillet with some Pam and mix in some Garlic Pepper and some Cilantro... I think they are really tasty! Even my two year old likes them. Of course, I only let him have a bite because I need the calories! Haha... Today I tried it with the Laughing Cow cheese... OMG, I am going to do that everytime I have eggs now! They are delicious..

For some reason your tastes buds do change with this diet. Before Medifast I could not stand LC cheese. I didn't think it had any flavor at all. Today when I had it I could taste all the flavor... MMMMM... Love it now!!! =).

Good luck!..

Comment #8

Maybe I'm weird, but I have loved the oatmeal (minus the maple and brown sugar) from the very start. Not only tastes super yummy, but fills me up so much that I almost forget to have my 2nd meal!..

Comment #9

Wow! I wish I was like that...My body is hungry 2 - 2 1/2 hours after I eat, no matter what I eat. Well, sometimes after my L&G I'm not hungry for longer, but with the Medifast food I am hungry a couple hours later. =P..

Comment #10

I am on Day 2, and the oatmeal (Apple and cinnamon) has been my favorite so far. The chili isn't bad either..

On the other hand, the COT soup is dreadful. I'm only on my first order, so is there anything I can do to it to make it palatable until my next shipment arrives? Or just send it back?.

What about the drinks, I ordered a bunch because I didn't know what I was ordering? Should I send those back as well?..

Comment #11

How is laughing cow cheese part of the medifast diet? How do I count it?.

I literally gag with the texture of the eggs...and will do Anything to them that is 'legal' within the diet!..

Comment #12

Absolutely get the condiment list out and add it to your egg prepartion. There's a lot there to work with - I add garlic powder, a tsp. of grated parmesan or scallion. I also second the "soak" your powder for a bit advice. Here, mix the egg powder with the water, let it sit for 10-15 min, then stir it well to get all the lumps out, then fry it up in a non-stick pan. I think they are pretty good - compared to the oatmeal for sure!..

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I hated the oatmeal at first also, but now kind of like it. I just tried the pancakes today just for a change of pace and they were not bad either...

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I tried three times, unsuccessfully, to eat the microwaved eggs....they are disgusting!! I took the advice of someone on another board and made the eggs in the shaker jar the night before, really shook the crap out of them to get the lumps out, and left it in the fridge. Next morning I shook a little more and made the eggs in a pan with some PAM. I cooked them so they were brown on both sides and they were great, very close to EggBeaters..

As far as the oatmeal, I wasn't a big fan of the sticky, mucky consistency so now I just put the packet in a big mug and add about 8 ounces of hot water (either microwaved or from the hot water cooler) and eat is more like warms you up too..

Just stick with the food, or buy some shakes/bars to supplement the oatmeal/eggs...its all interchangeable, except oatmeal has more carbs so make sure you account for the difference..

Good luck...

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I cannot do the oatmeal at all... ugh! I love the eggs. I use garlic salt, dill and a little minced onion in mine, then top with hot sauce or a little sugar free catsup. I also sometimes have one Morning Star Original Sausage Patty with it chopped up. Just take the condiments off and count the 1 sausage patty..

OP Day today!..

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I have been on Medifast for 4+ monhts. While my taste buds may have changed, I still can't take the oatmealand I haven't tried the eggs yet! I make a cappucino shake every it. If it is really cold out, or on weekends when I have more time, I make a hot cappucino to sip. The bars are great and an alternate breakfast..

Hang in there!.


Comment #17

Do searches in the recipe section for oatmeal muffins or pancakes. Makes them much more palatable. The eggs are great if you add a tbsp of salsa to them. 1 tbsp is a condiment. I would suggest making the eggs in a pan on the stove, not the nuking them, they taste better and have a better consistency. Also, make sure you soak your foods for at least an hour before eating. Longer for some other foods like soups with peas and the chili (the beans are like bullets otherwise.)..

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The muffins are good. Luckily I can eat them as it and I always loved the eggs. Its the COT soup I dont like but I dont like tomato anything so I make a muffin/bread out of it. Try some of the recipes, some of them are good...

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