How to make Medifast cold drink mixes edible?

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make these things taste edible? ive tried adding more water, and I think they are just terrible. they are the only thing ive had that I dont like at all. by the time I tried them it was to late to return them. if there is anyone that really likes them I will gladly send them to you!!!..

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Your question was: How to make Medifast cold drink mixes edible?.

Try it with Diet Sprite/7up instead of water.

My mom has also made muffins out of the Tropical Punch (just do a search for "muffins" for the recipe.)..

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The flavor infusers are very sweet so I add 1 pack to 32oz water..

I mix 4oz water and 4oz diet soda (cream, sprite, Fresca, Mountain Dew, orange) and enough ice to make almost a slushy well with all the cold drink even the tropical punch...

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I would love any flavor infusers!! I adore them and they get me through the day!.

I dislike the cold drinks so I stick to chocolate shakes!..

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Cold drinks I mix with diet sprite and they are very tasty..

Infusers just tried to day, and love them!..

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I also do the Tropical Punch with diet soda (Sierra Mist, to be exact), I enjoy it that way. Some people just can't take it though. I didn't care for the Raspberry Tea, and I haven't tried the Cranberry Mango yet, so I can't help out much on those. I know that some people like to mix them with Crystal Light to make flavor combos that they enjoy. I have a bunch of flavor infusers, but haven't used them so far this time around (2nd time on MF), as I enjoy my plain ol' water. You might want to set them aside for later, after your tastes adjust a bit.

Hope you get some great suggestions that work for you!.


Comment #5

I like the flavor infusers in 32oz of water. I think it would taste like syrup otherwise. I want to try more so If anybody is getting rid of theirs, I pay for shipping.

As for the cold drinks, I came to the conclusion that protein and fruit do not mix well at all for me. I drink them when I am not hungry at all and distracted by something like a movie...

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For the infusers.... I mix one tube into 24oz water. I will admit that the first time I had each flavor I did not like them at all.... however, now I love them! It's alot like diet sodas.... you have to get used to them..

For the cold drinks.... I'm in the same boat. I go the Cranberry/Mango in my last shipment. Because I love Cranberry and Mango, I thought it would be great. I was wrong. It's the first Medifast meal that I just can not finish.

Unfortunately, I'm not one who likes the "slushy" method that many MFr's like to use for the cold drinks...

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Try it with Diet Sprite/7up instead of water.

My mom has also made muffins out of the Tropical Punch (just do a search for "muffins" for the recipe.)..

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